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Lost Easter Egg – 4.03 – Unlucky Charms

By docarzt,

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Did you find Sayid’s interest in the bracelet to be a bit conspicuous?  It seems that Naomi and Elsa have either the same admirer or the same boss, or both.  Who is the mysterious RG, and why does he give out so many bracelets?


  • suburban_coyote

    Just throwing this out there….

    Some quick research came up with an economist named A. Ronald Gallant, still very much alive, who specializes in non-linear time series analysis. What the heck is that?

    Well, from wiki: “Time series analysis comprises methods that attempt to understand such time series [created by data points], often either to understand the underlying theory of the data points (where did they come from? what generated them?), or to make forecasts (predictions). Time series prediction is the use of a model to predict future events based on known past events: to predict future data points before they are measured. The standard example is the opening price of a share of stock based on its past performance.”

    A bit of a stretch, but an interesting coincidence. It seems to tie the newly discovered time-warp info in with not only the epi title but also the new way Lost is telling its story.

  • VictorC

    My first thought was that Elsa and Naomi have the same boss, Abaddon. But the other 4 freighties don’t have any, right?

  • cap10tripps

    “I will always be with you.” Perhaps these bracelets are some sort of reminder that R.G. will find you if you try to abandon plans or maybe even a tracking device…

  • cap10tripps

    Another thought… Perhaps in the flash forward R.G. is the mysterious “he” Kate speaks of to Jack in their season 3 finale meeting…

  • tanside


    i just went and checked and Kate isn’t wearing a bracelet in the flash forward from the end of the finale last year. Good thought though.

  • fat jim

    not to be a killjoy…but couldn’t Sayid have just kept Naomi’s bracelet and GIVEN it to Elsa? it could just be the same bracelet, which raises interesting questions of it’s own.

  • Samfishercell

    I’m sorry…that just does not look like the same bracelet to me. It’s interesting, but I’m not going any further with that theory without some better, definitive screen caps.

  • Tim J.

    And why was it cut so that, when Sayid found Naomi’s bracelet, it distinctly seemed that he was *remembering* Ilsa’s? Or was that just my fiancee and me? Sayid seemed incredibly sad and serious about Naomi, which seems odd considering how much other death and sorrow he’s seen on the island and before it.

  • Big Momma

    I don’t think Sayid would have given Elsa a braclet that was engraved with someone else’s initials. Tacky.

    I did think it was strange how devoted he was to Naiomi’s body. At first, I thought he was being religious: he appeared to be praying before going to her body and shutting the eyes. Perhaps he thought she was Muslim as well and was just being respectful of their belief to bury the dead within 24 hours.

    However, I think he seemed a little too emotional.

  • KeepingAwake

    Suburban_Coyote! Wow! Great catch!

    I don’t think that Sayid would ever re-gift jewelry, especially not jewelry off a corpse. Yes, there are men who do that (ICK) but Sayid is too much of a romantic to even contemplate it.

    We were definitely supposed to notice that Elsa was wearing the same type of bracelet. If it is in fact Naomi’s bracelet, that would beg the question of who gave it to her, how it was recovered from Naomi, etc. I just can’t see ayid as the oe who gave it to her.

    It seems more likely that this type of bracelet is being given to and worn by many people, but why? It’s not overtly feminine, so we might even see a man wearing one down the line.

  • ScHiZi

    Could that RG be the guy standing in front to Naomi talking in a room with only a table? I think it was in EP2.

  • JJ

    Ben said he had a spy on the boat. And Sayid has secured himself a trip out on the first helicopter, and he appears he knows Naomi, and in the flash forward, he is working for Ben.Also, when Naomi was discussing the ‘team’ that was coming together with her, she was talking about the type of people that were needed for the mission, and what she was describing was more of what Sayid was capable of, and not archaeologists, ghost hunters and physicists.

    …so maybe Sayid is the spy on the boat?

  • lavaca


    who are the people on the top right image? (the man wearing the bracelet and the woman checking it)

    I can’t seem to remember this scene

    Thank you

  • Claire

    Remember that Naomi has a bit of butch about her. Perhaps the RG in question is Regina on the freighter, played by Zoe Bell.

    RG doesn’t have to be a man.