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Lost – ‘The Economist’ Screencap

By ErasedSlate,

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  • ben’s passport says his name is Dean Moriarty…

    Like James Moriarty, the evil professor from the Sherlock Holmes mysteries.

    Very cool.

  • fat jim

    can we get a screencap of the island itself at the end? Lindelof said it was important.

  • fat jim:

    Here is a screen cap of the island at the end but I dont see anything…

  • Is it just me or does Elsa resemble Shannon quite a bit? Especially in the first shots during their chat in the restaurant it appeared to me.

    And btw, why do they always have to use weird names (“Elsa” is rather an old name in German) in foreign languages and why can’t they use German actors for German persons and Australians accordingly to get the accents right? It’s just weird seeing a German lady speaking a perfect English … (and hearing waiters with a really bad German)

  • elaine

    besides, they keep using the wrong brazilian passport…

    brazil should be written “brasil”

    and passport, “passaporte”

  • elaine

    please erase my previous comment
    the computer here entered a name it was not supposed to.

  • Pong

    Fat Jim-

    I don’t recall seeing this shot when I watched the show. The picture of the island shows an object that I assumed to be a buoy floating in the water. After looking closely, it appears that it is floating in the air above the water. Can you see the shadow below it? Is it the helicopter? Forgive me it was obviously the helicopter as I mentioned already, I didn’t see the shot when it aired.

  • dsmack

    Look at the island “graphic” at the tail end of LOST just before or after they run previews for the next weeks episode. The reflection in the water shows a city skyline – not the island as you would expect. I’ve only noticed this over the last few episodes of this season.