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Mysterious LOST Billboard Appears in LA – Ajira Is Busting Through!

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la_lost_billboardOr… perhaps clawing their way through.  A new billboard has popped up in Los Angeles, meaning ABC still has a soft spot for viral marketing in the wake of killing the last ARG – I still consider that more of a mercy killing than a cost saver.  Anywho, click the image and discuss the possible meanings.

Source:  Inside The Experience

  • congested

    Well with the bottle found on the beach last week, and the Ajira viral marketing (like this poster) I think it’s pretty clear they take a flight on this airline to get back to the island… having said that how on earth would they get the plane to crash?? And if we find that out will we learn more about 815’s crash? Or do they use a smaller plane and land it on Hydra island’s runway?

    At this point I think we’ll just have to wait and find out because there’s too little to go off of… still presents a lot of interesting scenarios though.

    *head explodes*

    • Dolce

      Maybe there is no need to crash. It seems that with Ben along for the ride that they have an experienced navigator of on and off island travels. I don’t see, however, the plane remaining intact if Ben has anything to do with it ( or LOcke, if he were alive). The Hydra runway makes the most sense.

  • Bezmina

    Oh I don’t know??? I really don’t know. I hope they bring some more in flight beer for poor beerless Sawyer from the flight though.

    Wish I was in the USA as usual on a weds………..

  • What if Ajira is the plane that was supposed to crash, not 815? The people on the boat chasing the Leftbehinders were Ajira survivors?

  • Josh

    Depending on when they land on the island, the runway might not be finished. Sawyer and Kate were helping with it in 2004 but if the O6 come back at a different time the runway would not have started.

    • Dolce


    • Mrs. Alpert

      ^good point.