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100 Answers and still scratching our heads…. Premier recap and specualtion part 2

By nomaD,

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Part 2 continues as Hurley takes charge. At the behest of Jacob, we find ourselves on a trek to the temple. Lost fans have waited a long time for a glimpse of this oft talked about place. And lo and behold, it’s a pyramid. The Egyptian ties are not subtle, Hieroglyphics in the hatch and on various walls, the four toed statue of Tawaret, the Temple Pyramid… But if the trek was uneventful, well, that wouldn’t be LOST. Characters start disappearing right and left captured by the others who reside at the temple.

Is there any surprise that Kate kicks some Fed butt and escapes arrest? Kate’s oddesy wouldn’t be very interesting from behind bars… Sawyer notices shes in trouble and helps her out a bit, as he’s sympathietic to criminals after all…. The old Sawyer was very different and I think he will be reverting more to his old self in the wake of Juliet’s death.

Back on the Island Sawyer makes Miles deliver the message that Juliet was unable to give…. “It worked”… This is sure to stir up speculation… What worked? did the creation of the alternate time-line conclude success even though our losties must complete their own respective timeline?.?.?.? This show is so vast in it’s depth its amazing…

Jack arrives in LA to find that his Father’s corpse hasn’t arrived…. remember how much trouble he had getting it on the plane in the first place? I mean he didn’t have the proper documentation….

And then bam a SAMURAI on LOST… I mean this show has something for everyone…. And thank God Hurley somehow has held on to that case because it was certain death otherwise… And inside the Ankh inside the case? Another one of Jacobs mysterious lists….

Back at LAX Jin tries to smuggle wads of cash into the U.S. A big NO NO and Sun who was ready to leave Jin, and who’s situation hasnt changed like some others, decides to hide her english yet again and let Jin get hauled away…

And now why is the water in the bubbling spring not clear anymore??? The Samaurai slices his hand in offering before asking who is responsible for Sayid’s injuries… And Jack admits it is his fault…. Doesnt it seem like a whole lot of crap is Jacks fault? Remember Jack is still the hero of the story and in the end he will reign as such. Anything that has made you dislike Jack as a character I think is important development in the flawed hero of our story. His redemption will be beautiful I think, and hope…

And then after holding Sayid under water the Samaurai crew tell us he’s dead….. Well like no crap, you just held his head under water… Was this all part of the plan? Does this normally revive someone, like little Ben, but perhaps only if the water is clear?

And when Kate, foiled by Frogurt, finally hijacks a taxi we get our first glimpse of Claire since season 4… Where in the world was Claire after we saw her in the cabin, where is Island Claire now? This was something I really wanted to be addressed, I hope we get an answer to this in the weeks to come, or at least something to ponder over.

I am more of a true fan of the story and do not find it necessary to bring back old characters for nostalgia and place them in a silly scene just to get the audience to chuckle. That being said It is important to the storyline that we have an ALT reality so most of the scenes on the plane and in LAX were warranted, I did giggle a little when they brought the kids out in the temple to simply walk across the frame following orders and delivering food. It was the producers way of hushing the web chatter about the little buggars…So there is your answer they are apparently slaves hahaha….

I hope we see old characters in a context that really works for the show and more importantly a context that the developers wanted to go in and not fabricated for sentiment. For example, the fact that Shannon was not on the plane could have been just as much an inability to collaborate with Maggie Grace as the truly desired direction of the story…

Hurley then reveals to the Samaurai, who apparently can but refuses to speak english, that Jacob is dead. And by the look on Samaurai’s face this is really bad… they begin frantically surrounding the temple with a ring of ash which makes us wonder if perhaps smokey or MIB or smokie/MIB was unable to enter the temple before Jacob died. And with a flare the temple others warn the statue others and Richard that it’s all gonna hit the fan.

Ben and Flocke’s scenes are awesome to watch, the complete opposite of their dynamic previously Flocke takes complete charge while Ben looks off bewildered and vulnerable. Flocke says to Ben that “he was confused when you killed him” and Ben replies “I seriously doubt Jacob was ever confused” I think this is a hint to the fact that even dying was part of a series of moves that Jacob is playing off of, this by no means is the end of the game or Jacobs advancement within it. Flocke tells Ben that Lockes last thought was “I DONT UNDERSTAND” and it really is the saddest thing ive ever heard. The character of Locke was a tragedy and we love him enough for it to truly matter to us.

And then Flocke tells us he wants TO GO HOME!! WOAH…… So was Jacob keeping MIB or Smokie or MIB/Smokie on the island??? Why is he apparently bound by so many things, the ash ring, the ability to go home, the ability to kill Jacob without a LOOPHOLE?

At LAX when Locke and Jack talk about their respective missing cargo it is interesting to see the reversal of roles in the ALT time-line the man of faith is Jack telling Locke that nothing is irreversible. Wow how they have met under quite different circumstances this time around.

The look on Richard’s face is awesome when he see’s Flocke walking towards him, and the reason is vague but what we do know is that Ricardos was apparently in Chains at some point, perhaps enslaved by MIB or Smokie and obviously liberated by Jacob. The backstory to the dynamic between Richard and Jacob and MIB is going to be quite interesting.

And we close off the premier with Sayid waking up from the dead, bewildered asking “What Happened?” There has already been much speculation about this. Is Sayid possibly Jacob incarnate? After last years finale my theory was that Jacob now needed a body to fill and thats why Lockes corpse was brought the the SHADOW of the statue… I thought we would have 2 Lockes one dark one light… However even in Sayid’s body the idea that Jacob needs a vessel is strong. It was Jacob who told Hurley to get Sayid to the temple after all….. Some have speculated that it may be MIB in Sayid’s body but there is no evidence i can find that is more plausible than the previously stated….

In all the Premier has revealed a ton of answers but still leaves us with a feeling of being completely LOST. I have a feeling we will be held largely in the shade until the Finale!

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