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LOST Explained with Post-It Notes

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  • MIB Pants

    that was…something

  • Beena

    For those who can not afford cable, internet, or dvd’s, the post-it note version is now available (laughing).

    • KJJ

      LMFAO! You have made my day.

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  • dd

    His explanation isn’t even true. MIB didn’t kill a lot of people and cause a lot of people to kill themselves or each other. That’s simply untrue. In point of fact, MIB is responsible for very few deaths on the series.

    • brlebu

      MIB killed: Mother, Eko, Widmore, Zoe, all of the Temple Others, Bram and the other guys who came into Jacob’s home after Jacob’s death and probably a few more I can’t think of

      MIB caused the deaths of: Sun, Jin, Sayid, Locke, Jacob, and probably a few more I can’t think of…

      • brlebu

        Correction: Ben killed Widmore. My mistake.

        • Mike

          MIB killed Lost – it was about the time he showed up that everything started going down hill fast LOL

          • Jenn

            It was when they got stuck in Dharmaville that everything went to hell, imo.

          • Roland

            I’d say negotiating an end date truly was the beginning of the end. Sure, we got a fairly cool Season 4, but looking back, apart from a few great Episodes (The Constant, Shape of things to come, LaFleur, The Incident, LA X) that’s what killed Lost.

    • Beena

      We can probably assume that he caused all the deaths of those candidates (whose names were crossed off the cave wall) long before 815 crashed on the island.

      But I think Keamy may have done MIB “one better” in terms of the amount of people he killed. A whole fricking freighter full of people!

    • dd

      Who is the fake dd?

      • bplenc

        fishbiscuit or monique or brian – there could be so many possibilities!

  • Benjamin

    This makes me laugh so much. Just because actually does manage to pull off recapping the entire series in 3 minutes.

    • fronald

      Yep and he managed to do it just like the creators did by ignoring 85% of the story!

      • Mikey T

        85%? Really? You sure it wasn’t 86 or 87? Are you one of those who was disappointed we didn’t find out why pregnant women were dying? Nearly ever important character had closure so how can you say 85% was ignored. I’m so sick of this shit. The list of what we found out was much more important than the list of minor things we didn’t. We found out the origin of Jacob/MIB, the Black Rock, Richard and his immortality, the whispers, essentially what the Island was, why the Losties were brought there, the smoke monster’s origin, and the identity of Adam and Eve. What more do some of you want? Ok, we didn’t find out much about Walt, Aaron, or the food drops, but really I think these were minor questions in comparison.

        • Josh

          “I’m so sick of this shit”… hahaha, wow… really… lol

          • domcruise

            “I’m so sick of this shit” haha!! that made me chuckle.

          • johr77

            the point being, why bring up plot lines that are not going to get fair time?

            the way this show ended, i could have watched the pilot and a very few shows then the final and the whole story could have been told.

            why did the filler stuff have to be full of mysteries?

        • dedal

          Really?, I’ve only seen Jackasses closure, maybe you were watching a different show…

          • Mikey T

            Nope, I watched the same show I’m afraid. Maybe you don’t understand closure in a storytelling sense. The point is this story we witnessed was the part of the character’s lives and their journey that was the most important. This was the part of their lives that we were told, and we are expected as reasonably intellegent viewers to fill in the blanks in the end after the dust has settled. The majority of books and movies end this way last time I checked. “And they lived happily ever after…” has been used a time or two if I’m not mistaken. You still want closure? Okay, I’ll help you out and name a few character closures for you that you may have missed while you were “watching”. Locke, Jin, Sun, Sayid, Jacob, MIB, Juliet, Ilana, and Widmore. They all died. I would call that a bit of closure wouldn’t you? As far as THIS story’s expanded closure, Kate, Sawyer, Miles, Richard, Lapidus, Claire, Hurley, Ben, Desmond, Rose, and Bernard all essentially finished their “journey” and returned to a reasonably normal life after. We are left to assume Ajira 316 landed safely, Desmond went home to Penny, and Hurley, Ben, Rose, and Bernard lived out their remaining days on the island. See, it wasn’t so hard to understand now was it? If you actually think Jack was the “only” character to have closure, maybe you were the one “watching” a different show. Sorry to slam you so hard but you couldn’t be more wrong.

          • dedal

            Locke had closure… yeah, right.
            Jin/Sun reunited after 3 seasons just to die an hour later and leave a daughter behind -> closure fail.
            Sayid’s was as good as it gets i guess. It still sucks he reunited with Shanon in the afterlife, Nadia was the love of his life.
            As for the rest of the ‘died’ list, I don’t really give a damn about them, though Jacob/MIB story turned out to be a big pile of crap (I don’t even wanna mention Richard).
            The afterlife thingy was, well plain ridiculous. Jack is the Mother Theresa of Lost, ok we get the point, they didn’t have to waste half of the season to slam this in our faces.

            Now the most important character, and the reason most of us watched the show in the first place – the Island had no closure at all. It doesn’t get to suck more then this. If I was interested in a crappy soap opera, I’d watch something from Brazilian production.

            I could probably keep listing the reasons for an hour or two, but this is a comment section and this is turning into an article so I’m going to stop typing now. You have your opinion, and I respect it, just don’t expect everyone to agree with you.

    • Juliets Muffins

      I can sum up the plot of 2001 in 30 seconds. It doesn’t mean anything.

  • In the Dale

    I thought it was wonderful!

  • Handsome Smitty

    Lost was really about “the way the story was told.”

    I don’t think you guys are getting the point of his video at all…. I mean, he gave you the point at the end (hence, quote). But he’s contrasting that with the postits. As much as the final season was a let down for many, it still beats the postit storytelling technique.

  • Guliana

    I always figured the Island boiled down to a thin square yellow piece of paper that I got stuck on.

  • ashcards

    i liked it. The hurley picture was the best!

  • Bezmina

    holy crap I just read Fishy’s summary and if I’m honest my heart is sad that she hated it so much. Gutted. Sorry I know it’s not the place to comment on it but Doc and FB have been the 1st people I have turned to on every episode for so long and read FB’s summary well it’s realy bloody sad that someone who enhanced my viewing and enjoyment of the show so much ended up so pissed about it.
    I am sorry you felt that way FB. Truly.
    I know not everyone liked the finale but I really didn’t think it sucked that hard, I enjoyed it for what it was. I think I might sign out of all the Lost sites now. What a shame.
    See later you smashers, it’s been lovely.
    p.s. who knew Dark was such a tool? I think I need to defriend him.
    Cheers Doc x

  • Chris

    so how does time travel figure in to all that

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  • MIB killed Lost – it was about the time he showed up that everything started going down hill fast LOL

  • It’s funny you should come up with this since I was just thinking about it the other day. You’ve depicted my views exactly.