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LOST Fans Vote Ben Linus Best Villain

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This in from Titan re the new LOST magazine that is released today in the US:

Lost Magazine

Ben Linus wins best Lost Bad Guy
Readers of and Lost Magazine have voted Ben Linus as the show’s top Bad Guy.

The shadowy character, played by the Emmy award-winning Michael Emerson, was first introduced in season two, when he initially pretended to have been stranded on the island after his hot air balloon crashed.

However, Ben was soon revealed to be the leader of the Others, and his later evil deeds included kidnapping Jack, Sawyer and Kate, attempting to kill Penelope, and killing Locke. But, of course, the distinction between heroes and villains is never clear-cut on Lost, and there are times when Ben seems almost sympathetic, particularly when we see his childhood in season five.

Ethan and Charles Widmore received the second and third amount of votes, while there were also votes for Juliet, Sawyer, Locke, Jack and er, Vincent the dog.

The new villains-themed issue of Titan Publishing’s official Lost Magazine is released on 13 October 2009 (US) and 29 October 2009 (UK).