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Lost – Oceanic ‘Golden Pass’ Announcement

By docarzt,

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  • Nikki

    Whoa, I didn’t see that the first time!! Thanks for posting.

  • technoprep

    Whoa…I soooo want a Golden Pass…can you help a girl out with that, Arzt-ie?!?!?!

  • All Hail Mikhail

    It all feels so anti-climactic…there’s got to be more…

  • autochthonous

    How does it feel anti-climactic, All Hail Mikhail?

  • jojo323

    I think I agree with Hail Mikhail, I have to say I’m a little miffed that turned out not to be a long commercial to watch “Lost” but to watch “Eli Stone”. Although maybe it turns out that it wasn’t just a five week game and now things continue on the maxwell site. With the first ARG they told us exactly how long it was in press releases and we knew about the whole game a month in advance. This one it was really kind of cloak-and-dagger and we had like what two days notice.