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5×12 “Dead is Dead” Investigations

By AstroJones,

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Well, patience certainly is a virtue as was evident after tonight’s episode of Lost, “Dead is Dead.”  After several slow weeks on the side of investigations and easter eggs the writers gave us some great stuff to chew on for the next week or two…ah, who are we kidding, we’ll be chewing on most of this stuff til the end of season 6.  As always, clicking on the images below will take you to Sledgeweb’s Lost Stuff where you can view larger images if you so desire.  But please remember to comment here at Docs and let us know what your thoughts are on these.

Anubis and Smokey


Smokey’s Lair (aka Temple Catacombs – because I happen to love the word catacombs. Its just such a cool word)





Playing Risk

This investigation actually debunks the theory that Sun and Frank returned to an alternate timeline Dharmaville a few episodes ago when they ran into Christian.  The risk board in tonight’s episode was sitting in the same place Hurley and Sawyer left it over 3 years before.  Once again, whatever happened, happened, and nothing has changed.



Young Ethan


Smokey’s Toilet – Ben just has to unclog the crapper, and Smokey comes a runnin’


What Lies in the Shadow of the Statue?

Ben’s Judgement

Additional images from Ben’s Judgement can be found here.

  • Jacks Future Ghost

    I thought the episode was awesome. The toilet thing was weird though, I’m overlooking that.

  • Michel

    Cerberus vents, Cerberus vents… Cerberus vents!!!

    … okay, I’ve seen them. Now I can die happily.

    • Justin

      Cerberus? I don’t think so. Unless you’re of the belief that the Island is the gate to Hell. Greek mythology isn’t interchangeable with Ancient Egypt mythology.

      • Ed Holden

        … or is it?

        • Justin

          We’ll know for sure by this time next year! Hopefully.

          • Jacob

            Or we could just look it up now.


            “Although the Greeks and Romans typically scorned Egypt’s animal-headed gods as bizarre and primitive (they mockingly called Anubis the “Barker”), Anubis was sometimes associated with Sirius in the heavens, and Cerberus in Hades.”

          • jimmy zer0

            He called them cerberus vents because thats what the CV stood for on the blast door map. confirmed by the writers.

    • Oly

      I’ve been waiting for these to be show after obsessing over the blast door map for so long.

  • neoloki

    The water switch was interesting and brings to mind that the Island is a living thing with veins. I am sure they will come back to this in season 6 in some form. It is an intriguing image that is cursory to how the Island functions as an autonomous being.

    • al

      water veins? dude, it was an ancient egyptian toilet.

      • august

        the water was obviously a way to manipulate and control the *smoke* monster.

        when have you ever seen smoke pass through water?

        • rile

          In a bong.

          • neoloki

            Yeah maybe my vein ideas came from holding oneof those through the episode.

          • Landry B.

            I seriously just LOL at work on this one…me too man, me too…

      • neoloki

        I didn’t say water veins. But vein like tubes that lace the Island. Smokey then acts like the consciousness of the Island.

  • Fact Man

    Did anyone happen to see the picture of RA in Ben’s house when he is walking down the hallway towards the room that Sun was in? It was a framed picture on the wall. Totally Rocked!

    I think the island is the place that people were at to be eternally judged and humanity stumbled on to it… The statue that stood used to be an Egyptian symbol for the Island… Think like the movie The Mummy… Statues represented things. A statue or Anubis; represents a place connected with the underworld…

    • Charlie’s Ghost

      The island is obviously more than just a place where people are judged. People are healed, people renew faith, many people live there and some travel back to the mainland. …much more than just a place to be judged.

      So what was Ilana talking about, ‘what lies in the shadow of the statue?’ …and was in that big metal case?

      • Greg

        That was weird. Here’s a wild guess, what if Ilana and some of her cohorts got the same “infection” as the Frenchies and that was their way of identifying each other?

        I mean, although stranger things have happened on this show, it seems unlikely that Ilana came to the island with an ulterior motive. Now she has a shiny metal box, guns and a mission.

        • stweedle

          I dont think they’re infected. They are a team of people just like Miles, Farraday, Charlotte, etc. I thnk Iliana is the team leader and she knows that there are others there to assist her, but doesn’t know who they are. That question is the password to find the others. They aren’t even on the main Island, I dont think Smokey has made an appearance on the other island at all. Maybe Whidmore realized he made a mistake with the first team in that they had time to get to know one another. I think she knew all along that there was a box in cargo that she needed, there had to be some former knowledge of the events, how would the person who provided the box know that it was going to land and not crash in the water?

