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LOST 6.08 Vodcasts

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Here are the Vodcasts for next week’s episodes.  The first is fan questions, the second is an interview with Matthew Fox.  In case you don’t know the score, these Vodcasts rarely do much other than give the title of the next episode – so besides titles, no spoilers just lots of cool insight.

Viewer questions: What about Vincent?

LOST 6.08 Video Podcast – Jack: Man of Faith, or Man of Science?

  • naultz

    Go vincent. he will be the last canidate standing 🙂

    • That was the most ridiculouse thing I have seen yet

  • Benjamin

    I thought Matthew Fox was one of the only ones who knows how its all going to end? Wouldn’t that leave you to assume he knows who the final candidate/recruit or whatnot will be?

    • DocArzt

      I think that Matthew Fox is parlaying the concern over such things into interest in his career. 😉

      • Jack will be the chosen one, I am sure of it. He is the only one in my opinion that could handle the posistion Jacob is trying to fill. And we dont even know what the posistion entails, other than “Protecting The Island”. Hurley would not be an ideal candadite, and after that whos left, Jin or Sun. Maybe Sun, she would do it well, but she now has baggage, a kid, Cant wait to find out…

        • pic369

          A kid who she’s not concerned with reuniting one bit. Very strange to me…surely the idea of finding her husband hasn’t been so strong that she’s totally forgotten about their child, which was the only thing she had to hold onto in memory of him for 3 years.

          • Matthew Fox gets a lot of heat, but I feel his portrayal of Jack will be looked back on as one of the best characters in TV history. We have watched this damaged man become a hero to many, only to fail at being that hero. Three years torment him to the point that he attempts suicide, but can’t go through with it. He’s then given another shot, only to seemingly fail again. He is one of the most unique heroes we’ve seen in modern television, and I’m hoping (as a series long Jack fan) that his ending matches the brilliance of his journey.

          • Rams

            Why does everyone assume Sun doesn’t care about her kid? What would you all prefer? That she had brought her kid with her to crazy Island? Or that she had stayed in Korea, twiddling her thumbs about Jin? Ji Yeon is safe with her grandmother, and Sun is doing all she can to unite her family. r

  • marc

    Def sounds like the words of the Smoke Monster.. jerk

    • Iwantmykidneyback


  • “Richard ALPO if you will.”

  • lostinlost

    I still am confused about who appeared to Jack as his father off the island. If the monster/MIB was “trapped” on the island all this time, it couldn’t have been him, so was it Jacob?


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