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The Merlboro Man’s “Breaking Lost” 412 Part One

By MerlboroMan,

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“Lost 412 Pt. 1 – No Place Like Home”


There’s a little white porch – and you wanted it so – Can you let me go down – to the end of the road/ In the black and the white – a technicolorful life – Can I stand by your side – we can make it alright/ Like home.

‘Cause I’m home – There’s a little white porch – and you wanted it so – can you let me go down – to the end of the road/In the black and the white – a technicolorful life – then another arrived – it’s a cowardly lion.

What I want from this world – what I wanna resolve – when I want you to stay – so I want you to wait – I don’t wanna be bold – I don’t wanna be cold – I don’t want grow old – I don’t wanna go HOME.

          Breaking Benjamin “Home”



A – The Oceanic 6 is on a cargo plane (bad mojo) and Jack takes the lead in deciding to stick to the story of how they survived on the island.  As they exit the plane, everyone except Sayid, Kate and Aaron has someone waiting for them.

A – Back on the island Jack has Faraday monitor the chopper with the sat-phone Lapidus dropped. He decides that he and Kate will go after the chopper.

Act Out- Faraday knows that the chopper is going to the Orchid and that means that Keamy is enacting the Second Protocol. He tells Charlotte “We have to get off this island, now!”


A – Jack and Kate trek through the jungle while Jack bleeds on the flora. Kate points out how Jack looks a person in the eyes when he lies to them just before Milo, followed by Sawyer and Aaron, stumble across them. Sawyer and Jack conflict over who was right and wrong before Jack assumes responsibility for Sayid and Desmond (not on the chopper). Sawyer joins him in their “rescue” (Wait, you don’t get to die alone).

A – At the press conference the Oceanic 6 tells their story.

          Jack initially lies about landing in the water.

          Hurley takes offense to his “health” and wealth.

          Sun says Jin died in the crash.

          A reporter points out Kate would have been six-months pregnant when the Marshall caught her and took her on the plane.

          Sayid says there are no other survivors.

As they leave the conference Sayid finds Nadia waiting for him. Ah, bittersweet.

Act Out – Sayid arrives back on the island ready to ferry everyone to the freighter when he learns that Jack and Kate have gone after the chopper.


C – Locke, Hurley, and Ben deliver exposition just before finding a 15 year-old supply cache and signaling the Others.

B – Faraday takes over ferrying duties so that Sayid and Kate can go after Jack and Sawyer. Juliet insures that Sun is first on the raft (note: Juliet, Charlotte, Milo, Rose and Bernard seem to be the only ones still on the island when the raft launches).

Act Out – Back home, Sun takes over controlling interest in her father’s company. “Two people are responsible for [Jin’s] death. You are one of them.” Sun promises to discuss the future of Paik Industries after she gives birth.


A – Hurley arrives home with his Mr. Cluck’s chicken to find a coconut and whispers waiting for him. He discovers a surprise birthday party (Jesus Christ is not a weapon) with Kate, Aaron, Sayid and Nadia waiting for him. He then learns that his dad restored the Camaro, but the odometer is set to 4815162342!!!!!! Run, mad man, run!

Act Out – Hurley, Ben and Lock deliver some more exposition before discovering that Keamy is already at the orchid.


B – The raft arrives at the ferry and Sun and Jin learn that Michael is on the freighter while Desmond and Hendricks learn that something is transmitting from the freighter.

D – Jack and Sawyer find Frank Lapidus cuffed to the chopper with no Desmond or Sayid. Sawyer tells jack that “Hugo” is with Ben at the Orchid (I guess wanting to rescue Locke would be pointless).

Act Out – Jack leads his father’s wake then learns from a coma-free Mrs. Littleton that Claire was/is his half-sister. Final frame is an OTS shot of Aaron looking at Jack as Jack stares back wide-eyed and teary as HIS NEPHEW! (duh-duh-dun)


B – Michael tells Sun and Jin his story then Desmond directs him to the C-4 in the radio room. We assume the Korean Jin speaks to Sun is, “You know that raft we just came in on? Get back on it.”

A – In a scene reminiscent from Season Two, Kate and Sayid are taken by the Others, but unlike Season Two, this time we’re glad they captured Kate.

