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LOST 6.03 – “What Kate Does” Review

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Another hour of LOST has fallen through the hourglass. Was it an hour well spent?  The reviews are starting to seep in.  Watch for mine later (I’m in PST), in the meantime here is one from Sam at TVOvemind.

I know, I know, we can’t expect to have a lot of answers in every single episode of season six. But despite that, “What Kate Does,” the third episode of LOST’s final season, felt slightly underwhelming to me. Sure, we got some cool reveals, but they were nowhere near as shocking or as informative as “LA X”‘s were. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the episode, but it felt more like a season four episode and not quite like a season six one.

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  • Michael J

    Completely agree. I sure hope this is the worst episode of the season or else we’re in for a world of disappointment.

    • poop mcgee

      I agree.

    • dp2

      It was a Kate episode. Of course it was the worst.

      • naultz

        its “the Little Prince” of this season.

    • JustInWaltsHead

      I wasn’t so disappointed. I rather enjoyed it. Is this sickness in anyway related to the sickness Desmond was wearing the biohazzard suit for? If so, how were they introduced to it?

  • Joeyjojojohnsonshabadoo

    Evangeline Lily is wonderful, but almost any Kate episode has proven to be a snoozer. They just don’t write much depth into the character. Maybe that’s why they got it out of the way early in the season.

    • Funback Joe

      That’s the worst name I’ve ever heard.

      • Joeyjojojohnsonshabadoo

        Its good somebody has the memory for this sort of thing.

        • The exchange between you guys over the name just put me into a fit of giggling and I can’t stop… Oh Moe. Is there anything you can say that doesn’t make me laugh?

    • GeigerCounter

      I agree, Kate episodes are never very good.

  • Seabiscuit

    I loved it. *shrug* Josh and Evi need more scenes together, like, yesterday. I’ve sorely missed their onscreen chemistry.

    • Uncle Beaver

      Agreed. I think one of the BEST scenes was Sawyer and Kate’s conversation on the dock. Josh Holloway SHOULD have been up for an EMMY last year… let’s hope he gets one this go around.

  • dale

    Is there a name for the person who is impersonating John Locke? Whatever his name is, was he inhabiting Christian’s body? It seems that Christian has just suddenly disappeared and I would like some answers on that as well.

    • Nick Stevens

      It looks to me like there’s Smokey himself, who is duplicating John Locke, then there are minions (for want of a better word) who are infected individuals that died or were very close to death. It’s quite a game changing revelation, and clearly it sets us up for a coming battle.

    • tabula rasa

      MIB was posing as Christian up until Locke came back dead and he was able to assume the identity of the new “Leader of the Others”, which gave him his “loophole”. By being Locke, he was able to meet with Jacob and use Ben to kill him. This would explain the disappearance of Christian, MIB simply doesn’t need to pose as him any longer.

      MIB as Christian recruited Claire to his side when he came and got her out of the jungle in S5. We first see the result of this when Locke goes to the cabin and sees Claire there with Christian.

      If the sickness or darkness is the same thing that happened to Danielle’s crew, it can be assumed that whenever Smokey/MIB takes someone, they become one of his disciples and see things his way.

      • TDV

        I think she was claimed in the explosion in New Otherton.

      • Please Kill Kate

        It looks like history is repeating itself. I mean Danielle;s history now through Claire.

        Danielle and Claires Similarities:
        -both had babies on the island
        -both armed with riffles
        -both infected
        -both making people around them infected
        -on last episode, they mentioned the traps look like Danille’s, so now Claire is making traps

        • Mark

          both lost their babies too. but im not sure danielle was infected. i think just the rest of the team was. it wasnt clear when we flashed to that time whether they were crazy and infected or she was. but it was the guys who went in the hole after montand and smokey, not danielle.

    • Nick Stevens

      Two rather intriguing questions just occurred to me:
      1) Why did Christian tell Vincent to set fetch Jack because “he has work to do” in the mobisode if he’s a manifestation of Smokey?

      2) Why was Charlie not claimed when he was hung from the tree in S1?

      Perhaps Jacob does have similar powers to MiB and they’ve BOTH used Christian’s form? That’s my best guess for number 1. 2 on the other hand… um…. maybe because they hadn’t thought of that in Season 1??

