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Lost Easter Eggs – Meet Kevin Johnson ScreenCaps

By ErasedSlate,

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My apologies for the delay, here are the screencaps from ‘Meet Kevin Johnson.’

  • There’s a DHARMA logo under the word “Temple.” I’ve always assumed “The Temple” is a temple of some sort, perhaps some stone-columned structure built by the people who built the four-toed statue. Now I think otherwise. This map suggests that The Temple is actually a DHARMA station with the codename “The Temple,” like the Flame, Swan, Hydra, Looking Glass, Tempest, Arrow, Staff and Pearl. The name may signify what the station is for, albeit in a symbolic sense, like The Flame is for communications.

    Nice to see that Walt is Shorter Non-ghost Walt when he’s looking down from the window. Good use of computer effects.

    Does anyone recognize the comatose patient in the hospital room with Michael? He looks very familiar.

  • LovinLost

    The screencap with Claire, Aaron and Hurley is aligned so the Portrait of Ben’s Mom/Annie? is just visible over Claire’s right shoulder. I notice that Claire and the subject of the portrait are sitting in a very similar position, both with “beloved?” objects in their laps. Claire, of course, is holding Aaron. Is anyone out there able to figure out exactly what the woman in the potrait is holding in her lap?

    Also, the picture over Hurley’s left shoulder looks just like a cabin in the woods, no?

  • Angel Lady

    Can you get a close up of Libby’s name tag?

  • DarthVibbert

    Noami needs to get some crack spackle

  • time_lord

    Thats what i was thinking darth but what a nice butt crack!!!

  • theMachine

    the guy in the hospital looks like jacob no?? he looks like the guy they flash from last season. probably wrong, but they do look similar

  • ErasedSlate

    The Libby nametag says:
    Springs Hospital

    Even in HD it looses resolution on the last two lines. It might be Libby under Physician. I looked at a couple of frames trying to get the best quality.

    The guy in the hopital bed looks an awful lot like Alvar Hanso from the first ARG.

  • Mike

    Could the old man in the bed next to Michael in the hospital be Jacob?
    It kind of lokked like him. Why show and comment on in him if he had nothin to do with the show? Maybe that’s where his body is comatose while he is “stuck” in time.

  • Mike

    Also, I think Jacob is Alvar Hanso.

  • Desmundo

    The animal the woman in the painting is holding looks to be a guinea pig or large hamster. This painting was in Ben’s house as a child, so we think it may be his mother. A different website has caps of the man next to Michael in the hospital room, and he does bear a striking resemblance to Alvar. Never noticed the cabin picture in Ben’s house, cool.

  • LovinLost

    Thank you, Desmundo.

    I thought it looked like a hamster too, but then wasn’t sure, ‘cuz who has a portrait done with a hamster?
    So, anyway, does anyone else think that shot with Claire and Aaron in front of the portrait is supposed to hold a deeper meaning, with intentional parallels being insinuated, or have I officially gone LOST crazy and am starting to read way too much into EVERYTHING?
    It’s okay, be honest. ;P

  • GONZO1082

    the guy on the hospital bed is SO Alvar Hanso!! it looks just like him. but i don’t think his name/character has been mentioned on the show yet.

  • DH

    He was mentioned in one of the orientation films in season 2, but thats it.

    And yeah, he really does look like the sane actor, but that just seems to far-fetched for me. Of course, I also thought that when people where speculating about Jack and Claire being half-brother/sister, so why not?