          • neoloki

            Illiana is part of another group and her riddle was way to similar in function to smells like carrots to be a coincidence. Can you say present day Dharma.

          • EkoEko

            I agree completely; for a minute there i thought i was alone on that one. I think that in fact, they are indeed the new Dharma. That is why the ARG recruitment game existed…it paralleled the introduction of these newer characters like Ilana and the burly guy who was with her (who is super creepy) when she knocked out Lapidus.

            The donkey wheel is in the shadow of the statue. It seems as though the donkey wheel, and the well, is a mile or less directly behind the statue…that is where they are headed, and that is also where locke is probably headed…

            All paths here point to the Incident. Could it be that Ilana, Locke, Sun, et al turn the donkey wheel and that is what causes the incident? Ilana and team are going back in time perhaps to stop the purge or fight the purge, or maybe even to start it, since Mikhail said that Dharma was the one who initiated it…

      • al

        major lol at frank’s face when she asks him the question!

      • “Atlantis” lies in the shadow of the statue – the Island itself!

    • Balsley

      Well “fact man” you waved bye-bye to any respect or credibility by referencing one of the crumminess and worst movies, “the Mummy.”

  • daryl

    hi, one small thing i noticed, did anyone else recognise the man from the ajira plane who ran to frank lipedus on the beach? id swear that this man was NATHAN from the other 48 days episode, hes even wearing the same shirt, its a plumb colour, did anyone else noticed this or have i just woken up too early?

  • Goodwin

    I think the in picture with Anubis, Smokey look kind of electric–like a lightning bolt. I also finally noticed that one of the strange sounds that Smokey makes, the repetitive rattle noise, coincides with the little lightning flashes.

  • Crazy Bearded Jack

    Remember about a month ago when I called the statue Anubis and someone told me I was an idiot? I do.

    • AstroJones

      Hey! What a coincidence. The same thing happened to me about a month ago.

    • Justin

      Whoever called you that is a moron. Even though you couldn’t see the front, the two huge ankhs in each hand made it obvious that it had something to do with Ancient Egypt.

  • Matt

    Can someone please explain how Widmore has been looking for the Island for 20 years which would make 1984 the year of his banishment. But he was banished when Alex was like 4 years old which make his banishment year 1992.

    • stu

      I think ur right in that the year of his banishment was 1992 (post-purge, alexs age) but he spoke to Ben in LA in late 2007. Thats 15 years looking at least, couple this with the fact that from 1992-2004 (pre donkey wheel turn) time was going slightly fatser off island i think its plausible to say he’s been looking for 20 years. Its a ball park figure to not reveal the actual dates and probably to keep us guessing lol!

      • Matt

        he found the island in 2004 so that’s like twelve years. and is twelve years really enough to build up his Widmore Industries empire off-island? I cry foul.

        • Justin

          Well, they made it clear that he was banished for leaving the Island multiple times and fathering a child off the Island. I assume he started his company long before the banishment.

          • Ed Holden

            Very true, and I’m wondering if he abused his Otherness in some way to built that business empire. All of this supported his assertion to Locke that he used to be the leader of the Others, but it contradicts his assertion that he was tricked into leaving. Now Ben looks like the good guy again. Until next week …

        • Charlie’s Ghost

          what if he was sent to the past, when banished? the Others were in control, for the first time, so maybe they didn’t have the correct coordinates to the leave the island in the right time??

        • stu

          He found it in 2004, but lost it again in when the wheel was turned and ben killed keamy. so in 2007 hre was still looking, and also he says nearly 2o years.

    • rysjules

      He said “almost 20 years”. It was approximately 16 years. It may have been a figure of speech

      • Matt

        it’s more like almost 13 years.

        • rysjules

          1992- late 2007
          13 years?

          • Matt

            he found the island in 2004. with the freighties

        • icyone

          He didn’t find it, because if he had, he would have come back. His surrogates found it but Widmore never learned the location. In 2007 he’s still looking for the island.

          • stu

            Thank u!