C – Ben gives Locke future exposition on what to do in the Orchid before revealing he has plan.

Montage – Sun and Aaron head toward the raft. Jack and Sawyer head toward the Orchid. Kate and Sayid head to wherever the Others are taking them. Locke and Hurley keep their heads down.

Act Out – Ben introduces himself to Keamy and gets pistol whipped for his trouble (what is up with this guy and pistol whipping people).



In the Teaser and Act One we learn that simply getting off the island is not going to be as easy as Jack wants it to be (oh, this isn’t a Jack-centric episode, but he’s got his stank all over it). We learn on the cargo plane that whatever happens between this episode and the Oceanic 6 getting off the island has left them all in shock, but Jack still takes control by keeping everyone focused on the story they’ll tell.

In Act Two it’s clear that everyone is willing to stick to the lie, necessary or not, except Hurley.  The first question (health) he dodges like politician and the second (wealth) he wants nothing to do with. It’s our first glimpse in how the Oceanic 6 might not keep their story.

But it is in Act two, through Sun’s story, we catch are first glimpse that “home” isn’t so sweet, nor will it be and that not everyone is going to stick to the story. Why? While Sun points out that she holds her father responsible for Jin’s death she also points out that she holds one other person responsible. There’s no need to say this to her father unless she wants him (and not just the audience) to know there’s another person. So even though we saw that the story is already unraveling at the conference we get a glimpse into how it’s going to continue to unravel . Notice in Ji Yeon that only Hurely came to see Sun’s baby and in this episode he didn’t lie. Also, Sun gives someone off the island a tiny hint that there is more to the “story.”

Act three ends with what seems to be redundancy, Keamy and his boys are at the Orchid. But what this shows is that there is going to be an unavoidable confrontation that is going to shake our survivors to their core. Is it any wonder why Act Three is all about Hurley? In television Act Three usually is the point where the hero/heroes try a new approach, but end up in the worst state. Hurley tries to strike a balance between being home and giving up the cursed money, but all signs (coconut, whispers, and numbers) point to the fact that it’s impossible (and we know that Charlie’s ghost will eventually show up). In the Act Out Hurley is concerned about what will happen to him if they move the island and he’s still on it.  Well, we know he won’t be, but the difference is that Hurley is privy to what Ben and Locke are doing. He actually understands it, therefore once he’s off the island, of the Six, he’s the only one that knows what really happened and why, but it won’t be until Hurley learns to trust himself, in fact, love himself, that he will be able to face that truth and bring everyone together.

In Act Four, everything is on island, no flash-forward, and we get a glimpse as to how matter will be resolved. There’s the raft for Sun and Aaron, and the chopper for Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid, we know that this is how they’re going to escape the dangerous situations they are in, but clearly something is going to happen to both Hurley and Sun that will distance them from the other four and lead them to being the ones that lead the return to the island in Season Five.

Is it any wonder why we began the episode with Jack being the ring leader of the falsified story, then we see him doing what Jack takes best, try take responsibility for everyone and control the outcome, but when he runs into Sawyer it’s one of the first times that we see someone point out that Jack is wrong and his only response is, “Well hiding out didn’t seem to work for you guys.” Jack is wrong, but he’s not willing to admit it and we’re seeing the first signs of that.

Now, this episode seems as just a set up for the finale, but that’s only the case in Act Five when we see the montage (that for some reason made me think of Return of the Jedi), and four factions each of our Oceanic 6 are broken down into and we are forced to wonder how they’ll come together to get off the island.

Oh, but wait! This episode still stands on its own legs as a major part of the overall monomyth because we learn how two of our main supporting characters, Hurley and Sun, will be integral to bringing about the overarching conclusion of the show.

The Season Finale will be the pinnacle of “The Reward” (See Part 4 of Journey to Redemption) where are heroes will be living the truth of their new identities and accepting the consequences.

 There is the Oceanic Six, a new identity for these five adults that will forever link them together with the island, and there are those who stay behind, but as some characters are arching for the better, others are not. Sayid has his Nadia and we know that things are not going to end well there. Kate, the fugitive, has someone to love, but when she got off the plane she was truly alone. Hurley and Sun, the guy who cares for everyone but himself and the once docile but now independent woman, cannot separate themselves from the people or events on the island.

