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LOST Bosses Want To Make You Wait

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According to Kristin over at E!, Damon and Carlton want ABC to withhold the usual tidal wave of promotional materials for LOST’s sixth season premiere.  How much do they want ABC to withhold? How about all of it.  Read on.

I’m hearing from Lost sources that every single shot of the first few episodes are so revealing that the producers have convinced ABC to NOT SHOW A SINGLE FRAME before the new season airs. No promo scenes, no photos, no nada! So you will be completely in the dark, but it is for good reason: The twists they’re planning are so good, you will WANT to be surprised. Trust me. Your mind gonna go kaplewey.

I cant imagine Kristin mis-conceiving the mind set of the spoiler-scene, but… really?  Not being a spoiler maniac myself I still cannot recall something that was spoiled that I wish wasn’t.  To me it’s like those studies where they say that kids who ate goat cheese have higher IQs.  Would you have to know the exact IQ of a particular kid without eating goat cheese, then turn the frozen donkey wheel 1/16th of a turn, catch a flight from Tunisia to the kid’s house, stock his fridge with…  you get the point.

All humorless tirades aside… no promo scenes?  No photos!  No NADA!?  Maybe she meant… no Nadia.  Seriously, if the queen of all spoilerdom is saying the premiere is best left unspoiled is it finally time for all the spoiler freaks to chill out?  Are you convinced?  My gut tells me that ABC is not going to go along with a request to NOT publicize the show, but what do they have to lose at this point… really?

Source: E!