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Lost Easter Eggs – 4.11 – Cabin Fever Screencaps

By ErasedSlate,

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Got the Caps. Enjoy.  Note the Dharma Logo on the secondary protocol.

  • Jay Zabi

    Is that smokey in the drawing??

    And the orichid logo, nice.

  • tanside

    Alright history buffs, who’s the man in the photo above the Geronimo Jackson poster in Locke’s locker?

  • Nikki

    Tanside, you bring up an interesting point. I know that face…

  • Mark Buehner

    That book is interesting. I highly doubt its a legal tome.

    Ordo Templi Orientis is the name of the occult group headed by Aleister Crowley (Jimmy Page’s mentor of the occult for Zepelin fans out there). He wrote ‘the book of the law’ and his group used the fleur-de-lys as an important symbol.

    The fleur-de-lys is also related to the Egyptians where it symbolized the tree of life growing up from the netherworld to bring the word of god to earth.

    The Coptic cross is an orthodox cristian symbol related to the Egyptian Ankh (another link to the underworld) and Gnostic Christians. Basically the Egyptians and Gnostics have always been tightly connected with occultists, particularly Crowley.

    The other interpretation is that both symbols relate to the french (fleur-de-lys depicts french royalty, Occitan cross/Cross-Fleury is another French device), but the title is in English which is odd… and less interesting.

    IF this book is of any significance (and I think it is since the other objects were so generic), i think it is related to the occult, perhaps Crowley directly.

  • Chesser

    That seems like a weird font for “Laws” on the “Book of Laws” cover. The letters are faded, which doesn’t help, but the character spacing seems off to me, and the script is definitely unusual. It reminds me of mirrored writing or special scripts that read differently upside down or backwards. Does someone want to play with the image a little bit (reverse it, mirror it, etc.) and see if “Laws” becomes a different word? Of course, this is almost certainly nothing other than an old-time font.

    I’m also curious about what people think of the name of Locke’s rehab facility and high school: “Delerue Center” and “Cowin Heights,” respectively. Those are two weird names.

  • crash19446

    Is it just me or does the laws on the book of laws look like swan backwards