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Lost 4.01 – Beginning of the End – Who is in the Cabin

By ErasedSlate,

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Here are the screen caps of Hurley’s visit to the Cabin.  Take note of the shoes. 

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  • Gabe

    The person looking out the windows has to be Locke, but the man in the chair looks like Jack’s dad – same suit and balding!

  • Suburban Coyote

    Without a doubt that’s Christian. WOO!

    Now, what’s going on?

    My vote: the island’s spirit, Jacob, can inhabit/reanimate a dead body, like it did with Yemi, and so Jack’s dad is not alive as we’d think of it.


  • Aldo

    I like that theory Coyote.

  • preztige

    So, Hugo doesnt get off the island with Jack and the rest of the people. Hugo told Jack (I should have gone with you)..meaning he didnt get off the island with him. I thought the Oceanic 6 was named the Oceanic 6 because Oceanic helped them get off the island, or met them half way somehow. So. How do you guys think they get off the island? Since the other people that landed there are supposed to kill everyone?….the rest of the season is gonna be crazy. The HIM that Hugo and Jack tlak about in the future is either Jacob or Jacks father….AWESOMEEEEE
    It’s definitely Christian Shepard in the pictures
    Im using Adobe to make it brighter….post a brighter pic DOC…thanks

  • Jimbo08lak

    It’s obviously Christian Shepard, but the eye for some reason reminds me of Desmond.
    Doc, you’re so lucky, I wanna watch more!

  • Nate

    I agree wih u Jimbo that for some reason the eye reminds me of Desmond, but the question I’ve got Doc is what was he saying? The whispers, I mean. My guess is something backwards

  • MonkSatyr

    Yup I agree, the eye DOES seem to be Desmond’s. But wtf does that mean?? I can’t make any connections. But, wow a Hurley-Locke collaboration!! been waiting for that for 2 seasons 🙂 Though Hurley seems reticent about it…

  • DustinCahill

    A mysterious eye, not possibly Ben’s nor Locke’s was shown close up in The Man Behind the Curtain (and IS confirmed in commentary to belong to Jacob). Next, looking at the man in Jacob’s chair, I think people beleive the fact that the image LOOKS like Locke must imply some timeloop theory, when it suggests more of a reflection of Locke (with hair, an image of his future mehaps), not actually Jacob, but an illution created by him. This is again supported by the image of Christain Sheppard in the chair on tonight’s episode, versus our eyefriend from before at the window. So the more important question isn’t who Jacob is (He is someone NEW, just maybe, perhaps) but why he created these specific illusions in the presence of Locke and Hurley.

    Check the Lostpedia out on jacob, and then listen to the DVD commentary and tell me where it says that Jacob is in the chair.

  • docarzt

    I think it is Jacob that appears in the foreground, because it is definitely the same eye as in Man Behind the Curtain, and Christian has obviously stopped by for coffee.

  • themachine

    If that pic up top is not a fake, than Jacob has got to be Christian Shepard. And that was definetly Locke in the cabin when they showed his eye in a quick frame before hurlry ran away yelling… and what was up with hurley running and turning around a few times and the shack still there every way he turned? i think that the oceanic 6 got a deal but couldnt say what/where/how things or anything about the island, and the “they” are the surviving survivors of the island (losties, remaing others, and new hostiles/rescuers) the “rescuers” could be the old dharma, trying to find the island since they lost comm, and how to get there for so long. and the guy from the wire could be working for dharma, paik industries, the others financial backers etc. Cant wait for the rest of the “season”

  • technoprep

    The dude in the chair is def Christian…on that we all agree. But the eye…man that is either Patchy or Mr. Friendly…and that makes sense to me. That means the cabin is the DEATH ZONE…All the dead hang out there…

  • Charlie Lesoine

    Looked like Mikhail’s eye to me.

  • numbersarebad

    I think maybe Jacob isn’t alone. Are we sure he is the only of his kind? Or could he be seeking an audience with someone else at the same time as Hurley? I seemed like “Jacob” who looked like Drunken Surgeon Sr. in the rocking chair. Then I thought it looked like a seperate person looking at Hugo. Could Jacob be a multiple-shape-shifting entity similar, perhaps, to the Smoke Monster?

