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Lost 5.01 “Because You Left” & 5.02 “The Lie” – My Review

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113903_149_preIt’s now 10:00pm est, I’ve completed my umpteenth viewing of the first and second episodes of LOST’s fifth season and in a strange sense I wish I hadn’t seen them. Why? Because, first of all my hiatus has been extended by a week. Getting an early glimpse is great, but now I have to live with knowing that my steady stream of LOST goodness won’t settle into a regular rhythm until January 28th. Worse than that, though, is the fact that these episodes were so damn good, the wait is going to be infinitely more agonizing than it should be. Waiting for LOST is bad enough, as we all know, waiting when you know first hand that LOST has returned in top form, better than ever, to brighten up a blighted tvscape like a literal beacon of hope… well, direct me to the nearest cryostasis chamber – I’d like to sleep the next four-weeks off.

So, first the ground rules. The screeners beg that we protect the plot so I will do that. No spoilers will be given. Sorry. Maybe I’ll flirt with the edge of that a bit, though, so be warned.

Lost 5.01 – “Because You Left”

Lost season premieres are judged by, amongst other things, their opening scenes. Seasons 2 and 3 have always been my favorites, 4 was good but a little too loud and sudden for me – it lacked the illusory qualities of the others. Season 5 shares some similarities with 2 and 3 that are well worth noting. An alarm clock, someone going about a morning routine, and a subtle visual and audio clue that will echo with louder importance later on in the episode and probably the series. Where it excels is in revealing that the person we are watching is a character of mythic proportions for Lost fans, seen about doing things that we’ve always wanted to see him do and mixing with people we never thought we’d see him mix with, particularly this early in the season.

After the brain twister its back to the skeins left dangling last season, with one notable exception. Island side we are treated to a demented serving of beat the clock plotting with vignette after vignette of our characters dealing with the new rendition of the old ‘flash’ device. Some people are going to call the on-island events enigmatic, and in a way they are. Don’t worry though, there is a common thread of reason behind it all, but for the most part the on-island portion of the premiere is a fast paced, pleasingly weird, and entirely tantalizing demo of Lost’s new bag of tricks.

The tension resides off-island. How will they get back? Will they all want to go back? Slowly and surely we see these questions being answered, with some new questions popping into their place. Personally, I always suspected that Lost would not allow the ensemble to be apart for too long, and the premiere wastes no time in setting the stage for both the personal imperatives as well as the method of return.

Lost 5.02 – “The Lie”

With the premiere having recalibrated us to Lost’s mystical plot frequencies, 5.02 “The Lie” gets us back to more of a ‘character centric’ style. The episode is, in my opinion, a Hurley episode even though all of the plot threads are serviced. The consistency is incredible, reminiscent of season 4 but even more purpose driven. Maybe it is the lack of ‘conventional’ flashbacks-although, there are still a few-making the plot feel more condensed. Maybe it’s just the fact that I haven’t had any Lost in so long, regardless of what it is “The Lie” effectively quickens the pulse of “Because You Left” and ends with a character reveal that is stunning on the level of Sayid working for Ben.

“The Lie” is a stronger episode than 5.01 in the sense that it has a well defined ‘theme’ that permeates the plot, no easy feat when you are talking about a show that now has an a, b, c, d, e, and f storyline structure where most shows can barely manage the first couple of letters of the alphabet. After so many shows have seemed to be in some state of perpetual soul searching where their writing was concerned it was a relief to see that Lost’s gang of story slingers still know how to handle their six guns.

Bottom Line

It’s hard after four seasons to stir the coals and try to find the same white-hot flame that Lost burned in season one. It would be cliche to say Lost has returned to form, or is continuing to live up to its own impossibly high standards-we hear these things all the time. At this point, it seems enough to say that I went into it full-out excited, and came out full-out satisfied. Things happened I absolutely did not expect, and the fog of between season speculation cleared in a way that was enlightening to how wrong we fans can be sometimes, and how brilliant the writers can be at out-guessing us. Lost still has it.

  • Thanks Doc, I so pumped

  • * I am so pumped

  • AstroJones

    Great review Doc. I too can not wait to see these first two episodes. I often wonder how tainted my opinion of the first episodes of the season are because of my lostaholic withdrawal. If you’re starving, and you eat a saltine cracker, its going to taste better than a 5 course meal. 🙂

    • docarzt

      That reminded me of Survivorman…. 😀

  • SonyaLynn

    Dang, Doc…you have me salivating like Pavlov’s Dog over here!

  • docarzt

    yeah I know! It’s hard not to give more detail…. maybe an asterix hint would be appropriate?

  • character of mythic proportions? oh @#$%!

    alpert, hanso, degroot, JACOB?!

