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Lost – 4.02 – Confirmed Dead – Mister Eko and Other Eggs

By Koobie,

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Although we didn’t get the answer to John Locke’s question “What is the Monster?”, we were treated to a healthy dosage of Lost Easter Eggs. (Click to Enlarge)

402egg01.jpgFirst off, the picture in Myles flashback has a striking resemblance to Mister Eko and maybe even Yemi.  Could this picture actually be of Eko?

402egg5.JPGIn Charlotte’s flashback we see the newspaper that was featured in Find 815’s Chapter 3 Clue Hunt.

402egg6.JPGFrank Lapidus owns a travel agency, did he quit Oceanic Air after the crash?

402egg7.JPGAnother familiar item from Find 815, this one is featured in the Chapter 1 Clue Hunt.  If you were to call the number, you will here a voice message left by George Cavanaugh.

402egg3.JPGThere were 3 of the numbers hidden in this episode.  The number 15 (shown above), and the numbers 8 and 42 (on the helicopter below).

402egg8.JPGThat’s all the eggs for now!  Keep your eyes peeled for more easter eggs!