      • Mark

        they thought of it. look at rousseau’s mention of being infected. and christian not being in the coffin.

        • Nick Stevens

          When I say hadn’t thought of it, I was more referring to the specifics rather than the general idea of an infection. But yes, they might indeed have worked out the specifics then.

          Either way that was only a throwaway hypothesis… the question itself remains.

  • Jack’s Sidekick

    enjoyed “Mac” from “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” coming back as Aldo. Great death scene too. When Sayid said thanks to Jack for saving him, it made me think back on my theory that his touch is what healed Sayid. We’ll just have to wait and see I guess.

    • Adam

      Agreed! I kept waiting for him to call someone Bozo!

  • Adam

    Im a dude but the scene with Sawyer and Kate on the dock was pretty freakin emotional. Josh Holloway is a great actor!

    • Ed Holden

      I agree, that was probably the best scene of the episode. I thought both Sawyer and Kate were great in it.

      While this was generally a ho-hum hour of Lost (not bad, not great), the revelation that something is wrong with Claire is kind of interesting. I’d wager that trap in the woods was hers, as she seems to have become a clone of Danielle. So does that mean she’s not dead? Or did she die, but then came back to life without the help of Smokie? Or is she kinda “Smokie Lite?” And can we assume that what happened to Claire also applied to Danielle?

      • Jason

        Maybe Claire thought she truly found her father in season 4. Perhaps, the MIB fooled Claire into thinking he was real and lured her to Jacob’s cabin when we saw them together with Locke.

        I am not 100% clear on the timeline, but perhaps Claire went missing during all of the flash forwards and flash backs after the island went skipping when Ben left the island.

        The 2 reasons we think something is different about Claire is because of what we now know about the MIB being able to take over the body of a dead corpse on the island and also because of what Dogen said to Jack in the episode.

        Perhaps nothing is wrong with Claire and she was trying to help out her friends.

        I suppose we’ll find out soon….

  • Mark

    Very slow-paced for the final season. I thought they were putting their foot on the gas and not letting up? For those who may say its only the 3rd episode, compare this to other episode 3’s of seasons past. Walkabout, Orientation, Further Instructions (not so much this one), The Economist and Jughead. What Kate Does for me goes down as #5 out 6 in that group. Disappointing for the final season.

    That being said, cant wait for next week! lol

    • Nick Turner

      That’s actually a botched comparison. This wasn’t the third episode as much as Walkabout was the fourth. LA X was a 2 hour episode just like the Incident and the Pilot. So this episode would be the second, and was equivolent to Tabula Rasa (Kate centric)… Adrift, The Glass Ballerina, Confirmed Dead, and The Lie. All are pretty weak, probably Confirmed Dead is the best out of that bunch.

      I enjoyed the episode as a nice transitional episode dealing with some S5 loose ends and starting to reveal more info about what this season is shaping up to be. It finally shed some light on the sickness, what happened to Claire, and who’s side Christian was on/what Christian is.

      • Mark

        agreed about tabula rasa instead of walkabout as the third hour. the others are not third hours though. they stand as, tabula rasa, orientation, further instructions, the economist, jughead and what kate does.

  • cap10tripps

    Agreed with everyone’s general assessment thus far. Underwhelming for sure, but I do feel there were some very important parts. Sayid’s getting the sickness. Claire is apparently consumed with it (explaining Christian/Smokey and the cabin). Kate seems to have played the most important role in keeping Aaron with Claire (which I believe we will find out later to be very important). Still not sure where it’s all heading, but aint it just like LOST to keep us guessing as long as possible???

  • Mark

    yeah the sickness bit was definitely the standout. obviously the same thing that struck rousseau’s team. the question is where does it come from? looking at “this place is death” we can assume it’s related to the smoke monster. and looking at sayid, it seems one has to die for it to set in or be near the person afterwards and have it spread to you. sooo, if someone dies on the island can the smoke monster infect their body and “claim them”? claire could have died in the barracks explosion, become infected and start hanging out with Christian who was also dead, and then up and about. And I believe we all agree Christian in Season 4/5 was Smokey/Man in Black.