    • Perhaps François Chau playing one of the many candle brothers ;-)…. who coincidentally enough was in “Rescue Dawn” with Jeremy Davies

  • Andy

    Mythical Proportions… I am gonna have to go with Dr. Pierre Chang, wait, Edgar… Marvin Candle – The Orientation Man!

    • AstroJones

      Where did the name Dr. Pierre Chang come from? I don’t remember that one.

      • Hipster Doofus

        I think it was from the Comic-Con video where he was pleading…I can’t remember since its been so long since that video came out.

        There was a baby crying in the background, and Daniel Faraday’s voice could be heard.

        Damn…I haven’t watched that in ages, I’ve gotta go back to that.

  • Hipster Doofus

    Good stuff. I have completely cut myself off from all of the big spoilers this season, basically because I was so disappointed in DarkUFO for releasing the “ruiners” of the season finale last year. I don’t want to be that spoiled ever again. So now the only spoilers I get are the officially released Episode descriptions and whatever stuff Doc, Kristen at E!, and Ausiello feel like throwing out there.

    However, in their Dharma Special Access videos, D&C are giving me weird vibes…so I’m more apprehensive about this season than I otherwise would be.

    • AstroJones

      I agree with you on the weird vibes, doofus. I haven’t quite put my finger on what the vibe is yet though.

  • alexisfan07

    Hey Doc! Thanks for the amazing review 🙂 I’m SOOO pumped for this season.

    Any chance you can say whether or not Carbonell and Dae Kim are listed as regulars?

  • FIRST!

    Oh…dang it!

  • Lauren

    Is the premiere airing for 2 hours or 3? I’ve heard conflicting answers.

    • sublimesk

      3 hour premiere, one hour recap season 4 and two new episodes !!!
      only 3 more weeks…

    • docarzt

      1 Clip show @ 1 hour + 2 episodes @ 1 hour each

  • A character of mythic proportions? I’m guessing it’s Richard. It’s about time we learn a few things about the Hostile’s/Darma, why he doesn’t appear to age and his time travels on and off the island.

    • The Magician

      I think the character is probably Pierre Chang/Candle/Haliwax

      • dolce


        • Jose

          Yes – Im thinking Radzinsky . . . AT LAST !

  • LostTvFan

    Doc: As usual, you do it right. Thanks for giving us just enough information to make the next twenty some days seem endless. A review to excite but not spoil is perfect!!!!! Bring on the 21st.

  • Bella

    “maybe an asterix hint would be appropriate”

    No please. There are enough games being played. I love the straight forward review format that stirs up the anticipation but doesn’t ruin seeing it for myself.

  • hlyons

    22 Days now and it is dragggggggiiiiing worse than Christmas for a kid!

  • who me?

    That really got me pumped up for the opening scene doc. Thanks! The opener is always my favorite part of the season and s04’s opener was kind of a let-down. And u make the new flashing technique sound pretty cool as well. We’re so close!

  • I couldn´t read it, i don´t want to know what is going to happen on season 5 yet.

    waiting until January 28th for watching something new must be really hard for that reason i won´t read.

    Lost best show ever!!!

    Saludos desde Colombia

    • Jose

      Saludos Colombiano ! – – Saludos desde la Isla del Encanto – Puerto rico !

  • LostinLock

    With bated breath I wait for both those left behind and those not so far behind.

    It would be an understatement to say one was not piqued by any of these teases.

    Thank you !

  • Fer

    OMG,i cant wait any longer…

    • Arinen

      At least u americans get ur LOST fix in a few days. Us Aussies don’t even know what MONTH LOST is coming back… *sob* :,(

  • doyousmellcarrots

    It would be cool to see jacob in the opening sequence, but I think it’s probably too soon, I’m Guessing Mr. or Mrs. hawking will be the mythic person of the opening sequence.

  • Arinen

    My mythic person guess? The rest of the 4-toed statue, going about his business on crutches in Fantasia with the other giant rock-men, who are all slowly eating away their mountains… Either that or Gary Troup in a flashback… Maybe I should go back to my lack-of-Lost induced state of more insane than I normally am.

    • professorstotch

      The statue idea seems like a reasonable/logical possibility.

      • Arinen

        I didn’t think so. Unless you mean the person the statue was BASED on, coz that would be awesome.

  • numbersarebad

    I think the mythic character could be Christian or Charles Widmore. Maybe Widmore working with Dharma. It did say mythic proportions for the fans, so Richard would be a possibility. If the island went back in time, maybe dead characters would still be alive and that would mean it could even be Ethan or Kelvin.

  • Thanks for the nice article. I typically away from spoilers, so I skimmed through the article, only noting the sentences I want to — which are — “returned in top form”, “damn good”, and “Lost still has it”…

    Thanks! I cannot wait.

  • el nino