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Easter Eggs – Lost 4.04 Eggtown

By Koobie,

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There was a lot going on in Eggtown, but what are the hidden clues of the most recent installment of Lost? (Click to Enlarge)

lost404egg1.JPGHere is your first can of Dharma Spam!  Processed Meat Lovers rejoice!

lost404egg2.JPGThis cup is manufactured by a company called “Mainstays”, it is a Wal-Mart brand.  This poses a new question,  where exactly on the island is the Supercenter Hatch?

lost404egg5.JPGPhillip K. Dick’s VALIS is tied directly into this episode.  In Valis, extraterrestrials are trying to communicate with the human race by transmitting information from the star Sirius in the  Canis Major (the greater dog) constellation.  It stores the information in humans DNA, and the information can be brought back by being in a higher consciousness.  Is Faraday trying to access his genetic memory?

lost404egg3.JPGAnd lastly, one of the cards that Faraday remembered showed up in Aaron’s bedroom.  Look closely at the painting with the bicyclist, there is a hand flipping the 6 of Clubs.