    • AerynSun

      That’s why the Others always buried their dead…to ensure they did not get infected!

      • Gusteaux

        You mean that’s why they BURNED their dead. Re: Coleen in Stranger In a Strange Land. Alex was merely buried and later impersonated by Smokie.

    • Ed Holden

      I always thought Island Christian was Smokie. So was Claire also Smokie? Can it emulate more than one person at a time? Or would it be more correct to say that it was emulating Christian and Clare didn’t actually die, but crossed over via near-death to have a “darkness in her heart” as Dogen explained?

      And if Claire is setting elaborate traps in the woods and wandering around with a rifle shooting Others, should we interpret that as meaning Danielle also had a “darkness” in her heart?

      I’m just saying, perhaps there’s more than one process at work on the Island, or different levels of the same process.

  • mogulus

    Just had to log in and put in my 2 cents for Sawyer this episode.

    good lord Josh has either learned how to genuinely act or he has been very good at restraint since the beginning. He’s nearly brought me to tears 2 times now. Once while holding Juliet above jughead in “the incident” and now here.

    he was easily my favorite part of this episode. Cant wait to see what Flocke does with him in the coming eps

    • thetrunkmonkey

      I always used to think Matthew Fox was their goto guy for the heavy scenes, but Josh Holloway is incredible. Makes me thankful for the incredible actors this show has on it’s side haha.

  • thetrunkmonkey

    You know, this episode was kinda slow. But think about this, season 3 had the greatest finale of all time (in my opinion), and it also had some of the longest, most boring episodes of the series. Let the writers build the tension and string us a long a little bit. The longer we wait for the good stuff, the better it will be!

  • White Negro

    I gotta say I actually noticed something to do with the music this episode. When Kate sees Jack a second at LAX they reprise some music that hasn’t been heard since season 1 and I love it! More of the far-more cinematic music from season 1 plz!

  • dd

    Yo, cry babies. This is set-up. Don’t expect all the answers to be handed to you. You need people in place and motivations properly set before you can dole significant pay-out.

    • l-i-v-i-n

      amen dd

    • meli

      Exactly. We needed to find out who is on which team and why.

    • I don’t see any cry babies, Maybe you should quit bein a jerk. Its obviously a set up episode, doesn’t mean it wasn’t kinda boring.

  • Kevin James John

    If people would stop looking at the mythological aspects and looking at the “character resolutions” they would see this episode really stands strong. Remember, this season is about the characters.

    • Shaun

      Kevin, to say “stop looking at the mythological aspects” is like asking the sun not to rise. The mythology is a big part of what’s made Lost what it is. Darlton built it up, big time, over five seasons. Now, if I’m reading their interviews correctly they’re asking us (like you are) to let go of that? Uh-uh. No way.

      The Lost mythology has been rich and fascinating, and it’s what made me a fan. Yes, great characters too… But KATE is NOT one of those great characters. She’s a bore, continues to make dumb decisions, and many of us are tired of watching her run back and forth between Jack and Sawyer. So what does Darlton do? They throw another Kate episode at us, one that’s pretty much like all the others in a lot of respects. 15 hours to go, tons of questions left unanswered, and that’s what we got.

      The second half was an improvement, and I’m intrigued to find out what’s happening to Sayid (and apparently happened to Claire too). But it wasn’t nearly enough to make up for all the Kate Krap. It’s amazing how much contempt there is for Kate, and Kate episodes, when you read fan reactions online, yet Darlton seems to think we want more of the Jack-Kate-Sawyer triangle. Why is that? Do they just have constant hard-ons for Kate themselves? Maybe they should talk to their doctors about these Kate erections lasting more than 4 hours.

      Further, while I found the island timeline stuff more interesting it still wasn’t THAT good last night. The Temple folks are just plain goofy. Dogen looks like he walked out of a bad kung fu movie, and the oh-so-creatively-maned Lennon (Honestly? They named the dude Lennon? What an insult to John Lennon’s memory) just seem like bad caricatures. We’re still getting that ask a question, get a weird non-answer from an Other crap. That was OK in the early seasons, but it’s not OK now. Not with such little time left.