    I get the feeling Ben is or was somehow more connected to these “Not Penny’s Boat’ers”. He is always deceptive, so maybe the Freighters aren’t gonna be that bad, but some other group or circumstances will prove to be awful, for Jack and Hurley to act the way they do in the future.

  • Cutter

    The face that popped up is Jacob.

    “Christian” is smokey (or the “other smokey”), hanging out like a watchdog with its master.

    And in the future…I could have sworn Hurley didn’t say “Him,” he said “IT.”

    “It’s going to do whatever it can to–”

    Excellent episode!!

  • lockefan3805

    The face that popped up cannot be Locke’s, or Ben’s…they both have green/light eyes…We’ve seen closeups of Locke’s eye in the past as the opening scene to where he is in the ditch with all the dead Dharma folks and also I think when he first wakes up on the beach after the crash.

    We’ve seen Desmond’s eye up close like that in the opening scene to s02e01 when he hears the beeping in the hatch. He has brown eyes. It appears as though the guy in the shack (not in the chair) also has brown eyes..could it be Desmond from the original timeline? IE not the one with the Losties now, because THAT Desmond is the one who allegedly is re-living his life…

    I figured the Christian figure in the chair is “Jacob” just taking Christian’s form (not sure why).

  • Davidoffbeat

    You guys are quick to say its Christiaan. Has anyone looked at a picture of Charles Widmore lately (Pennys Dad)

    He had a picture of a polar bear and Buddah in his office…

  • boshuda

    I want to switch gears a bit and call everyone’s attention to the the picture/painting behind the rocking chair in the top screencap. Is it just me, or could this be a representation of a the same foot that is the four-toed statue? Maybe there is a connection there; that statue is part of something bigger, I’ll bet!

  • ErasedSlate

    That’s the painting of the dog.

  • Old guys look alike but I think it looks more like Charles Widmore.

  • passthebutter

    Holy cow – that DOES look like the 4 toed statue in that pic.
    Good eye, good eye.

  • Rachel

    I am just thinking aloud here, about who that picture of that eye belongs to. Maybe it is Gerald Degroot. Hmm… But probably Jacob. Actually the first person I thought of was that it was either Michael (the credits at the beginning said Harold Perrineau) or of Mikhail.

  • M Bizzle

    the guy in the window was Mikhail without the eye patch…it was most definitely his face…even if it’s not meant to be the character, it’s definitely the actor who plays him…

  • Nardino

    For sure the person in the chair is Jacks father but the
    guy on the window cant be Lock.

    Lock got blue eyes…I guess its Desmond.
    Compare the eyes 😉

    I dont know what that mean…is Hugo like the guy in the 6th sense…
    “I can see dead people”…which would mean Desmond will die.

    And both persons arent Jacob compared with this…

    Could be an old version of Ricard but this nose…
    isnt different from all noses Ive seen on this island :$

    May be the island stores ghosts of the dead and dont wanna LOST the living people to “save” them…therefore they got healed like LOCK 😉



  • Nardino

    …Charles Widmore and Lock got blue eyes, Mikhail may be…
    cant find a close pic of his eyes…I bet on Desmond as guy on the windows 😉


  • scrizly

    I don’t know.. I think the eye in the window looks like Ben’s father.

  • Nardino
  • Kolimar

    ok, i know a lot of people think that the eye is locke/desmond, BUT ITS CHARLIE! take it frame by frame as the eye is coming up. you’ll see the silhouette of what looks like hair…but its actually charlie’s hood. the first frame or two of the eye is clearly charlie’s.

  • catherine

    Is there a way for you to go back to previous seasons and get a screen cap from a close up on johns eye to do a comparison?

  • moha

    i think the guy in the cabin (the one in the chair is obviously christian) but the guy standing by the window is the new dude, the guy “driving” the freighter, the kapitn, ssry fr my english.