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LOST 5.07 – The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham – Rate and Sound off!

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Wow.  Best. Lost. Ever. IMHO.  Now the secrets of Locke’s passing have been revealed – don’t keep your opinion on this episode a secret!  Click through and vote for The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham!

If you missed a detail or two be sure to check out our very own Clueless1der’s live blog in the forums at this link. In the meantime, give you vote below:

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  • clueless1der

    AGREE! Obviously.

    I’m in fangirl heaven right now. Oh happy happy day. 😀

  • congested

    LOL. I like the rating system. I’d say it’s the best of the season, and that’s saying a lot. It will always have a special place in my heart (or my neck?).

    Love the shadow of bentham at the end. Hate that Walt may/probably didn’t make it back to the island. Love the way Abaddon was slaughtered. Hate that Helen didn’t get a scene with Locke (was the grave real?).

    Also LOL @ the ajira flight landing on Hydra island? Seems like Frank over-shot that runway they were building.

    • clueless1der

      I can’t believe how long it took me to realize that it was Hydra island. DUH.

    • Hipster Doofus

      DUDE. Do you think they were building that runway because they knew that’s where that flight would be?

      • elijahmoon

        Lol, thats an interesting thought. Actually I guess we could question EVERYTHING that exists on the island when we look thru our “time travel revalation googles” 🙂

        • elijahmoon

          goggles* that is 🙂

          • jimmy zer0

            And revelation* too.

  • Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lockeheart

    Does anyone know where i can watch this episode online like… now. I cant wait till abc posts it tommorow morning.

    • Hipster Doofus

  • rob

    wow, so many new questions. how did the new losties find the dharma station so fast? whos ceasar? sun or sayid went off with lapidus? where were they headed? cant wait.

    • Uncle Beaver

      The Hydra Stations are above ground.

  • Hipster Doofus

    I was so confused as to what office that guy was in…But then when they showed the light, with the two islands at the end, I was like “Ohhhhhh.” Of course the binder with the Hydra symbol couldn’t hurt.

    Now who’s sawed-off shotgun was that?

    As for the rest of the episode — I thought the scene with Kate was really weak, all of that “love” nonsense, but it was still really really awesome, like one of the best episodes ever.

    Every week, I think this show is going to settle back into something predictable, and every week it keeps getting crazier.

    I totally predicted that it was Ben who killed Locke though.

    Still can’t believe Locke is alive….

    • “Now who’s sawed-off shotgun was that?”

      Definitely Ben’s since he found it under Ben’s desk.

      If you doubt that, go and have a look at this deleted scene:

      (No Spoiler involved – it’s from Season 3)

      • diablo888

        best. info. ever. 😉

        thanks for pointing that out! + thx for the utube link

      • Ed Holden

        Good call – tat’s the place all right. But what a setup! This is the sort of thing I’ve long admired about this show. They skipped the crash scene entirely and showed a mysterious guy breaking into an office, faking a flashback and disorienting us, then letting us figure out what had happened when we see the DHARMA logo and the plane. Good stuff.

  • lockeheart

    did anyone else notice that the person the person that was hovering over locke immediatly after he got his leg snaped back into place looked a hell of a lot like sayid. What made it more interesting is that the camera kinds of pans out after that and you can cleary see the blurred figure of a women… nadia? Or does my laptop just have a crappy picture?

    • Charlie’s Ghost

      nadia is dead at that point in time

      • angjen0816

        idk, both my first and second time watching the first thing i thought was NADIA!! we never did see her death/body. all we saw was the funeral procession. what if her death was faked by Widmore for her protection from Ben?

        • Guys, I can see the resemblance to Nadia that you’ve pointed out. After rewatching the scene twice, I can assure you she’s NOT the same actress. She is just a random extra.

  • ckentjr

    Well at least now we can lay rest to why the Hydra Island needed a runway after OA 815 crashed. Of course Frank would have to say “what kinda pilot do you think I am,” for questioning that he could land anything anywhere in a pinch.

    I’m still absolutely convinced that Ben is actually on the right side and that he new John would screw everything up if he committed suicide. He’s a regular Judas that guy is.

    • elijahmoon


  • horselover

    If someone died of time travel sickness and you were a doctor trying to summarize the case but had no awareness of time travel, might you call it a “brain aneyurism”? Maybe it’s far-fetched to think a minor character from 3 seasons ago is involved is that, but did they really mention Helen again just to say, “oh yeah, she’s dead and John loved her”?

    • elijahmoon

      I see your point but I think the answer “could” be yes. I saw this episode as tying up A BUNCH of loose ends. Think about it. You had all your questions about Abaddon and Walt answered and put to rest. Why not cover the fate of Helen real quick as well?

  • Sean

    In tonight’s episode the character of Caesar (sp?) is going thru the office. He pages thru a magazine, and there is a quick shot of a still from CREATURE OF THE BLACK LAGOON. The woman in the photo being carried by the Creature is actress Julie Adams…who appeared in the Others’ book club scene with Ben and Juliet in the first episode of Season Three.


