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LOST 5.04 – The Little Prince – Easter Eggs Revealed

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lost-504-easter-egg-007Aside from Jorge Garcia being reduced to ‘cameo’ status in his one brief, and very bright, jailhouse scene, LOST 5.04 “The Little Prince” was overflowing with fan nods, easter eggs, and good old fashioned geek-out moments.  Continue on for more discoveries.

Jorge’s brief scene amounted to “hi, how are you? I’m happy in jail!”  Wasn’t the big caged heat epic I was hoping for, but beggars can’t be choosers. Maybe next week?  Now on to the more revealing stuff.


One of the geekiest moments for me was the island gang seeing the hatch-light from afar.   Oh, but the coolness that could have – and should have – been if Locke run into Locke.  Then again, maybe that would have veared the show into another one of those dreaded Time Travel cliches.


Ajira finally made its first appearance on LOST.  The question is, where in time were the lostaways at this point?  Is there another plane crash on the horizon?  Who were the mysterious ‘Others’ that were following Sawyer and gang?


Your anagram solving script does not deceive you:  that van does say “reincarnation” on it, if you scramble the letters.  What does this mean, reincarnation for Locke?  Perhaps Richard Alpert isn’t ageless at all, maybe reincarnation is what the island’s indigenous cult is all about.


Young Danielle and crew showed up – note Montand still has his fricken arm – but for how long?  If they get caught jumping through time, things could get pretty twisted.  And can everyone join me in asking:  what the heck happened to Daniel’s “if it didn’t happen it can’t happen” rule, and the street metaphors, and all that… nonesense?


Besixdouze is the name of Rousseu’s boat.  It is also the name of a very important ‘mass’ from the book “The Little Prince.”  I suggest you get your butt to wikipedia and start doing some research.


It was like the hatch map and Ben’s journal all over again!  Sun’s intriguing private investigator report kept us busy for an hour or so, until we realized it was swiped from an online game.  (Read the transcript right here.)

Your turn!  What did you see in “The Little Prince”?  Lay it on us.