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LOST 6.13 Sneek Peeks

By docarzt,

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Two sneek peeks up at – HOLY spoilerific.  A fireside chat that is bound to reveal much, and some surprising recognition between two wounded alties.  Check it out.

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  • MIB Pants


    im gonna be so sad when this show is over.

  • Benjamin

    AH! Why did the clip endddd?!

  • Adam

    John Locke definitely looks aware of his island life there, and Sun obviously does. But she is getting Locke confused with MIB. This is getting GOOD!!!

    • Hm, I don’t see Locke aware of anything. But Sun definitely sees Flocke. This episode is going to be great!

      • Adam

        She doesn’t see Flocke, she just looks at Locke and thinks he is Flocke.

        • Yea…that’s what I meant. May have worded it a little confusing.

  • Seabiscuit

    Wow, looks like Sun will actually have something interesting to do again. (still pissed at Darlton for dropping the Sun/Widmore storyline…)

    • Where did the Sun/Widmore storyline leave off? I just figured that they worked together to find Ben and then Sun tried to kill him on the docks.

    • spinflip

      Yeah, sadly it was just to give Sun some important-looking screen time in season 5.

      • Jack’s Sidekick

        Besides, Widmore’s continuing his business with he Kwons, he does have Jin in his service at the moment.

  • BJM

    So, looks like either love or trauma can trigger the recognition. I’m sure now Desmond was trying to trigger Locke’s memory through the latter.

  • adam118

    Crossing my fingers that Jack asks Smokey “Did you take the form of my Father too?!?!??!” and makes a jackface.
    btw, he BETTER be happy to see claire

    • furnaceface

      Agree, agree, agree!!! The first thought that popped into my head was that Jack’s next line would be that. God, I hope so.

      I agree about Claire, too. So far, Jack seems to be either avoiding or uncaring about the fact that he has a sister. We have to get some Jack/Claire facetime.

      • benewmy

        I’m hoping Sun is going to give Claire Charlie’s ring.


    Maybe Jack telling Claire that he is her brother will bring her back from “the darkside”?

    • Jack’s Sidekick

      I think that if Sun still has Charlie’s ring that she found, then she will give it to Claire. I noticed in “The Package” that when Sawyer brought Kate imaginary coco, Claire was off to the side, realizing that this was similar to the time Charlie brought her imaginary peanut butter. Since Charlie saw Claire when he almost died in the alt meaning they are connected, then maybe getting the ring will reset her innocence. If Claire can be saved then so can Sayid, which would be pretty bad ass.

      • benewmy

        Also, isn’t Sun supposed to tell Desmond that Ben is sorry? There had to be a reason that Ben told Sun that.

        • Pantagathus

          I am totally sure she forgot about that…

  • DeSelby

    So we have Sun, Jin, Locke, Jack, and (last we saw) Charlie all at the hospital. Sayid’s brother is there so he’ll be paying another visit. Desmond will follow up on Locke like he did with Hurley. Ben probably will come with Locke. Claire will have her baby any minute. Shouldn’t take too much more to get every major character in the same place at one time (Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley, I believe). Could that be significant? Like how they all have to to go to and from the Island together?

  • adam118

    btw, the episode name is “The Last Recruit”

  • adam118

    i think it said David’s gonna be in it

  • Cekma

    Sun and Locke arriving at the hospital same time might be a big continuity error. Sun got shot like a day after the flight. Locke was ran over like a week after.

    • dan

      it wasn’t a week. Des had his “moment of clarity” the day flight 815 landed. Locke started working at the school very soon after the flight. Sun got shot a few days after the flight… we know this because Sayid’s flash went through a few days before he was led to Keamy in the kitchen and found Jin in the fridge. and we don’t know how long Sun and Jin were at the hotel before Jin got caught… based on the above, it must have also been a few days.

      • dp2

        I think Cekma may be right. Jin says at the airport that he missed his appointment. They check in at the hotel and he still wants to go to the restaurant. I’m skeptical that they then hand around not delivering the watch for several days. But maybe I missed something.

    • GeorgeM4

      I believe we’re on the day after the flight. They all arrive in LA in the morning. On the first day:
      – Des goes to work, meets boss, revelation with Charlie, meets Penny in stadium at night.
      – Locke goes home then goes to work where he is fired, meets Hurley, goes to the agency.
      – Alex visits Ben in the evening, they arrange to meet next day.
      – Jin and Sun spend the first day at the airport held up by immigration. They sleep together that night.
      – Jack picks up his son, goes to his father’s house. Returning that afternoon/evening doesn’t find his son home, goes to the recital.
      – Sayid goes to his brother’s house, spends the evening there.

