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LOST “Follow The Leader” Preview Clips

By docarzt,

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Here we are with the first (?) look at “Follow The Leader,”  with an amazing 5 spoilerific clips.  I’m not watermarking them so if you use them, you’re on the honor system – please give creds.

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  • dc

    Hurley – awesome as usual.

    • hurleyfries

      there’s a sixth one….where radzinsky is interrorgating la fleur slapping him up a little but sawyer cool as ice holds his own and refuses to tell him where kate and jack went.

  • lockeheart

    yeah that first hurley clip was hysterical. Also who was that guy who got off the horse and pointed the gun at kate. It might be a nobody but kate was looking at him like she knew him. Tom maybe?

    • dolce

      I think Tom also.

      • Heidi

        Don’t think its Tom. I’m gonna say that OTHER OTHER (sorry couldn’t resist) guy has the same accent as Desmond, I vote for new info on Desmond having been born to an other as well.

    • Yelwrose

      That was Charles Widmore. Remember, it’s 1977.

      • dolce

        Not him, the other guy on the horse. There were two.

        • JJStrange

          Yes! it did look like Kate recognized him! Can’t wait!!

          • hurleyfries

            i like the idea of it being kind looked like a hippy version of him..but the best part is where will he fitt into the love quadrangle?

  • Aloe

    Poor Jack 🙁

  • Hipster Doofus

    Now I am TOTALLY READY for this finale stuff. I had this feeling like there wasn’t a lot of purpose this season. As usual, the Lost writers have saved the best stuff for last. Nobody ends a season like Lost.

    Also, Doc, did the donations help?

  • Hipster Doofus

    Also, “I watched them all die.” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

    This is insane.

    • lockeheart

      I have a purpose now!!! What the hell is locke up to. Im beginning to believe locke definitly has something to do with the incident. Maybe it is not jack and them but locke who will cause the incident.

      • Kermet

        I’m still with Charlie (Pace) in the belief that Locke will be the one that ends up saving all of them.

        • lockeheart

          Yeah maybe jack and co. did die as richard said. Locke is so special because he is going to stop that from happining. that is his purpose

      • JJStrange

        While being in 2007?

  • Mike

    “Gerald Ford!!!!!!!!!!” Didn’t you learn anything eating off the laminated table covers at Santa Rosa????

    • CelticFan96

      Gerald Ford lost to Jimmy Carter in the 1976 election.

      • Mike

        Ford’s presidency ended in 77 Carters began in 77. I didn’t know what month they were in on the island 🙂

        Or maybe I went back and changed the election. Ford was re-elected.

        • tecwzrd

          If only that was true, Carter was one of the worst :0

        • CelticFan96

          Didn’t we hear somewhere that they are in December ’77?

  • Matthew Perry

    Is this the first time since good old Ethan came to town back in S1 that Jack had his ass kicked? Good times, my friends.

    The final three hours sound like they’re going to be mindblowing.

    • BenLinus

      Right on, MP, loved seeing his jackass-ness getting punted, excellent way to start a Lost episode. Thank you very much Darlton.

  • lockeheart

    who is the centric character in this episode? I heard a while ago it was richard, but after these clips i cant imagine it not being locke.

    • Justin

      It’s titled ‘Follow the Leader’ and the description says Locke consolidates his leadership of the Others, so I’d assume Locke will be the focus.

      • Michel

        I’d say Richard. Look at the title again. He’s meant to guide the leader to the cups, but he’s bound to serve and follow him. Richard has seen all kinds of leaders in the Island. Locke is probably the last and most special of them. So we’re probably going to witness the story of the Island and its leaders… through the eyes of Richard.

      • redondofuentes

        lets count the leaders we will see in this episode…

        circa 1977

        circa 2007

        hmm… without knowing for sure or not with Candle… Richard is the common thread with them all.

  • dolce

    Hurley-hlarious as always.

    Richard: ” I watched them all die…”-Wow!

