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Lost 5.07 – Screencaps of the Hydra Folder

By ErasedSlate,

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  • Apopheniac79

    Here is a link to a full cover image for the magazine.

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    is that a pic of the crashed ajira plane? i don’t remember seeing that during the episode.

    • Lindsay

      Yep, they showed the plane with Ilana and Cesar were walking from the Hydra station talking about discovering John wearing a suit and standing in the middle of water.

  • jasonbob7

    OMG, that drawing of the globes connected to each other by lines. THIS is extremely interesting…it links Lost’s time-travel fiction to real-life theoretical physics.

    The lines are labeled “Real Time”, “Real Space”, “Imaginary Time” and “Imaginary Space”. The trick is to imagine this drawing’s three-dimensional — but instead of using intersecting two-dimensional lines to convey the depth of the 3rd dimension, it’s showing convergent paths in the third and fourth dimensions (space and time). The origin of those paths are the circles – or rather, spheres. Each sphere is labeled “Event”. Each event is the equivalent of a Point in the first dimension. All the possible outcomes of each event radiate outward through both Time and Space.

    You, as a three-dimensional being, can only experience the trajectory of space/time that you (and your consciousness) are hurtling through right now. And after each moment in your life passes, you can’t return to it. Same goes for me. But Locke, Alpert, and possibly others (I’m guessing Miss Hawking and Christian Shepard) CAN.

    Now we’ve entered the nerdiest sci-fi realm of all…Interdimensional Beings!!! AAAAHH

    • LV


    • Calichusetts

      This is also in Faraday’s Journal. You can overlay that configuration over the map of the island and those circles line up with stations on the island. i once mapped out all lines but I can not find the post I made on another site. I belive real time is the Arrow-Barracks station connection. Someone can do this really easy if they want to see, but this math chart was in Faraday’s journal…

      • Ed Holden

        I also remember seeing this. So what do you want to bet that’s actually Faraday’s illustration and not just a lookalike?

    • Now we’ve entered the nerdiest sci-fi realm of all…Interdimensional Beings!!! AAAAHH

      rofl So funny! 🙂

  • LV

    What is the word with a question mark after it in picture 2? Can anyone make that out?

    • hbomb

      it says “unknown?”

  • The Magician

    “the awesome fireball – 1954” – a reference to the jughead bomb exploding?

    • at least that would be my interpretation, too

  • The Magician

    Oh and by the way, is the diagram of intersecting lines and spheres based on any diagrams from quantum mechanics?

  • Waaaaaaaaaalt!!!!!

    The first page Caeser flips to has a picture of that Nuclear Age classic, ‘The Creature From the Black Lagoon’. It’s a theme that has definitely been forefront this year.

  • Jangras

    Life magazine points out, imo, the castle bravo experiment: