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LOST 6.04 Soundbites

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Terry O’Quinn on LOST 6.04, airing next week.  Minor spoilers ahead.

Terry O’Quinn on why Locke needs Sawyer.

Terry O’Quinn on how Locke will convince Sawyer to join him.

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  • Ivan

    Thanks for the clips and the site. Though your summary of the second clip is more of a spoiler than the clip itself. “… how Locke WILL convince Sawyer to join him.” Just basically gave away that part of it.

    Ah, well…. 🙂 This is still a good site.

  • Smokie-will-get-ya

    It does say “Minor spoilers ahead” in the first line.

  • Meh, what did we “learn” here? That Locke is going to try to get Sawyer to join his side? I think we could have guessed that from the promos that have been airing for weeks.

  • Symun450

    If you listen he says what the devil does.

  • Bill

    Also, if he “the devil” is going to get Sawyer to join him by offering “what he wants” we have to assume that the offer is going to have something to do with Juliet. What does Sawyer want right now more than anything? Revenge maybe, but even more than revenge, he wants to be reunited with Juliet. Perhaps Smokey/MIB/Fake Locke offers him some way to revive Juliet or find her in another timeline…

  • brent

    You want to dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?

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