    Locke: ” I have a purpose now…”- Can’t wait.

    Jack- No matter what you do Jack, everything is inevitable.

    Also, does anyone else think Richard was building a model of the Black Rock? And if so, does this possibly confirm that he was on board as some have theorized? Personally I do hope that it’s not the case, as I believe he’s been on the island much longer than the Black Rock.

    • lockeheart

      Maybe he was on the island before the black rock, left, and then returned via the black rock. How sweet would it be if in the beginning of the episode we see Richard and the Black Rock crash on the island, only to see richcard emerge from the wreckage and proclaim, “im back”. In typical lost fasion this would answer one question while creating a dozen more

    • Thor

      We did see Richard in the woods wearing pirate-like clothes when he met young Ben. Seems weird, because we know now that he always wears normal clothes, and we’ve never witnessed the others arranging costume parties..

  • WOW that was nuts. See, Hurley was right to be paranoid that they’d ask him who the current president was XD SOMEONE SHOULD HAVE TOLD HIM SO HE’D BE PREPARED lol.

    Watched them all die?? HOLY SHIT.

    I don’t understand why Jack wants to change everything that happened. Come on. Even if you had more bad than good, its still a part of who you are. Why would you just want to wipe a part of who you are? Doesn’t matter, you can’t change it anyway.

    • Alaine

      Because Jack is a “fixer.” He is compelled to fix the situation, be damned the consequences. I don’t think Jack has changed that much.

    • Andrew

      don’t forget that right before ben found him he was all pilled up and suicidal. that’s pretty much the ultimate in trying to wipe out who you were/are. i’m not a psychiatrist but i’d be willing to bet there’s a link there. unfortunately it doesn’t mesh well with the new, waiting-for-a-purpose jack mentality, so… i got nothing.

    • wnt2kno

      Jack’s life is the only one that seems like it would be better if the crash had not occurred. AND i also hope a part of him may be concerned about the couple of hundred people who died in the crash too.

      This may be to point out how different he still is from Locke. John told a story early in the season how everything that happened led him to where he is today and he wouldnt change any of it.

      Jack may not appreciate the whole janitor thing.

  • Mike

    Anytime Jack gets his ass kicked is quality TV!

  • clueless1der


    Jack is really the biggest megalomaniac in the history of the world. God, he sucks.

    • Ummm

      I’ll bet Charlie thinks Jack’s plan is decent, not too mention Ana Lucia, Walt, Michael, etc.

      • Michel

        LOL. Ditto.

    • Seabiscuit


      He’s the only one who would really benefit at all from preventing 815 from crashing. Locke would still be paralyzed, Rose would die of cancer, Bernard would lose the woman he loved, Charlie and Claire would never have met and he’d still be a junkie and she would have given up her son, Kate would go to prison (no Aaron or Jack or repentant mother this time), Sawyer would still be conning women and ruining lives, Desmond would still be stuck in the hatch, Ji-Yeon would never have been born, Sun would still be stuck in a miserable marriage, Jin would never have become a better man, the list goes on and on.

      All Jack cares about is getting back to being a successful spinal surgeon.

      • Heidi

        Now that is a very interesting observation. Good one. Jack may be the only person who didn’t get over the daddy issues thing and become a better person.

      • Ummm

        This clearly isn’t a popular view on this site, but if Jack only cared about being a successful spinal surgeon, why’d he come back to the island at all?

        I HOPE he doesn’t stop the flight from crashing, cuz it renders, most of what we’ve been watching for the last 5 years, obsolete. That being said, I can see his argument for doing so. Dozens and dozens of people have died since the crash. Yeah Charlie might still be a junkie… but he might be alive too. And Claire? Who knows where she is, alive or dead.

        For just as many negative effects that it might have on the survivors, there’s PLENTY of positives it would have on the dead. Being alive for starters.

        • jackfan

          Jack is the best character on the show.

