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LOST 6.05 – Promo Pics

By docarzt,

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Not very spoilerish at all, but you have been warned.

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  • lockeheart

    Hurley and miles playin tic-tac-toe in photo eight- classic. Also from the synopsis it seems that jacob is once again goin to ask hurley to go on another mission. That whole being able to talk to ghosts thing is really paying off

  • Nemesise1977

    First thing I saw that struck a cord lockeheart was the TIC-TAC-TOE game. makes me think “want to play a game of chess?”
    Tic-Tac-Toe being a game that is known for being a tie over and over and over al la War Games.

  • Benjamin

    The location of the ninth picture in the group got my attention. Where is Jack? It doesn’t look quite like any of the Temple we’ve seen so far. I thought it looked somewhat like the Caves, but I’m probably wrong.

    • naultz

      at least we can assume he is outside of the temple and the synpsis and title would make me assume he is with hurly headed to a lighthouse. what iam curious about is who is the young japanese boy mentioned in the casting and what role in the plot.