      On day two:

      – Des gets the flight manifest, visits Hurley, runs over Locke.
      – Locke starts new job, meets Ben. Spends the day at school, gets run over.
      – Alex meets with Ben early in the morning, tells him about about the principle, Ben blackmails principle, fails, confronts Des, witnesses Locke get run over..
      – Jin and Sun get confronted, Jin goes to the restaurant gets tied up. Sun goes to Bank. Jin gets freed by Sayid, Sun and Mikhail return. Sun becomes injured, Mikhail becomes dead.
      – Sayid , gets the kids to school, hears about his brother, goes to hospital then the restaurant, kills everyone, frees Jin.

      At the point of the second day when Locke and Sun are in the hospital, Sun remembers Flocke.

      • dp2

        There’s no way Locke is teaching and coaching basketball the day after he gets fired.

        • Naultz

          technically it would be impossible because of the two week wait on a background check to work at school, but this is LOST.

          • dp2

            Oh, I won’t deny it’s probably what they’ll claim. I’m no hater, but they sketchy time lines have always bugged me (Michael on the mainland, Jeremy Bentham).

          • yea. remember Kate got off on murder.

      • dp2

        Locke convinces Ben to go for the principal position before Alex talks to Ben. So even if he does start working at the school the day after he gets back from Australia, “Alex meets with Ben…” has to be at least day three.

        Also, we’ve definitely seen at least two evenings in Sawyer’s life, but you know they’re going to sync up as well.

      • Ament

        Nice breakdown, it sounds as if the Hospital will be the “island” for alternate universe. It’s not going to take long for everyone to realize bumping into each other from the Sydney flight is more then just a coincidence.

      • also, when Des runs into Hurley at the chicken shack he says “weren’t you on the flight from Sydney about a week ago?”. I don’t think that we are necessarily seeing all events in the alt in a chronological order.

    • l-i-v-i-n

      this is lost. you can’t think about time so so linearly! only fools are enslaved by space and time. the writers don’t suffer the same dimensional understandings we do!

  • Rams

    The fireside chat: does anyone also think that Terry’s acting seemed a little off? Or maybe he was trying to prtray that the MIB was a little scared in this conversation? It has a weird feel to me…

    • adam118

      I took it as Smokey wanting to appear as sympathetic as possible to Jack, since Jack’s help is needed. Also, wanted Jack to be calm for when JACK HAS TO ASK IF YOU TOOK MY FATHER’S FORM!

      I mean, that’s been a huuuuugggggeeeee subplot for 6 years

      • adam118

        6 years…oh my god when this show started I couldn’t buy a drink. I’m old.

        • Rams

          Good point. After all the build-up, if Jack doesn’t ask Locke about his father, I’ll throw something at my TV!

      • l-i-v-i-n

        in typical lost fashion it will go like this …

        jack – “my father… that was you?”
        locke – “i’m afraid i don’t know what you’re talking about jack”
        jack – “christian shephard, my father. i’ve seen him here, on this island. he’s dead.”
        locke – “no jack. im sorry. your father’s body was never on this island.”

        dum dum dum – new mystery, just where is christian’s body and why is it missing?

        or maybe they’ll be nice and locke will say “yes jack, i am your father. well was.”

  • cekma


    The issue though is the clothes of each character is different. Look at Locke’s wardrobe at the school in the substitute compared to when he got ran over. Look at Ben’s as well between substitute dr.linus and everybody loves hugo.

  • cekma

    im not trying to be a nitpick. Just something like this annoys me. Other things like Hurley knowing Richard doesn’t age when he actually never met him until they were together in dr. linus I can live with. Because for all we know someone told him about Richard and not aging.

    • adam118

      Your point is valid, it could be a different day. Nice observation.

  • Kelley

    Perhaps the MIB is possessing more than one “dead” body? Perhaps he took possession of Sayid and Claire also while he is in Locke’s body. Sayid was ‘dead’ before coming back to the life. Dogen felt that the evil was inside him…maybe that is the MIB taking control of him as he took control of Claire. The SMOKE is spreading inside?