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Lost Easter Egg – 4.03 – Meet Dean Moriarty

By docarzt,

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I got a little extra delight from this one.   One of Ben’s off island identities is Dean Moriarty.  Dean is the protagonist, if there really is one, of my favorite book of all time, “On The Road” by Jack Kerouak.  Dean isn’t a famous philosopher or scientist, but his wanderlust is certainly a befitting parrallel to Ben’s apparent globe trotting.

  • preztige

    i see this is from Zurich, Switzerland

  • preztige

    Dean Moriarty was also the great grandson of Professor Moriarty(Sherlocke Holmes Nemeis). Prof Moriarty is considered one of the first villians in fiction. He is also portrayed in an episode of STAR TREK: called “Ship in a Bottle”

  • audrey1999

    Dean Moriarty was considered a “holy con-man” in On the Road in the beginning but throughout the novel we see him in decline. Supposedly, Dean is based on Neal Cassady and his relationship with Jack Kerouac. Ben and a person considered a “holy con-man” who declines seems to fit what we might see from LOST this season.

  • Rachel

    It’s your favorite book of all time but you spelled his name wrong. lol

  • HumeLocke

    Kerouac. Not Kerouak. Still much love.

  • HumeLocke

    Kerouac. Not Kerouak. Still much love.

  • Richlost

    Dean Moriarty = Ordinary mate

  • also, let’s not forget that kerouac wrote “dharma bums” and “some of the dharma”

  • bnmvczxs

    Good Grief! It took me 2 weeks to get well. ,