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Lost Easter Egg – 4.03 – Something in Common?

By docarzt,

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Sayid wasn’t kidding when he made that crack about selling his soul,  but was it indeed to a devil?  In fact, as far as religions go it seems our friend Ben Linus has something in common with future gun man Sayid, on his book-shelf Sayid found a copy of the Qaran, the muslim holy book.



  • David

    I think turning Ben into some kind of Muslim terrorist would be dangerous territory for the show to go into.

  • morty

    y do u instantly presume if he’s a muslim he must a terrorist?

  • morty

    *must b a

  • Limmic

    Yeah David he’s not a Muslim Terrorist, hes a Muslim Assasin Pimp. Theres a big difference, one is cool and one is a tool!

    Or maybe he just likes the Qaran and hes just a plain ol’ Assasin Pimp.

  • Stilts

    People assume that about Muslims when there are extremist groups in every religion. Christians have been responsible for a lot of unnecessary violence, in the name of God, through out history.

  • lollergirl

    having a copy of the qaran on his bookshelf doesn’t mean he’s muslim. i’m an atheist & i’ve got a whole shelf filled with books about religion.

    just sayin.

    – lollergirl

  • Sassenach

    Ben has reference books that help him learn how to manipulate people. Having the Quran on his shelf to gain an advantage over a person of Muslim faith is no different than him possessing the Bible if he were dealing with a Christian. It’s one of the tools he uses. Remember what Ben said to Juliette when she asked how he would get Jack to do the surgery. Something to the effect of finding his vulnerabilities and exploiting them. Knowing Sayid is a Muslim, reading the Quran would give him a leg up in having a common topic to approach or use.

    Today we have the Muslims in the lime light because of fanatics who like Ben exploit their people and anyone else they can influence. Being Muslim or a member of any religion doesn’t equal terrorism. The actions of those who perpetrate the crimes do.

    Just my 3 cents…

  • Loose

    [[David said:
    I think turning Ben into some kind of Muslim terrorist would be dangerous territory for the show to go into.]]

    Totally racist. This kind of attitude towards muslims is what encourage jihad against westerners.

  • KeepingAwake

    Ben’s a very well-educated guy, and that would include knowledge of various religions.

    And since a lot of this episode is about the battle for Sayid’s soul, it’s fitting that there would be a fleeting glimpse of a religious.

  • stu

    i agree that the comment about the quran/terrorism is lazy but when u think about it…. many different identities, different money, people trying to track him down from all over the world, commiting mass genocide, holing himself up on the island… could ben be a some sort of terrorist? not a muslim fanatic but just a highly wanted fugitive?

  • Perry

    I agree with KeepingAwake, the moment is just there to foretell the direction Sayid’s “soul” is headed. He probably hasn’t seen a Quran for months, pauses when he does see it, yet chooses to move on and not even take it off the shelf.

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