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Clearing The Air On The Liz Mitchell Video “Theft”

By docarzt,

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embed1Hey people.  It has come to my attention that somebody, somewhere, has accused me of stealing Jay & Jack’s video from Nudia.TV and putting it on YouTUBE.  That’s a ridiculous accusation, and before it goes too far I want to lay out what really happened.

First of all, the version of the video that was posted here yesterday was always the embed.  I assume this is okay, since the Nudia.TV videos offer embedding.  It’s a great way to grow the brand for sure.

Next, one of our contributors on posted the video as well – but their version came from youtube,  this is where it gets dicey.  Since the video is not watermarked “Nudia.TV” anywhere on it, he wouldn’t have any idea that they were the source of the video.  If I had posted the video it would have been the Nudia.TV source and not the YouTUBE, because I personally know who released the video.  He did not. He thought this was something floating around in the wild.  So…

The bottom line is that now this accusation is being made: That I took the Nudia.TV video and put it on YouTUBE.

Not true.  First of all, the publisher of the youtube video (which can be found here) is named andre, and since he’s had his channel since 2006 I think we can assume he’s legit.  Next, while I was definitely aware of the source of the video – I’d recognize Jay’s laugh anywhere – my contributor on TVOvermind was not, and therefore is completely innocent of any sort of impropriety. My fault for assuming he used the same Nudia.TV embed we used here on, which gives proper credit.

For sure, as we’ve gone on in the past, theft on YouTUBE is rampant.  If you are in the vodcast business, you gotta make sure you watermark everything.  People complain about how I watermark any exclusive footage I get here, but it is because as soon as I post it the footage is on half a dozen youtube channels and if you don’t visually watermark nobody knows where it came from.  I don’t begrudge the people who use the videos, because at the end of the day they may not know who it came from if it is not watermarked, or if the watermarks were cropped out – which happens all the time.

The bottom line is: yes, we did publish the youtube video on TVOvermind,  but we did not upload the video to youtube, and at the time it was published the contributor who published it did not know if was from Nudia.TV Of course, as soon as I was aware of this I corrected the citing and put the correct embed in to give Nudia.TV their proper credit.  There is no conspiracy here where I was trying to claim I had snagged some exclusive footage, or anything like that.  In fact, I didn’t even post it – although to be fair, it’s my site so I’m responsible.  The question is, did I act responsibly in fixing the problem?  Sure.  I feel 100% confident of that.  Was it responsible to accuse me of stealing the video and putting it on youtube when you can easily see the name of the person who posted it on youtube, and it is not me?  I guess you’ll have to answer that to me.

  • DesmondsPants

    Good lord, doc. Some people’s children, right? I can see where they would be upset, but accusing you of stealing the video is a bit harsh. Seems like a simple mistake. Somebody needs to get their panties unbunched.

  • AstroJones

    Thanks for posting this Doc and clearing the air on what happened before anything got “crazy.” 🙂

  • Chris

    Pretty tired video anyway. Jay and Jack need to calm down. Those two, amicable as they seem, are two stressed out podcasters.

  • johr77

    people need to get a grip,
    if its anyone’s video its ABC’s or comic cons

  • docarzt

    I’ve swapped emails with Jay this morning and they seem to know that we did not steal the video. However, members of the twitter mafia might see it differently as it was clearly implied we did steal it publicly and privately. But hey, I consider J&J friends, always will, and they are allowed to be cranky as much as I am allowed to slip up and not catch a pirated YouTUBE once in a while.

  • ElPrez

    There is certainly a big difference between ripping their vid and uploading it to youtube and publishing it from youtube to your blog.

    • AstroJones


  • Hexonxonx

    Does this mean that Doc’s lynching is canceled? I cleared my schedule and everything…

  • maybe they were the one’s that didn’t get to go to comic con and were so jealous and bored that they had to find something to complain about. Now their hour of fun is over. On to the next scam I guess. We trust you Doc.

  • DavidB

    That anyone gives a crap or gets worked up over such trivial bullshit is amazing. Get a life people.