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LOST – Deluxe Dharma Initiation Kit Revealed

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lost_s5_dvd_dharmakitRumors of a super cool season 5 set have come to fruition, and here it is!  The LOST Complete 5th Season Dharma Initiation Kit has been revealed and is now available for preorder on DVD and Blu Ray.  The cost is, naturally, a bit more than the standard edition, but no serious LOST fan will want to go without.  Here is a peek at the contents:

As you can plainly see, the packaging harkens back to the era of the Dharma initiative.  Disk sheaths are designed to look like 5 3/4 discs, just like your old Apple ][ used, there are phamplets, stickers, and various other recruitment materials for the good old D.I., all bound in an authentically weathered slip case.

You know you want it! Order The DVD here and the Blu Ray Here.  The sets will ship on December 8th.

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