      Sorry for rambling and griping so much, but I really couldn’t believe what I was watching last night. This doesn’t bode well for the final 14 episodes. At least we got Flocke/Smokey, Ben, Richard, Frank and Sun again next week. The absence of those characters are another reason why “What Kate Does” was such a dud.

      Funny, how after watching that episode I still can’t tell you what Kate does that was so damned important!

      • Shaun

        Sorry, that should’ve read “oh-so-creatively-NAMED Lennon”… I guess “maned” works too, given his locks! 🙂

  • GeigerCounter

    What I enjoyed was how the alternate reality storyline mimicked what happened to the characters before. Claire is forced to keep Aaron, Kate helps her with delivery, Kate ditches the handcuffs, etc. I’m pretty sure that all characters in the alternate reality will end up doing and experiencing the same stuff as they did on the island.

  • Pantagathus

    I don’t care about major reveals in every episode and I understand the need for character set up but aside from Josh Holloway, there was some very weak acting in this episode. Folks better hit their stride or I will be disappointed in this season too no matter how cool the major reveals are… Precisely because this show IS about the characters

    • Pantagathus

      in my opinion the episode deserves a ‘C’

  • notsoshaggy

    What about the little cameo from Ethan?? I’m sorry, “Dr. Goodspeed.” I immediately tried piecing together what would have been his story in the OtherLost realm. First, was he on his way to being evacuated from the island as a baby with his mother? Mah brain is fuzzy.

  • Kevin

    I can’t believe that after 6 years there are still fans that would prefer Damon and Carlton to make an hour long episode where they just answer all the mysteries rather than see an episode where they actually return to some sort of character development. It used to matter on this show when people died, e.g., Charley, Boone. Now, someone dies, and I don’t feel a thing (Sayid, for those five minutes) because the show has abandoned all character development in lieu of satisfying the “Answers Now!” crowd. The show has lost its soul, and it was nice to see an episode that actually tried to get back to giving the characters some sort of humanity back. I’m not the only one who agrees with this:

    • That was one of the best articles I’ve read about this season so far. I think I’ve fallen into the trap of being a “mythology” junkie and not necessarily appreciating the character building this show has done so well since episode 1. I disagree with the notion that characterization was left behind in lieu of mythology starting with season 2. At that point we had learned a hell of lot about these people and so the action within the narrative began to shape them, as experience will.

      The biggest concern I have, though, about this new season is that so much emphasis has been placed on “the answers” that we’re going to find ourselves very disappointed. Last night’s episode was the first indicator of this, as most of the comments seem to be dealing with the dearth of answers we received. Personally, I felt we got a lot of answers, just not of the mythological type.

      I like the pacing at this point in the season. One of my biggest fears was that in the attempt to cram all sorts of answers into the narrative, the pacing was going to be hasty and sloppy; the opposite has been true so far. As usual, the writers are taking their time early in the season to ease us into the situation before hitting the after burners. Next week’s episode, based on the promo, seems to be that moment.

      • Uncle Beaver

        You’re totally right.

        There’s obviosly something wierd and creepy going on with the way MiB/Smokey “infects” people. So I’m glad they’re easing us into how and why this is done, instead of just telling us with a one-line answer.

    • MacSky

      We’re all going to have our opinions but I think seasons 1 thru 5 were for character development. It’s time to start wrapping things up since this is the final season. The Island has far more interesting things going on. I would wager a pint on the fact that most Lost fans are intrigued with Lost because of the Mythology aspects. While not a scientific gauge of the rest of the world, I know my click of about 20 Lost friends is into Lost for the Mythology.

      There were more more than a few groans every time we heard the flash sideways sound effect signifying the return to the AR story during last night’s episode. Meaning we were upset to be leaving the Island. I don’t need answers in every episode, but the writers have so many crazy things working that it frustrates me every time a new story-line/mystery/plot is injected to this already crazy and complex show. I know, I know, it’s only one episode, but it was weak, very weak! Too many great open plots to be worked through for me to care about Sawyer crying, good acting or not!

    • Shaun

      But Kevin, aside from some wonderful acting from Josh Holloway, what character development did we get? Kate just did what Kate always does: Gets into trouble, makes even worse decsions along the way, tries to help someone out (just so we don’t forget she’s The Killer With A Heart of Gold), and then goes tracking someone in the jungle after being told not to follow.

