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LOST Live – Giacchino Rehearses

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Here is some rehearsal clips from tonight’s live concert at UCLA. Sad but true story: my place on the red carpet was reserved, ticked and all. I coulda’ been there. I coulda been a contender! But alas, I have contracted some nastiness which I will not disclose, but I will say that I now know what to wish upon my worst enemies. The good news is the one and only Ty Mattson will be representing – can’t wait to see what happens. I just got the list of who is going to be there, and believe me… it’s a who’s who of the LOST cast past and present. Keep your eyes open for Ty’s report.

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  • rodmanrc

    Do you know if portions of this concert will show up on the Season 6 DVD release, like the one which showed up on the Season 3 DVD release? That was one of my favorite bonus features, and for all of us who can’t be there, a bonus feature on a future DVD release is our only chance to see it.

    • Ed-Mars

      I wish I could buy Giacchino’s Lost creations in some lossless format. MP3, AAC and even audio discs just don’t cut it.

  • lostfanboy16

    I didnt know that they were showing next weeks episode.

  • Steven

    I went, it was awesome! They did have cameras filming, so I can bet that at least some of it will be on the Season 6 DVD. And yes, they did show next week’s episode. Pretty damn good!

  • Fustrate

    Michael Emerson reading Neil’s message in a bottle from Season 1 was hilarious… “You shoulda hugged me more… and I hated that cat!”

  • I was there last night as well. It was incredible. Really a once in a lifetime experience. To watch the next episode with the cast on a huge screen with a room full of super-fans was so much fun. I look forward to Ty’s report.

  • great season for lost. you can watch the full on

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  • Tommie Mamon