Jack, well Jack has learned who Aaron is and it’s going to be impossible for him to continue to ignore that being on that island was destiny. When this season ends, as we’ve seen, Jack will be taking responsibility as a leader by living in denial (is this art imitating life…I digress), but in order for him to return to the island the first thing he’s going to have to do is admit he’s wrong and then start to trust those he once led.

“Can I stand by your side, we can make it alright, like home.”

  • I really don’t see how you get that Hurley is the only one who knows what happened to the island. Jack is heading to the Orchid, too, and (according to the promo) will be there, talking to Locke, before anything actually happens.

    Also I don’t see how Hurley was not willing to stick to the lie. He acted naturally, yes, but he didn’t imply anything that would lead people to question their story.

    In other words, I really don’t think it will be Hurley and Sun leading the way back. Or at least I don’t think there is any evidence of this so far. And I don’t know that Sun’s words were to tip off her father that another person was responsible for Jin’s death. I think the writers were just throwing us, the viewers, a little extra info to get our minds working and that was the most efficient way to do so.

    My main question with this episode is how in the world Desmond is going to see Claire and Aaron getting onto a helicoptor (as he told Charlie he did). Are they going to retcon that part out of the story?

  • SithLord

    Theres an even bigger flaw to the O6 story that I havent seen mentioned. Werent all the bodies of all the passengers of 815 accounted for in the wreckage on the ocean floor???????? How do they explain that?

  • MerlboroMan

    Alan – While Jack will confront Locke in the finale, Hurley has been privy to not just the what, but the “why” of Ben and Locke’s actions, therefore he’s a few steps ahead of Jack. Hurley didn’t lie, nor tell the truth, that’s what makes that scene so ingenious. His “inaction” is what leads to his confrontations with ghost-Charlie and his subsequent breakdown.

    How can the wtiers throw the viewers something extra and expect the character receiving the information, one that is very intelligent and powerufl, to not also get that information? This wasn’t a solioque or a voice-over monologue, therefore by intentionally having Sun tip her hand to her father they’re planting the seeds that I allude to. You think Mr. Paik wasn’t also sitting thinking, “If I’m one of two, who is the other one?”

    Hurley and Sun won’t be “leading” the way back, but they will be the catalysts necessary for bringing the events about. We already saw how Hurley’s relationship to Jack is putting pressure on him. If Sun holds someone else responsible for Jin’s death then who it is and how they’re responsible may go a long way in shaping her undrestanding of the island and events. It’s as small as a mustard seed right now, but’s still been planted.

    Your main question wasn’t addressed in this episode and we’ll have to see if it’s addressed in the next. Whether it’s a plothole or a mystery only time will tell. 🙂

  • MerlboroMan

    SithLord – you’re absolutely right, but what that specifically means to the Oceanic Six is so vague at the moment that any “theory” would really just be a guess.

  • neoloki55

    It was mentioned in an episode earlier this season, I believe during a news telecast and one other time, that the bodies were not going to be salvaged from the plane due to length of time in the water and the cost it would entail. So, the news telecast said something to the effect that it is assumed all 318 passengers were dead.

    I am sure I am miss placing my facts, but the general idea was very briefly referred to.

    Maybe their is a plot hole in the story, but I think it really doesn’t mean much to the overall story and people are being kind of nit-picky.

  • steve

    I am not sure what you personally have against Jack, but after everything we have seen that he has to or has gone through, he should have earned some sympathy. The dude just had his appendix removed and he is off trekking through the jungle because he promised people, he has only known for 3 months, to get them off the island. If that is not the sign of a man with integrity, I don’t know what is.

  • MerlboroMan

    I love/hate Jack, depending on who he is butting heads with. He’s like Purdue to me, and Locke is IU. I root for Jack when he’s pounding Ben, but when he’s taking on Locke he has to go down!!!

    Oh, and Jack is one of the best characters ever created on television. If I’ve never said, I do believe it. Locke is my favorite…then Sawyer, but Jack is the most 3 dimensional and complext character I’ve seen on T.V. As I said, I love/hate him…isn’t that kind of complex?

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