      Great to get some answers on what happened to Claire, but “Safe Landing” Claire didn’t see any development either. Unless we consider being dumb enough to willingly get back into a cab with someone who pointed a gun at you one hour earlier “character development.” Not to mention (again, willingly) giving her one of your credit cards!

      No one said we want Darlton to answer all the mysteries in an hour long episode. But since we’re being told “THE TIME. FOR QUESTIONS. IS. OVER.” then, yes, with just 15 hours of Lost left I do think it’s time for the answers to start coming. Fast and hard. Aside from what’s happening with Sayid and Claire on the island, nothing else was moved forward last night and it felt like “Been there, done that, drank the Dharma beer” instead.

      Please don’t try to say Lost hasn’t been doing any character development of late. That’s not true. You can’t blame people for wanting the answers to come when we’re so close to the end. What, are they going to save it all for the last few episodes? That would be impossible, given how much there is to answer. Let’s say that we never get a reveal about why Walt’s special (just an example). If we don’t get that, it’ll make an episode like “What Kate Does” all the more infuriating.

      I’m still ’til the end, but I sure hope “What Kate Does” wasn’t a sign of things to come.

  • Chip

    I agree partially with Kevin — come on, people, mysteries aren’t all there is to this show. Darlton have said that this season will be heavier on character development and I, for one, welcome that.

    • Lycanthropist

      I agree that character development is what originally drove this show and a return back to it is welcomed.


      I do not think they did a good enough job in making me care about Kate again.

      I have stopped caring about Kate since Season 2. Her flip flop antics, her inconsistent motivations, etc etc.. just leave me hangin all the time.

      • dtruth

        Perhaps you are stuck in a timewarp because Kate hasn’t flipflopped in 2 years and if you stop worrying about myth answers you will see that Kate made her choice in this episode loud and clear. So, while you were all looking for Smokey answers, the triangle, possibly came to an end and Kate chose as we have been told she would in the final season.

        • Lycanthropist

          Kate hasn’t flip flopped in two years?

          So she didn’t sleep with Jack right before Ajira 316 only to bolt out and leave him hanging, again?

          She didn’t completely 180 regarding Aaron?

          She didn’t 180 her decision about the bomb?

          Just sayin man.

          Im not as mythology hungry as most, and I love this show because of its character development.

          Its just Kate’s story in particular never evoked much interest for me.

          FWIW I think the mythology portion of this season is lacking a bit too. The Temple Others aren’t doing much for me.

          However.. Jack, Sawyer, Ben, Sayid all have very intriguing and relevant character development, and this is what I am looking for.

          Don’t assume what answers I am hunting.. you may miss the context of my posts.

          • poop mcgee

            If people watch the show for mythology…..Then its Their prerogative.

            How has kate developed thus far? SHE HASN’T! Just like Lycanthropist says….180 towards aaron, and she’s right back where she started running.

            As much as The producers/writers want to write about this “character development”. I see very little development from kate.

            Poop Mcgee has spoken.

          • Lycanthropist

            exactly @poop

            other characters are developing very nicely, but Kate is STILL running after people who don’t want her too.

            She is STILL asking questions like, “How is that even possible?” re: Sayid.

            I mean the woman has seen smoke monsters, time traveled, etc etc..

            and she still acts like she did the first day there..

          • Nick Stevens

            She 180’d on her decision regarding Aaron after she lost track of him in the supermarket to a woman that looked like Claire from behind. In that moment she realised that Aaron is supposed to be with his mother and that if she could rescue Claire then it was the right thing to do.

            If there’s no cure for the infection though, she’s gonna be sorely disappointed.

          • Lycanthropist

            ok Nick you are making some fair points here for sure.

            Its just that Kate never follows through on her good intentions

          • cap10tripps

            I completely agree about all the 180ing Kate has done throughout the show, but I believe it’s very important to her character. She is always torn. The scene with her crying at the dock (after Sawyer showed her the ring and proclaimed he was going to ask Juliet to marry him) was very powerful and important. She had revealed to any who had doubt of her true love. She was heart broken and so was I to a point (not a big fan of the triangle, but rooted for Kate & Sawyer).

