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Lost Easter Eggs – The Painting of Ben’s Mom

By ErasedSlate,

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 This may be old news to some of you, but I really wanted to know more information about the painting of the woman in Ben’s house.  We have been throwing around the possibility that  this could be Annie or Ben’s Mom.  Whomever it is, she is important to Ben.  And there is plenty of mysteries to unravel in Lost than this painting.  However, that has never stopped any of us from obsessing about minor issues. 


s4ep08_ben.jpgFirst off, what is that mysterious thing she is holding in her lap? The image to the left comes from ‘Meet Kevin Johnson.’ There is another close up in the episode ‘The Other Woman.’ where Locke is discovering the man behind the boat. 


Some have guessed that this is a gerbil or a hamster.  They could be correct.  Even the best capture of this painting cannot give us the exact species of the critter.  However,  Ben has a thing for rabbits.  It could be because of this painting.  And the features of the creature in this painting are consistent with a baby rabbit.


The woman in the painting looks an awful lot like Juliet.  Harper made a reference to how much Juliet looks like “her.”  Could it be that this is a reference to whomever is in this picture?


Another interesting thing about the picture is that there are two versions of it (contributors at lostpedia made this discovery).  The older version (In ‘The Man from Tallahassee”) features long hair pulled in front of both shoulders.  The newer version has hair behind the left shoulder.  The last time that there was a prop change like this, it was with the picture of Desmond an Penny (before Sonya Walger won the part of Penny).


Older Painting

New Version

Ben’s Mom

s3ep13_ben.jpg s4ep06_ben.jpg s3ep20_benb.jpg

Finally, the painting appears in ‘The Man Behind the Curtain’ when Ben was a child. So, it was most likely painted by Roger Linus.  This must also mean that it is painting of Ben’s mom. 


  • shmy

    Eww, it makes sense, but eww. I wished it could be Annie, just so this whole Juliet/Ben thing could be a little less disturbing.

  • *Chello*

    Could the critter be a dormouse *strokes chin* along with the other references with Alice In Wonderland?

  • tecwzrd

    Could be a baby rabbit, Degu, Chinchilla, or Dormouse. Personally I think “what” it is will have no meaning in the Lost world in the end but it’s fun to speculate 😀

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    I’d say Chinchilla, but the Alice in Wonderland reference above is interesting too!

    I think its obvious that Ben is attacted to women that resemble his mom. Most men are, actually. Freud (sp?) was right on the money with that one.

  • Erin

    I’m sorry but I still cannot buy it. The woman in the picture looks like neither Ben’s Mom nor Juliet. It cannot be Annie either. It just looks like some random woman to me.

  • Ms Dee

    Maybe it’s a rat like “Ben” in Willard LOL

  • autochthonous

    It can’t be just some random person. If it’s in the house when Ben was a child, it has to have meaning to him, or more likely, his father. Being that this show is all about parental interactions and issues with family, I would agree with ErasedSlate that it must be his mother. Roger was a failed artist perhaps? Took to drinking because his muse perished?

  • UMMO

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    Any intelligent person will understand that the rabbit did not travel mysteriously through the air, and that it was two identical rabbits.

  • Jen

    You know, everyone says Juliet and Ben’s mom look alike, but I don’t see it. And I totally don’t see the supposed resemblance between Juliet and Jack’s ex, either. I always thought Juliet looked more like Penny.

  • elsie

    My bet is that the woman is Karen DeGroot. It resembles her as much as or more than it does Ben’s mother, and it has a late 60’s hairstyle. What average woman poses for a formal portrait with a rodent in her lap? But for DeGroot to do that would simply mean that this is a professional portrait designed to showcase her as a scientist and founder of the DI. Also, it looks to have been painted in a tropical setting, and Ben’s mother was never on the jungle. There may be a painting of one of the DeGroots or Alvar Hanso in every cottage – not a strange thing for a commune devoted to a set of ideals laid out by founders to whom some loyalty is expected.

  • Matt

    Hows this for a twist. AT the beginning of season 3 Ben says to Jack ( Regarding Juliet) ” She’s just like” Jack asks who. Ben says “Your ex wife.”(Sara)

  • There’s something else going on with the rodent. We already saw a test rat in Faraday’s lab. We also saw that the Swan Station set up its inhabitants as test animals.

    Have a look at this picture; the one on the right has Locke in the position of the rodent. Perhaps Locke is the next lab rat.

  • CJ

    Why does it have to be his Mom? I think it’s more likely someone further up the family tree, Ben’s grandmother perhaps….

  • Esteban

    Notice Claire and Aaron’s position related to the painting’s layout. I think Aaron is the Island’s guinea pig in regards of going out of it without having “side effects” or not needing a constant to survive.

  • milo

    It makes the most sense that it’s his mom. It was painted while Annie was a kid, so it’s not her. And I doubt it would be some random woman. If his mom died when he was born, doesn’t it make perfect sense that they’d have a big picture of her in the house? And it looks reasonably like the actress who played his mom (as best we can tell, especially since they changed the pic later on).

    Also, if it was just a random woman, there’s no reason they would have updated the picture since it wouldn’t have to look like anyone.

    Along the same lines, it makes sense that Juliet looks like his mom and not Annie. I think people want to see the character Annie again so bad that it’s clouding their judgement. Few topics seem to get people as wacky on theories as “Annie is Juliet/Sarah/Penny/Charlotte/etc”. Never mind that most have a different hair color and accent.

  • emilyo

    I think the rodent definitely looks like a hamster, and maybe refers to the joke Ben made to Locke – when Locke asked, “How do you get electricity?”, Ben responded, “We have two giant hamsters running in a massive wheel at our secret underground lair–“. Could have been 100% sarcasm, or he could have some fixation with hamsters…

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