  • professorstotch

    Just a thought about something here…

    Remember back in season three, I believe it was Danny Pickett who said something about Jack not even being on Jacob’s list. What if Jacob’s list is essentially the people they see die in 1977? Hmmm…

    • dolce

      I too remember someone telling Jack that he was’nt even on the list. However I actually watched the s3 finale last night and the list that Michael had clearly had Jack’s name on it along with Kate, Sayid, and Hurley. Was this a different list than Jacob’s list? Was Jack an add-on by Ben because he knew he had the tumor and that Jack was a surgeon? I can’t remember exactly.

      • cyhunter

        That’s a different “list”.

        The list Bea Klugh gives to Michael basically amounts to short-term marching orders. The plan was to get Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley so they would be in their cache of manipulation:

        -Jack because he’s a surgeon and they need to fix Ben’s back;

        -Sawyer and Kate because they know they will need emotional variables to manipulate Jack into doing the surgery with;

        -and Hurley, because by that point in the show he was established as a kind of go-between betwixt the “A-team” and the other, civilian survivors. He was unlikely to try playing hero (this was pre-hit-and-run Dharma Bus Hurley), and the people back at the beach would listen to what he would say.

        As for Jacob’s list, all we know is:

        In “I Do”, Danny Pickett mentioned that “Shephard wasn’t even on Jacob’s list”.

        In “Par Avion”, Mikhail states that Kate is not on the list because she is “flawed”; Sayid is not on the list because he is “weak and frightened”; and Locke is not on the list because he is angry.

        Later, in “The Other Woman”, Ben doesn’t specifically say he is talking about Jacob’s list, but it is implied when he says “who are we to argue with who is on the list?” to Juliet in response to her concerns about taking Zach and Emma from the tail-section survivors. ” – (Lostpedia)

        • Dolce

          Thanks, sometimes I don’t feel like researching every detail.

  • ashlie

    Wow – so psyched for tomorrow now! So much for being spoiler free! Maybe I’ll resist for the finale, but not likely! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode!

  • Hey, what do you know? I was right!
    I mean! Hah! I told you so!

    • “Newly resurrected Locke finds his way to the big Island and finally catches back up with Richard. Richard asks Locke what happened to him when he pulled that vanishing act after returning from the Orchid. Locke tells him all about his Excellent Adventure and about leaving the Island and dying. Locke tells Richard about being shot by Ethan and being patched up by Richard. Richard doesn’t remember this happening, because it hasn’t happened yet, so he goes hang out by the Drug plane every night until one night he finds a wounded John Locke. He removes the bullet from Locke’s leg, gives him the compass, tells him that he needs to get his friends back and to do that he is going to have to die.”

      From here March 30th 2009.

      • Iwantmykidneyback

        I immediately realized that as well. good call! I’ve been waiting to see if you were right.

    • horselover

      I wonder if they’ll explicitly mention two compasses. It would be cool if Locke said something to Richard like “make sure you give me the newer one.”

  • Landry B.

    I can never watch these on your site Doc…not sure why…they never load and from time to time crash my computer…something about this format I guess…any suggestions ya’ll?

    • Try Youtube

      • Landry B.

        Ah! They weren’t up yet when I checked before lunch…thanks bunches!!

  • Did anyone else laugh their butt off when Jack expresses his newfound hope that Daniel and his plan are the saviours of the future, and then BLAM!! Dead Dan.
    Poor Jack.

    • dolce

      I had more of a “D’oh!” moment.

  • meems

    Yes I loved how they tied in the foreshadowing of Hurley’s paranoia that they would ask him who the president was in ’77.

    And… I watched them all DIE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?! OH MY GOSH!

    I can’t wait.

    • jackfan

      Richard could be lying. Just a thought.

  • JJStrange

    Alright dude we’re from the future, sorry-lmfao hahaha I love it! best line

  • With how unenthusiastic Kate is about changing things, I can’t help but wonder if she turns on Jack in the finale. Sure, no crash obviously means no Jack and no Sawyer in her life, but no crash also means plenty of jail time.