            This ends the triangle imo, and gets us to Kate’s true calling. That is the strengthening and preservation between the love of a mother and her child, and we will find out just how important it was that she succeeds in both universes. Looking back, that will make “What Kate Does” a vital chapter of the story.

          • Nick Stevens

            I don’t wanna come off as a Jack/Kate shipper or somesuch but I totally disagree with “She had revealed to any who had doubt of her true love”. I think she cried partially because of her feelings for Sawyer but mostly because she felt really really sorry. Sorry for the pain he was going through and sorry for disturbing his grief.

            I’m starting to think that, like Evangeline has said, the man in her life is Aaron and that her realtionships with Jack and Sawyer have been broken and busted since the end of season 4.

          • Nick Stevens

            Oops posted this in the wrong spot below: I meant season 5.

          • Lycanthropist

            good points again..

            when Kate starts diggin into her true emotional baggage (which it may be to late now) it gets good.

            the weight she has carried since season 1 was that of her and her mother’s fractured relationship.

            Her relationship with Jack and Sawyer has been so trivial and high school-esque that I have lost interest a long time ago.

            I used to pull for Kate and Sawyer combo, but now I don’t think she deserves either one of them. All she does is cause trouble for both anyway.

          • Nick Stevens

            Amen to that. While there is a romantic part of me that would like to see Kate get her man (whichever one, frankly, although I always had a soft spot for Jack), there is a far larger (and more reasonable) part that thinks we’re SO far past that now.

          • cap10tripps

            Pretty agreed that we are well past that, but they had to sort of sum it up for anyone still interested (would’ve said the ladies, but I have a feeling that would’ve sparked a needless sexism debate). I disagree however that her crying was feeling bad about what had happened. There probably was some guilt sprinkled in, but I really felt that she’d come to the realization that her Sawyer was gone.

            I always felt that even while with Jack off island that she had a more powerful connection with Sawyer. Her relationship with Clementine (Aunt Kate) confirmed this for me. I suppose there’s time to keep the triangle going, but I felt it a fitting end to deny Jack a kiss when leaving to find Sawyer, then left crying and heart broken as she realized his heart belonged to another.

        • Nick Stevens

          I believe that on the surface it looked like Kate was just running after Sawyer, but I believe her motivations are to find Claire (like she said) and that being prisoner really doesn’t sit well with her at all.

          Having said that I do think she is still struggling with her feelings for Jack and Sawyer even after all this time.

          • Lycanthropist

            yeh i mean you are right she did say she was hunting Claire.

            and that has been her intention from the moment she decided to go back to the island.

            but why does she go to Sawyer first? what possible help can he be right now? and if she finds Claire does she really think she is just gonna take her back off the island?

          • Nick Stevens

            Well if I were to go on the assumption that her following of Sawyer was not purely romantic then I could posit that she followed Sawyer because he was the best choice for help. Why was he the best choice? Well, simply put, didn’t want to stick around in the temple any more than she did while the rest of the group were quite happy to stay put. Jin was there too, but he was far more concerned with finding his wife, whereas Sawyer had no real agenda of his own.

            As for what she thinks she’s gonna do when she finds Claire? That I have no idea about, but then neither does she really… unless she knows something we don’t.

          • Lycanthropist

            yeh normally Sawyer would be a great choice for help.

            but to me its clear that Sawyer has checked out. Has washed his hands of all this island mumbo jumbo.

            My friends and I were actually legitimately concerned that he was gonna blow his brains out

          • Nick Stevens

            Yeah, I agree he has checked out and I feel super-sorry for the guy. I get the feeling that Kate probably reckoned she could snap him out of it or that she simply underestimated just how broken he now was. Or both.

            My whole point is really that I think her motivations are more than just simple hormones. But I do agree that she should have left Sawyer well alone and that she hasn’t developed as much the others have. She’s still born to run and she’s still too impulsive for her own good.

          • Nick Stevens

            I meant season 5.

          • Nick Stevens

            That prior comment should have been above. Oh, for an edit button.

  • I thought it was a very slow episode, but we still learned a few things. My favorite moment was seeing Dr. Ethan. I’m also curious about the moment when Claire couldn’t hear the heartbeat during the ultrasound. Could we have a time-traveling fetus????