  • michael

    The Iliana lot, are, i think, some sort of consipracy nutjobs/treasure hunters. Why do i think this? she has mad ninja skills and a riddle/codeword and they have guns and i dont think that last bit is a coincidence. …I just wish we didnt have another sub-plot to deal with right now tho lol…was happy that things were being answered faster than new riddles were added

    • stweedle

      You could be right after that conspiracy video about flight 815 came out but I think they are Whidmore/DI. Why would she have had Sayid on the plane? Someone had to know that thaings had to be as close as possible to previous events. To me there seems to be a lot of things to indicate prior knowledge, of what needed to happen/already happened. Like NEOLOKI said previously, the riddle was to much like the other riddle to be a coincidence.

    • DarthBubba

      The codeword was probably set up by Widmore so that his agents would be able to tell each other apart once reaching the island. That’s why she asked Lapidus the question, the agents probably didn’t know who each other were prior to arriving.

      • stweedle

        Exactly, I stated that in a previous post. I think he realizes his mistake in the Charlotte/Faraday relationship. He knew that Faraday was distracted by Charlotte (Jughead) and couldn’t focus on the mission. So his/DI people had a codeword to use. Do you think the guy that ran over and got Lapidus from the beach knew what lies in the shadow or just freaking out that Ilana was taking over? Also, why would she have told the big guy to tie him up and take him with them, does that imply that they are leaving the other survivors on Hydra? And I think we now know who was shooting at Sawyer and crew when they where paddling with the outrigger before they got zapped in time.

  • Benjamin

    I dont know about anyone else..but all this talk about codewords and secret phrases that Ilana may or may not know just seems to be too much for me.

    I’m probably totally wrong on this, but the first thing I thought of was..what if Ilana has some kind of Egyptian background or studied Egyptology in some way? Could there be more heiroglyphics on hydra island having to do with the statue and what lies in its shadow? If she can read heiroglyphics, it could lead to both many questions and answers concerning the island and its mythology.

  • Llana is probably a Widmorian, but there is another possibility.

    RA is able to leave the Island (visits with John). Llana and friend or true “Others”, not recruits like Ben, who work directly for RA and answer only to him.

  • Jangras

    1) About Egyptian Underworld:
    “Death – The Underworld and the Hall of the Two Truths
    The journey through the Underworld and the terrifying tests culminated in the day of judgement in the Hall of the Two Truths. The ruler of the Kingdom of the Underworld was Osiris, the “Lord of Eternity”. The god of the Dead Anubis would lead the dead in the Underworld to the Hall of Two Truths, where the deceased would stand in front of Osiris, the head of the Court of the Dead, and forty two judges.

    The Underworld and the Great Scales of Truth and the ‘Get out’ Clause
    In the Hall of Two Truths the deceased was led to a great set of scales where his or her heart containing the deeds of their lifetime was weighed against the feather of truth, which symbolised Maat the goddess of justice. The Egyptians believed that they could withstand the Test of the Balance with a magical scarab charm which would prevent the conscience telling the whole truth. The dead were able to obtain salvation by knowledge of magical charms even if they lead a sinful life.”

    2) The codeword: it seems Ilana was expecting Lap to be one of his men. Could it be the other pilot (the dead one) was supposed to be there instead of Lap?

  • DT

    Ilana and the other people are the reconstituted DI that Chang refers to in the Video from Comic-con. They did not know each other before arriving and the riddle is the code. The Well/Orchid?donkey Wheel lie in the shadow of the statue as we saw during the time flashes.

  • Lebowski Achiever

    Along with Iliana and the rest of the beach crew working for Widmore, is it possible Sayid is as well? Sayid is feeling without purpose after he has killed everyone on Ben’s list and is approached by Widmore. This is where he aquires a taste for the same brand of liquor Widmore favors. Widmore fills his head with the evil Ben speech like he gave to Locke. Widmore hires Iliana to bring Sayid to the right place for him to go back. Once back he thinks he needs to kill young Ben.

    Someone tell me why I am crazy.

    • Silvertouch

      That makes sense. It would explain the seemingly random MacCutcheon placement. But it removes creedence from the idea that Sayid returned to the island to try and kill Ben.

      Oh yeah, that reminds me. Where IS Sayid?

      • Lebowski Achiever

        I think once Sayid saw Little Ben he actually said, now I know why I came here…or something like that. He didn’t want to come back but was brought there nonetheless. He figures there needs to be a reason he was brought back and killing Ben seem like a good place to start…expecially if he listened to Widmore tell a few stories.

        Good question BTW – WTF is Sayid and what has he been up to?

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