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5×09 “Namaste” Investigations

By AstroJones,

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Our friends over at Sledgeweb’s Lost Stuff compile screenshots each week of interesting shots, Easter Eggs, and other such mysteries they discovered in the episode.  This week we’re providing some thumbnails of some of the images they’ve posted, with direct links back to their site.  The images include the Swan model, Smokey in the house with Christian, and the woman behind Sun.  Enjoy the images and feel free to let us know what you think about the various images.

Clicking on the images will provide larger versions as well as details and comments.






For some additional, miscellaneous images from Namaste, see the User Requested & Misc Images here.

  • Hipster Doofus

    WOW. I did not notice that woman back there at all. Must be Claire.

  • neoloki

    I knew their was a girl back there. When the door opened i was waiting to see someone but missed it then my wife asked if I saw the girl. That is so great.

    I have a feeling people are going to bitch that this episode was just set-up and filler, but I thought it was genius. The writing and acting was spot on, plus the story line had so much going on under the surface each scene had a tangible weight to it. It was all about the eyes and how people were looking at one another that told so much of the story. This kinda subtle interaction and communication is why I love this show so much. lost actually gives its viewers credit for being intelligent.

  • OneOFthem

    Didn’t Claire walk in the cabin the same “windly” way when locke was
    visiting Jacob-Christian?

    Only this time “we” didnt even see her… whats up with her? Its creepy…

  • Aubrey

    I’m so glad everyone else saw the woman in the back…my husband and I thought we were going crazy!

  • OneOFthem

    ok…the door opens…a smokie cloud enters the house where christian and sun is..

    and the next second a blond woman (Claire) is behind sun..

    What does that tell me…? That Claire is the Smoke Monster… lol but true..

  • Dusin

    I noticed the women behind Sun watching it live. But I don’t have a DVR so I was hoping it would be on Docartz and of course it was. I think the assumption is that it is Claire because the same thing happened in Jacobs cabin, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s just to obvious for the writers. Perhaps its Charlotte or even Libby. My hope is that it is Libby, everyone loves Hugo and his story, the writers know this, if Libby shows up that’s just means more Hugo action.

    • El Yerbero

      I love Libby too – – but unfortunatley Darlton and Cuse said no more Libby story.

  • The Magician

    Yes, there is definitely a woman there… I doubt they would’ve flown in Emilie just for that, so I think they probably used a blonde assistant to imply it is her. I really didn’t notice this at first, so I’m glad I checked the site.

    Another great episode.

    • AstroJones

      Yeah, I agree, I don’t think it was actually Emilie, but do feel like they were implying that it was Claire. But you never know with this show.

  • LostinNewYork

    it also could be a guy with long hair. des?

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    i think it was a production mistake. looks like someone on a computer, no?

    • hyperRevue

      I don’t see a computer. To me it looks like a woman holding something in a white towel (at first I thought Aaron, but that can’t be).

    • RandomZombie

      I’m struggling with this. It looks like it could be a production error, but if so, it’s a huge one. It’s so blatant.
      The figure is partially lit and directly to the side of the character in focus.
      This isn’t a case of a character instantaneously switching a cup from one hand to the other – for the camera operator, director, editor, and everyone else who had to see this episode before it aired to miss this seems like a stretch.

      • neoloki

        NOT A PRODUCTION ERROR. they have been doing this show to long to let something like that slip and they know how the lost community scores over every image.Plus the timing of the girl showing up in the background is too spot on to be a mistake. The fraking door opens and someone is standing in it.

        Sorry for yelling, but it is just inconceivable for it to be an error.

        • cjones416

          incorrect sir, there have been OTHER times where people have accidently been in the shot.

          i agree, it seems too good to be true, i can’t imagine it went through THAT MANY hands to not get caught, and it could have been a “i hope they don’t notice it” thing.

          but perfect example is the crew member in the episode where kelvin goes to take desmonds boat, you can clearly see his hat and head…

  • Benny

    It seems that individual has long red hair… any thoughts?

  • Tim

    Looks like Hurley to me.

  • dolce

    It looks like she is holding a film reel or audio reel.

  • Did anyone else notice the similarity of the Dharma van’s and Smokey’s noise?
    We’ve heard both in this episode and somehow they appeared very reminiscent to me.

    Interesting to know that the good ol’ van is gonna blow next week. 🙂

  • Shrugged

    if you notice, when christian says “i’m sorry, but you have a bit of a journey ahead of you” he lifts up is head and nods, as if to say “yes, come on in”. this is just before the close up on sun’s face.

  • Dave Thompson

    It really looks like Charlotte… she has the same kind of shirt and hair Charlotte died in

    • dolce

      And, no offense intended, thick arms like Charlotte…

      • Dave Thompson

        You’re right I noticed that too (I liked Charlotte’s thick arms 🙂

  • Landry B.

    I have no idea what you all are seeing? I can’t seem to find a woman in the stills of Sun…

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