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Lost 4.07 – Easter Eggs

By docarzt,

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Yi Jeon had a few notable ‘freeze frame’ moments (click images to enlarge)

lost-407-01.jpgKevin Johnson, you say?  Okay not exactly a freeze frame moment, but worth pondering.

lost-407-02.jpgThat’s right, Jin’s date of death IS September 22, 2004. But is he really dead?

lost-407-03.jpgI didn’t bother looking up the Captain’s books… but with titles like “U Boat Wars”, it’s a safe bet it’s the standard “freighter captain” fare.

lost-407-04.jpgI have a sneaking suspicion the script calls for something like “Daniel’s non-descript machine.”  Does anybody know what this thing is?


Our book report explains everything, except for how Regina can read upside down.

lost-407-06.jpgFinally, the black box data recorder.  First off, yes… most of them really are red despite the name, and I couldn’t find any that didn’t contain mostly analog components.  Apparently this is because Analog is more resilient to magnetic pulse damage.