    • Lycanthropist

      oooh good thought there Elizabeth…

      may not be enough time for that to play out, but it would be cool if it did

  • Jason

    Wait a minute…. If the H bomb blowing up is the reason we have this alt timeline and the reason the island is underwater, wouldn’t everyone who was on the island (and didn’t time jump) at the time it blew up be dead in the sideways flashes?! (I’m thinking about Ethan!) And I know all children were evacuated, but obviously Ethan never left because he was in Ben’s flashback on the island as a kid.

    • Lycanthropist

      I think it may be safe to say that Jughead’s explosion didn’t cause the island to sink..

      something else did.

    • Uncle Beaver

      Well, we don’t know how or when or if the H-Bomb caused the Island to “sink”, so let’s wait to see how that might have happened. It had to have happened SOMETIME after Jughead blew up, because DharmaVille was built and the DharmaShark were there. Maybe the explosion CAUSED the Island to sink? Maybe the Island “moved” (as Ben once made it) to an underwater grave. Or, like Eloise Hawking said, the Island is always moving… Maybe something happened to make the Island STOP moving, and it ended up underwater.

      Like Lindeloff and Cuse said: The ramifications of the Jughead detonation won’t ONLY affect a few characters, we’ll have to see exactly how different life would be without the Island.

    • Nick Turner

      To Jason: OK, so in the original timeline all children were evacuated, but obviously in the original timeline Ethan came back since we saw him with Ben and he became an Other. Amy and Ethan probably wanted to get back with Horace, whereas Miss Chang was mad at Pierre and did not return.

      To Lycanthropist: I think it is safe to say that the Jughead explosion caused the island to sink. The whole point between detonating the H-Bomb was to neutralize the pocket of electromagnetic energy at the center of the island. Obviously this is not your run-of-the-mill island, and the only reason that it stayed above water, healed people, and could move was based on this pocket of energy. Once it was neutralized there was nothing left to keep it afloat or what have you. Whether it sank immediately or over time, who knows.

      To Uncle Beaver: DharmaVille and the DharmaShark were already there in 1977 when the bomb went off, there is nothing that they showed under water that proves that it didn’t sink immediately.

      • Lycanthropist

        I hear what you are saying to some degree.

        I can get on board if you think the cause of the island sinking is the neutralization of the electromagnetic energy.

        that makes some sense..

        however if that is the case than in the ALT timeline there is the real possibility of no Widmore, Penny, Hawkins, Ben, Richard, Others, etc.

        • Nick Turner

          Agreed… if that is the case then whomever stayed on the island died.

          Unless it was a slow sinking effect, which allowed for island residents who weren’t at ground zero to escape. It would be kind of interesting if that were the case, because what would a normal world be like for the people you mention who are so tied to the island.

  • I hear what you’re saying about it not being filler, and I agree it definitely has worth, particularly in those subtle moments in the other universe where the plane lands. The pier scene, as mentioned above, was also a highlight of acting, especially for Josh.

    However, it still felt like a deliberately slowed down episode with too much secret hoarding to the point that characters like Dogan started to come off as cryptic to a fault.

    I also felt the plot writing (not the dialogue persay) has gotten a little sloppy. There were several instances in the Kate/Claire story that felt like they weren’t even trying to have logical cohesion.

    As for ‘the sickness’, it didn’t initially dawn on me that what Dogan was talking about with the Others is the same thing as the sickness Rousseau mentioned.

    I’m sure they are related though, but isn’t it still possible that perhaps Sayid is Jacob’s vessel, and this group of Others only know of the ‘darkness’ infecting individuals.

    I go into a little more depth on that in my own write-up here:

    Good review though, and I hope that what you say about the context of the alternate world does payoff these smaller details we are seeing now.

  • Chelsy

    I personally think that when the bomb went off, Dharmaville sank, but the people didn’t. They all reset back to their off-island origins and life played out as we are seeing it now, just without the Island and without Jacob’s influence. In other words, the only proof that life on the island ever existed is the remains of what people built there and the Dharma shark who must behaving dejavu as well the way he keeps circling that area, lol.