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5×10 “He’s Our You” Investigations

By AstroJones,

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Hey all, Astro here from Sledgeweb’s Lost Stuff again with some investigation images from “He’s Our You.”  I hate to say it, but tonight’s episode was a little lite on investigation quality images.  There were a couple, such as the new Book Club entry A Separate Reality by Carlos Castaneda as well as young Ben getting shot.  So, A Separate Reality, is this just a red herring, or are the writers suggesting that our losties are currently in an alternate reality?  As for young Ben, the images show that he was shot in the chest, very near his heart.  Seems like it would take a miracle for him to survive.  Thank goodness he’s on Reincarnation Island!  Click on the images to get a larger view on Sledgeweb’s site.  And don’t forget to let us know any thoughts or comments you have below.









  • imfromthepast

    Et tu Brian?

  • horselover

    I know Ben getting shot along with “A Separate Reality” seem to hint at an altered timeline, but I’m gonna go in the opposite direction and go with a causality loop here.

    What if Sayid, in trying to kill Ben to prevent all his horrible atrocities, actually provided the catalyst that propelled him to his super-villian status? Ben looks pretty screwed with the bullet where it is, so say he is resurrected by the Island, a la Christian, and so protects the Island by any means necessary. Or maybe getting shot in the chest by a guy whose life you risked you ass to save just makes you kinda callous.

    • horselover

      For the callous thing I meant if he survives naturally.

    • cap10tripps

      Interesting, and perhaps the bullet is what causes his tumor. It just takes things like that many years to develop in island time. It would also explain the ongoing relationship between him and Sayid. Ben will find out how Sayid got there and when he sends Ethan to infiltrate, he will have already created a plan on how to use the killer’s talents for his own agendas…

  • grasspike

    In the book “A Separate Reality” the Author takes drugs to learn the truth, just like Sayid was given drugs so others could learn the truth

  • Can anyone decipher the symbol and writing on the boxes behind the Russian guy?

  • The Cyrillic company name above the door that Sayid’s target is at reads “Oldham Pharmaceuticals”

    • cap10tripps

      No way, as in Oldham the truthor???

  • Heidi

    I am new to this, here are questions I’d like to know: artist and year recorded on 78 playing outside Oldham’s teepee. Or not important just another reminder of Faraday’s record skipping/record playing thing? Is Teepee supposed to make us think about Indian versus Egyptian for the 4 toed statue thingy? And in the blazing bus runs into the barracks house: did they use the little LOST Untangled bus and model house for actual impact second? I could swear they did. thnx investigator!