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The MerlboroMan’s “Breaking Lost” 410

By MerlboroMan,

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“Lost 410 – Something Nice Back Home”


First the Breakdown, then the analysis, shall we?


A – The show kicks off with Jack being awakened (Jack, I need you to wake up) and going outside his tent to make the peace between his people and the freighties before reiterating his promise to get everyone off the island and then collapsing.

Act Out – In the future we discover that after her trial, Kate, Jack, and Aaron are living together [note: Jack wakes up and finds Kate in the shower)


A – Still in the future, Jack reads “Alice in Wonderland” to Aaron and appears very fatherly.

B – While crossing the island back to the beach, Sawyer and Claire learn that Danielle and Karl are dead when Miles reveals their bodies.

Act Out – On the island, Juliet confirms Jack’s need for an appendectomy.


C – Juliet sends Sun and Jin to the staff for medical supplies to perform the surgery . Dan and Charlotte join them.

B – Sawyer takes a “Big Brother” (not the show or Orwellian) role toward Claire and imposes a “restraining order” against Miles.

D – There’s a D story? Yes, it’s very brief but it’s the conversation between Bernard and Rose where they discuss the implications of Jack’s need for surgery. 

A – On the island Jack wants Kate to hold the mirror for him while he directs his own surgery.

Act Out – Jack visits Hurley and learns that he has been seeing Charlie and that Charlie has a message for Jack: You’re not supposed to raise him. Then he also learns that someone will be visiting him very soon.


C – Sun, Jin, Dan, and Charlotte arrive at the Staff and Jin suspects that Charlotte knows Korean. [Note: Daniel goes into the Staff first]

B – Sawyer, Claire and Miles come across Lapidus, who warns them to hide from Mr. Keamy.

A – Jack and Juliet convince Kate to help with the surgery.

Act Out – Jack wakes Kate up to propose to her.


C – Jin confirms his suspicion about Charlotte and makes her promise to get Sun off the island regardless of what happens to him or his friends.

A – (Bernard: Wouldn’t you rather be dreaming about something nice back home?) Juliet begins the surgery Jack’s way, but they have to toss Kate out of the tent and chloroform his butt.

Act Out – Claire wakes up in the middle of the night to find her dead dad holding Aaron.


(This tag is long enough that it is nearly an Act Five)

A – Juliet lets Kate know that Jack loves her while he pretends to be sleeping. In the future Jack and Kate start to fall apart when he learns that Kate is doing a favor for Sawyer.

Act Out – We end on the B-story when Sawyer wakes up to find Claire missing, learns that she left with her dad, and finds Aaron a few yards away. Claire! Claire!


Now, deciphering the intent of this week’s episode isn’t as easy as last week’s when we could just follow the act outs…or is it? Let’s see.

First up, notice the number of times people are being woken up: Jack wakes up to make the peace between his people, then wakes up to find Kate in his shower, Kate wakes up to a proposal, and Claire wakes up to dead daddy holding her baby.

Bernard asks Jack about the chloroform: Wouldn’t you rather be dreaming about something nice back home? Think back to the Alice in Wonderland reference. The line that we’re clearly meant to hear is “I wonder if I’ve been changed in the night? Let me think: was I the same when I got up this morning? I almost think I can remember feeling a little different. But if I’m not the same, the next question is, who in the world am I?”

One of the themes of this episode is what is real and what is a dream? Jack thinks Hurley is crazy because he tells him he sees Charlie, but when Jack starts seeing his father his happy world with Kate begins to unravel. We know where this will eventually lead, but what it truly reveals is Jack’s inability to deal with reality and more importantly his inability to place faith in others based on the reality that surrounds him. Remember, Jack has been seeing his dead father since Season One, but for Hurley to see Charlie is crazy. Not only that, but the guy can’t even let a trained fertility doctor do a simple appendectomy because he doesn’t trust anyone.

That leads us to the second part of this episode – trust. This is played out in the all stories as the need to protect someone. Notice, that in the future we first see Kate in the shower. If that isn’t a vulnerable place then watch Psycho.  Jack wants to protect everyone, but he needs Kate to protect him by holding the mirror. Juliet tries to protect Jack from himself. Bernard wants to protect Rose, Jin – Sun, Sawyer – Claire, and Dan -Charlotte. What’s the one thing none of these people are trying to protect? The island! And I believe that is because none of them has learned to trust it like Locke seems to have. The big key to this episode isn’t who is dead and who isn’t, it’s that small D-story, when Rose points out that it can’t be mere coincidence that Jack is ill the day before they are set to leave an island that heals people.

The story fits into the big picture by revealing that until these people unite (for example, Jin needs to care for more than just Sun and his baby), care for one another, and protect the island, then any hope of happiness is just a dream.