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LOST Finale Clip – “The Incident”

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Here is some raw behind the scenes footage from “The Incident.”  Obviously it is a bit spoilerish, but I’d classify it more as a tease – no big reveals.

  • Jeremy Locke

    Could you post a link Doc because this isn’t working for me

  • cool clip

  • Shaun

    Well, that’s no surprise about Eloise… You can hear Charles mention “your condition” in last night’s episode, followed by a hand to the belly. It just confirms what we already knew.

    VERY COOL clip nonetheless! For me, the big thing here is finding out that Daniel never intended to detonate the whole bomb… This is a good thing to know, as a lot of people have been critical about the whole bomb thing, which, admittedly, sounds insane on the surface. Now we know that the plan, while still dangerous, isn’t quite as crazy as we first thought.

  • mike

    Got me thinking that the island will become radioactive, if ever so slightly, causing the pregnancy problems later on.

  • JB

    I’m a little disappointed that someone of Jack’s intelligence would just blindly accept this as being a good idea (and sayid for that matter, but clearly he is still not thinking straight after nadia’s death-based on his decision to become an assasign for the very man he tortured & swore off as his enemy while on the island)…

    I don’t buy Jack’s sudden surrender to fate and disregard for any logic whatsoever! I’m sorry, but a “man of science” does not just abandon his whole belief/value system like that without more hard evidence…After all of the totally bizarro things that he’s experienced, the thing that finally gets him to question his beliefs and consider destiny/fate is the fact that they all somehow ended up on the same ajira airline flight in epi 316? He remarks to Kate in this episode how it totally “meant something” that they all just happened manage to get together and get on that flight back to the island…really? THAT was what did it & finally convinced him to adopt this locke-ian attitude for his tenure with the DI in 77?

    And how can Richard be the only voice of reason in this…he has to be the one who questions the logic of this detonation plan? if he didn’t think it was a good idea, why did he swim down there in the first place?

    Not to mention, that setting off a nuke on an island can’t possibly be good for Ellie’s peeps…even if she believes it will undo what she’s done or somehow change things, if she is even a slightly bit intelligent, she has to figure there would be major side effects from nuclear radiation, no? she is the constant voice of reason (sacrificing her own son for the majority of her life in the future), so where is any glimpse of intelligence now in her thinking???
    (sorry for the long rant…I had to get it out…its been building up for awhile!)

    • Charlie’s Ghost

      I’m with you JB. too much of a sudden change from one extreme to another.

    • It has been my experience that intelligence is not universal. It is completely acceptable that a brilliant spinal surgeon could be naive when it comes to time travel.

      • Absolutely. My GF is a neurosurgeon, and the description fits

      • neoloki

        I agree. just because some one is a surgeon does not make them a genius or even extraordinarily intelligent about anything other than what they have spent their life doing. Doctors even more so when they have to spend as much time as they do in medical school and then residency.

        There are a myriad of different ways to be intelligent and the same can be said for being stupid.

    • Ament

      It is starting to make sense with his abrupt change I mean he had always went against Locke and Jack being level headed who believed to no end he was right ended up being wrong, and instead of simply crashing on an island when aboard Ajira he flashed back 30 years. The button in the hatch he was against when Locke was gung-ho in making sure it got pushed, the Freighter “beginning of the end” locke was right and Jack went against it.

      Jack then spent 3 years thinkin, drinkin, and regretting. To solidify his regret he gets a note “to believe”. So on faith he puts his dad’s shoes on John which IMO symbolizes Jack ready to believe. As they all board Ajira you gotta figure Jack thinks alright i’m ready for a crash when instead the island pulls him from the plane and flashes him back 30 years. If that doesn’t make him convinced that the island is special or in destiny than not much else would….and after being a patient laid back “workman” he’s ready to believe destiny, purpose, and that he plays a role. Faraday got him syked.

  • accessoire

    I defintely think it is possible to change from a “man of science” to a “man of fate” for jack. I guess the reason for this is that Jack was always doubting it but there were at least two things that made him believe.

    First: One huge island disappeared in front of him. The man of fate (John) must have been right about everything he said.

    Second: I think Jack finally kind of understood what the island does. The island heals people. They body and moreover the soul of the people. It is pure salvation from your past. (Funny that the island has much to do with time)

  • JB

    But he didn’t believe it when the island literally disappeared in front of his eyes…it took 3 years for him to be convinced…hurley (I think) says to him “I can’t believe he did it…locke moved the island” and Jack snaps back “he didn’t do anything” (not exact quotes, but close enough)…even having Locke end up in his hospital as a patient 3 years after the horrible events of their last day on island was not enough proof (immediately, anyway…he did seem to plant the seeds of doubt since Jack shortly after this encounter steadily unwound & stopped shaving/became the drunken mess professing the need to “go back”)…He witnessed so many things during those 108 days while there that could have provided mounting evidence that things were quite “special” about the island.

    • awesomeedman

      Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he time traveled 30 years into the past.

      • awesomeedman

        Not to mention Locke mentioning Jack’s dead father… whom Locke should have no knowledge of whatsoever. That message clearly had an impact on Jack.

        • spinflip

          Yeah, and he actually saw his father’s ghost several times, once off the island. I can imagine that this would be very… impressive.

      • JB psydoc

        he finally started admitting things were strange once he was on the ajira plane (before he jumped 30 years into the past)

        • awesomeedman

          Yeah, but remember when he was putting Christian’s Shoes on Locke before the flight? He still thought Locke was crazy. Then after time traveling, he told Kate straight up that he was wrong about John.

    • Jack’s a smart guy but he’s always been very emotional.
      I don’t know that “Man Of Science” was ever a good title for him.
      He was absolutely more on the side of logic than Locke, but he’s never taken a true evidence-based approach to what’s going on around him.
      He’s simply been in denial.
      Unfortunately, I don’t think skepticism is represented well on this show.
      It is what it is.

  • ax

    it says its no longer available 🙁

    • ax

      cancel that, i missed think link posted

      • ax

        i fail at typing

    • No, it’s gone.

  • adam118

    Seems like Sayid had been following/spying on Jack Kate and Faraday the whole time.

  • dani2066

    Does anyone but me believe Whatever Happened, Happened? Everything that they have tried to change-they didn’t. They just did what already happened in the past. So if Jack is going to try and do something with the bomb it is probably only going to be what already happened which is what caused the Swan station to have to enter the numbers. Which is kinda funny that Jack didn’t believe in entering the numbers and he’s probably the one that caused it all to happen.

    • Flash Forward

      I was just discussing this with someone! No one is real clear on what “the incident” really was. All they know is that there is an explosion at the swan station. So we don’t know if the bomb was detonated there or if it was something with the electromagnetism itself. I think Jack is the cause of the incident. It’s just a little too ironic…don’t cha think?

    • “Whatever Happened, Happened”? What are you talking about?

  • m-lost

    Does anyone think that maybe Richard maybe Faraday’s real dad?

    • neoloki

      Widmore is Dan’s father.