    Still, in the end, I’m thinking they blip back to the future just as the incident occurs, leaving everyone (Alpert-included) to believe them dead.

  • Maybe when richard says, “I watched them all die” he thinks they are dead, but they actually just re-appeared on 815

  • Damn, what an awesome collection of clips! Despite benig a little let down by last week’s episode, I’m now even more psyched about tomorrow’s episode! And then it’s another gruelling week until the finale!

  • WAIT, do you think maybe the Losties in 1977 actually never make it back to the present and die in the Purge, and that’s what Richard meant? 😯

  • seamus

    does locke not have to travel back in time to tell richard to find him and tell him eathen shot him.

    why have people it in for jack. this is the least fatalistic he has been this season. he thinks he’s doing something positive and constructive. kate sounds selfish to me, not that she disbelieves its possible but that she doesn’t want to sacrafice her own experiences for the good of the many.

    • Dolce

      Locke already did travel back in time in one of the many flashes from early in the season. At the point where Ethan shoots him, from Ethan’s point of view, he has never encountered John before. He was shot by Ethan simply for being a strange intruder in the Other’s territory. Ethan does’nt need to be told to shoot anyone, it’s just the order in which events occured.

  • seamus

    sorry, grammers shit. richard tended to johns wounds when eathen shot him. when asked how he know, richard said, because you told me. richard aslo gave john a watch so that past richard would recognise it etc

    so either locke traveled into the future during the flashes which is possible and he tells richard about it and be ready or he traveled back in time and he has to tell richard eathens going to shoot me, bring a fist aid kit and a watch.

    aslo another point. topic up the page can people come on and of ‘the list’ by list as i understand it, it’s people who are fit to join the others. MR Echo was getting kidnapped his first night on the island, i thaught he was on the list and he killed the two people who came for him. then the smoke monster judged him and he died so of the list then? maybe. loche wasn’t on the list, now he’s the leader, so presume things can change. so just because jack wasn’t on the list maybe it doesn’t mean that he will never be on the list.

    • Andrew

      maybe he told him in an (unshown) conversation back in Jughead.

  • lockeheart

    my god i can not wait until this episode. I have watched the first and the fourth clip like 10 times. I always regret watching these while im watching the episode but i just cant help myself.

  • Adam

    I’m like Eloise right now… I just have no clue where this is gonna go. I have never been in a situation like this with Lost, I usually have an Idea what might happen but I have watched this season over again and I have no idea what is going to happen!!! Like when charlie died in season 3, I kinda saw that coming cus they were all like, “youre gonna die Charlie.” (obvious) but now anything could happen! I know Faraday died but I just have a feeling that he wont be the only one. I’m just hoping its not who I think it is. But I just can’t wait. Plus, I know Radzinsky “kills himself” but I kinda wish someone would kick his ass or kill him! That’s just me.

    • lockeheart

      I dont know. I think i kinda love Radzinsky. I have a feeling he’s going to play a bigger part in the incident then we might think considering his affiliation with the swan. I could see him as the variable that would be foiling jack and co. plan, instead of horace or somebody. I am actually hoping hes still alive and will somehow play a role in the coming war. He would make a great, crazy, sadistic, villian for the final season.

      • adam118

        Radzinsky looks like Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder.

    • Mr_Rob

      Thats a good point. In fact I bet he does interfere which than causes lots of deaths from the incident. Than perhaps this in turn leads to him blowing his brains out in the Swan from overwhelming guilt.With a parting thought similar to Locke’s letter… I wish I had believed them.

  • seamus

    what if richard is right and they do all die 30 years ago but by dieing compleate faradays plan which means no hatch crash etc. all the characters where coonected somehow before the island and that connection is the basis for the next sason.

  • I want Tom and Nicole back together!!!

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