    • lol Presumably no coincidence at all. 🙂

  • Jeremy Locke

    Am i the only one that finds it kinda suspicious that Helen died of a brain aneurysm, bit like the aneurysms that are affecting our time skipping losties?

    • clueless1der

      No. I think that

      1) she’s not really dead and Locke was being manipulated into losing any last thread he would have had off-island


      2) She was killed so Locke wouldn’t have a reason to stay.

      My “proof” is rather tenuous- Locke mentions Helen numerous times. Widmore and Crew knew everything… *everything* there was to know about Locke and the other Losties. Now they get to use it.

      • meems

        At our house we were thinking that Helen’s not really dead either.

        About Helen: I was rewatching DVD of season 1-Walkabout and when Locke is on the phone he mentions he has 2 tickets to Sydneyn to the woman he’s talking to. Her name is Helen, but the conversation doesn’t reflect the Helen who was his fiancee. (e.g., I’m not allowed to date my clients. Is that all I am to you, Helen? A client?”

        What do you make of this?

  • tonymcnitt

    I’m guessing I’m one of the few who feel this way but I just didn’t like that episode. That’s the kind of episode that garners two hours or something because there is so much to explain that they just didn’t.

    Really, it wasn’t terrible or anything, but I get really frustrated when they tease with the Walt storyline. What was the point of having him in this episode? Can someone explain what’s up with Walt for me because they made him out to be such a big deal earlier in the show’s lifespan and now they seem to not really care about clearing up what it was about Walt that was so special. They seem to be doing to Walt’s storyline what they did with Michael’s. It’s the one thing that frustrates me.

    And Widmore sure talked a lot of game about doing everything in his power not to let Locke die but it really didn’t take much. You’d think that after Abaddon was shot and killed that Widmore would’ve sent somebody to cover Locke’s back. Especially since he was just sitting there in a hospital…

    I’ve yet to find the point to Locke’s death. Is it what brings the O6 together? I don’t see how since Jack has to just go and get everybody. Is Locke’s death supposed to inspire Jack? Why was Locke supposed to die?

    Another reason I didn’t like this episode is that it was a little to on point with the christian undertones (like the weird pose Locke had when Ben knelt down or the conversation btw. Jack and Locke), I certainly don’t mind the theme, it’s just it felt pretty obvious.

    Why was this episode so many people’s favorite of the season? And can someone sum up for me what kind of questions it answered? I didn’t really feel any less confused or even, more confused, by the end of this episode. I simply felt frustrated with the lack of importance the whole episode seemed to have.

    • elijahmoon

      Wow 10001 and one questions. l’ll answer a couple.One of which I already have. For me the episode seemed to be cover a lot of old stuff so the story could continue forward. Walt is still special but Locke made it very clear that hed been thru enough. The Island didnt tell him to bring Walt back. Walts done. [ the real issue is you never know if a show will last past the first few episodes and writing a 10y old boy into a show thats gonna last into its 6th year w/ only 3 years going by… is a problem] he was written out for that reason. duh? 🙂
      Good point on the whole protection from Widmore thing. And you said you dont mind christian undertones but its pretty obvious. If you dont mind them then you wont mind them being obvious. Theres a lot of undertones in Lost,its a melting pot of undertones.
      As for your 37 questions about Locke Im sure we all have opinions but I think the jury is still out on the significance and the function and the why and the who nots of his death…cant cover it all in 43 minutes.
      As for importance. Are you kidding? Seriously? LOCKE WAS DEAD WE SAW HIM DIE AND NOW HES ALIVE? If this episode didnt light your fire brother I think your wood is wet. Love ya tho. 🙂

    • akaEdge

      Walt was in that episode just to tell John about his dreams. Now John is on the island wearing a suit, he knows that the people around him are dangerous.

      • Exactly:

        [Walt:] “I have had dreams about you. You are on an island wearing a suit and there are people all around you. They want to hurt you, John.” – [John:] “Good thing, they are just dreams!”

        • richard keenan

          awesome point!!

    • LV

      I think there were 3 significant points to Walt’s appearance in this episode:

      1) It very plainly told us why Walt is not on the Ajira flight – because Locke did not bother to tell him about it.

      2) Walt knows nothing concrete about what’s going on at the island, because he doesn’t know that his father is dead.

      3) Most importantly: he’s been having “dreams” about Locke in which Locke is dressed in a suit, on the island, with people who want to hurt him all around him. Is this a hint of an event to come? If it’s important and true, why is Walt “receiving” this info but not other info about the Left Behinders or O6?

    • Kermet

      The point to Locke’s death – remember how Sawyer started seeing Locke differently when he learned that Locke had been in a wheelchair before he landed on the island? Now, how will everyone else feel when they see Locke alive? Jack, Kate, Sayid, Sun, and Hurley will have a hard time ignoring the importance of the island when they see the dead guy they brought with them hanging out with this new group of survivors.

