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LOST = Donovan + Atlantis?

By imfromthepast,

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My Dad is a huge LOST fan and he and I discuss the show ad nauseum. Yesterday I was at his house and we were discussing the similarities between the passenger make up between Oceanic 815, Ajira 316 & Danielle’s crew. Partly out of jest he referenced a song called Atlantis by a guy named Donovan. I have never heard of him or the song, but when we listened to it on my Dad’s iPod the lyrics sounded oddly familiar. Check them out:

The continent of Atlantis was an island (1)
Which lay before the great flood
In the area we now call the Atlantic Ocean.
So great an area of land, that from her western shores
Those beautiful sailors journeyed to the South
And the North Americas with ease
In their ships with painted sails.
To the east, Africa was a neighbor (2),
Across a short strait of sea miles.

The great Egyptian age is but a remnant
Of the Atlantian culture (3).

The antediluvian kings colonized the world;
All the Gods who play in the mythological dramas
In all legends from all lands (4)
were from fair Atlantis.

Knowing her fate, Atlantis sent out ships to all corners of the Earth (5).
On board were the Twelve:
The poet, the physician, the farmer, the scientist, the magician (6),
And the other so-called Gods of our legends (7),
Though Gods they were.
And as the elders of our time choose to remain blind,
Let us rejoice and let us sing and dance and ring in the new . . .
Hail Atlantis!

Way down below the ocean, where I wanna be, she may be . . .
Way down below the ocean, where I wanna be, she may be . . .etc.

I highlighted the parts that struck me as very LOST-y.

  1. An Island, for obvious reasons
  2. Africa was a neighbor, maybe not physically, but the connection between the Frozen Donkey Wheel and Tunisia seem relevant
  3. Maybe instead of the Egyptians colonising the Island, the Island’s original inhabitants colonised Egypt.
  4. Smokey(Cerberus), Anubis, etc.
  5. perhaps the sending of ships is a poetic way of describing the inhabitants fleeing via the FDW or something similar
  6. This is actually what brought up the song in the first place. We were speculating that Oceanic 815, Ajira 316, and the French Crew were all similar in compliment to an earlier group that set the bar for membership. Maybe this crew of 12 was the original template and anyone with a similar enough group stands a chance of finding the Island again.
  7. Sounds like the idea of archetypes, which each of our heroes fill.

In the end, this was probably just a coincidence, but we both felt it was a cool enough coincidence to share.

Especially the part with the scientist and the magician, Man of Science, Man of Faith.