      • clueless1der

        Jack will have a heart attack. And then have more daddy (not so dead as he thought) drama.

  • I may have missed something…but didnt it seem like the New Crash Survivors were a little established…I’d like to know if someone knows or has fact that states how long they’d been there before John Locke woke up.

  • ace

    I agree that they needed more time for all the information packed into the episode. kate seems to be the only person john really explained the situation to. he didn’t even tell jack that the rest of the folks on the island were going to die if they didn’t come back. still, it was a great episode!

  • Nicole

    I was very surprised on how Locke died. As the promos and 316 episode depicted, I thought he was going to committ suicide. I did not expect Ben to take care of business himself! And all because of Ellie Hawkings….hm…

    • Ed Holden

      I was surprised when Ben talked Locke down, since I knew how it would turn out (to all appearances) later on. But the fact that it was a murder was a complete shock. In particular the fact that Hawking’s name seems to have caused it is perplexing.

      So here’s the scenario: various people are fighting each other, but they all seem to want the same thing. Widmore wants everyone to go back, and for Locke to be alive (or so he says). Ben wants everyone to go back, and changes his mind about Locke’s life/death state. Hawking wants everyone to go back. On the island, Richard and Christian want everyone to come back, and are of the opinion that Locke must die.

      So everyone wants everyone to go back, yet something about Eloise Hawking’s name led Ben to kill Locke and fake the very suicide he could have let happen only a moment before. I’m baffled.

      • johr77

        I was thinking more of ben wanted to know how to get back to the island, as soon as locke gave up the name of who knew how to get back to the island, he was killed.

      • Stan

        My original post didn’t take. I don’t want to do the whole thing again, but he’s my theory:

        Ben murdered Locke because he was trying to mirror the original conditions of Oceanic 815. I think that Christian Shepherd was actually murdered. Ben knew that, so he talked Locke down and then killed him.

        I think Widmore had Christian killed in Sydney to bring Jack there to be on Oceanic 815. Abaddon probably did it, because he “gets people where they need to be.”

        The funniest scene to me was when Locke visited Hurley, and he was convinced Locke was dead.

  • graham

    Loved it!!! A heart-breaking episode (the way the O6 treated him was even painful to watch, could they be more inhuman?).
    Terry was…WOW, he’s doing an amazing job (another emmy…please). And the same for Michael and Alan.

  • Did anyone else notice the voice over the hospital loud speaker when Locke is just waking up in the hospital as he notices Jack next to him? Maybe I was just really tired and delirious but it sounded like the same voice that we heard in the Swan, “System Failure! System Failure!” Could anyone make out what it said? Probably just hospital jargon but with this show you never know.
    My favorite quote of this Ep., “The timing would just confuse you…”
    Glad to know I’m not the only one Mr. Locke.

  • DanielFaraday

    Did anyone else find it odd that Locke didn’t mention to Walt that his name was Jeremy Bentham? If this is the meeting Walt references when he visits Hurley, how would he know Locke’s name is Bentham? Also, when does Walt visit Hurley? It didn’t seem like there would have been enough time between Locke’s visit to Walt, and the return to the Island.

    Another thing I have been wondering since last nights episode it, with so much emphasis placed on the name Jeremy Bentham…Locke doesn’t really mention it a whole lot. He seems to just go by John for the most part with the people he visits.

    I don’t know if I would consider these plot holes, but they kind of feel like they are.

    One last note to that point…Hurley’s hospital is in Santa Rosa, CA. Santa Rosa is an hour north of San Francisco in Sonoma County. How did Jack visit him on such a whim in earlier episodes if Jack lives in Los Angeles. Also, how then would Sayid bust him out and get him back to Los Angeles so fast. Seems a little off. Any thoughts?

    • meems

      I originally thought that the mental hospital was in Santa Rosa, too, but then I think they mentioned in one episode that it is the Santa Rosa Hospital in the LA area.

      • DanielFaraday

        They had a title card before Lock visits Hurley that reads “Santa Rosa, CA.”

    • imfromthepast

      I was wondering the same thing regarding Walt’s knowledge of Locke’s alias. The only other people who knew Locke was Bentham was the O6 and Widmore. And we know Walt didn’t talk to the O6…

    • grayslostgirl

      Walt is special and has a very distinct connection with John. He always has. In Season 1 Walt would have rather had John as a father. I think that Walt just knows. John wouldn’t even have to tell him.

      • DanielFaraday

        If that’s the case, why couldn’t Walt pick up the truth about his dad?

        • grayslostgirl

          Maybe he has, but is he connected with his dad as much as he is with John Locke? Maybe he knows, just is waiting for someone to actually tell him…Walt was the first to make contact with Hurley or any of the O6ers. Another thing, I just thought of- that visit would have taken place in LA right before Sayid busted Hurley out of the mental institution. So, Is Walt still in LA?

  • richard keenan

    i wonder if bens phone number is 42 ?

    • grayslostgirl

      Ben’s phone number is 666