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100 Answers and still scratching our heads…. Premier recap and specualtion part 2

By nomaD,

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Part 2 continues as Hurley takes charge. At the behest of Jacob, we find ourselves on a trek to the temple. Lost fans have waited a long time for a glimpse of this oft talked about place. And lo and behold, it’s a pyramid. The Egyptian ties are not subtle, Hieroglyphics in the hatch and on various walls, the four toed statue of Tawaret, the Temple Pyramid… But if the trek was uneventful, well, that wouldn’t be LOST. Characters start disappearing right and left captured by the others who reside at the temple.

Is there any surprise that Kate kicks some Fed butt and escapes arrest? Kate’s oddesy wouldn’t be very interesting from behind bars… Sawyer notices shes in trouble and helps her out a bit, as he’s sympathietic to criminals after all…. The old Sawyer was very different and I think he will be reverting more to his old self in the wake of Juliet’s death.

Back on the Island Sawyer makes Miles deliver the message that Juliet was unable to give…. “It worked”… This is sure to stir up speculation… What worked? did the creation of the alternate time-line conclude success even though our losties must complete their own respective timeline?.?.?.? This show is so vast in it’s depth its amazing…

Jack arrives in LA to find that his Father’s corpse hasn’t arrived…. remember how much trouble he had getting it on the plane in the first place? I mean he didn’t have the proper documentation….

And then bam a SAMURAI on LOST… I mean this show has something for everyone…. And thank God Hurley somehow has held on to that case because it was certain death otherwise… And inside the Ankh inside the case? Another one of Jacobs mysterious lists….

Back at LAX Jin tries to smuggle wads of cash into the U.S. A big NO NO and Sun who was ready to leave Jin, and who’s situation hasnt changed like some others, decides to hide her english yet again and let Jin get hauled away…

And now why is the water in the bubbling spring not clear anymore??? The Samaurai slices his hand in offering before asking who is responsible for Sayid’s injuries… And Jack admits it is his fault…. Doesnt it seem like a whole lot of crap is Jacks fault? Remember Jack is still the hero of the story and in the end he will reign as such. Anything that has made you dislike Jack as a character I think is important development in the flawed hero of our story. His redemption will be beautiful I think, and hope…

And then after holding Sayid under water the Samaurai crew tell us he’s dead….. Well like no crap, you just held his head under water… Was this all part of the plan? Does this normally revive someone, like little Ben, but perhaps only if the water is clear?

And when Kate, foiled by Frogurt, finally hijacks a taxi we get our first glimpse of Claire since season 4… Where in the world was Claire after we saw her in the cabin, where is Island Claire now? This was something I really wanted to be addressed, I hope we get an answer to this in the weeks to come, or at least something to ponder over.

I am more of a true fan of the story and do not find it necessary to bring back old characters for nostalgia and place them in a silly scene just to get the audience to chuckle. That being said It is important to the storyline that we have an ALT reality so most of the scenes on the plane and in LAX were warranted, I did giggle a little when they brought the kids out in the temple to simply walk across the frame following orders and delivering food. It was the producers way of hushing the web chatter about the little buggars…So there is your answer they are apparently slaves hahaha….

I hope we see old characters in a context that really works for the show and more importantly a context that the developers wanted to go in and not fabricated for sentiment. For example, the fact that Shannon was not on the plane could have been just as much an inability to collaborate with Maggie Grace as the truly desired direction of the story…

Hurley then reveals to the Samaurai, who apparently can but refuses to speak english, that Jacob is dead. And by the look on Samaurai’s face this is really bad… they begin frantically surrounding the temple with a ring of ash which makes us wonder if perhaps smokey or MIB or smokie/MIB was unable to enter the temple before Jacob died. And with a flare the temple others warn the statue others and Richard that it’s all gonna hit the fan.

Ben and Flocke’s scenes are awesome to watch, the complete opposite of their dynamic previously Flocke takes complete charge while Ben looks off bewildered and vulnerable. Flocke says to Ben that “he was confused when you killed him” and Ben replies “I seriously doubt Jacob was ever confused” I think this is a hint to the fact that even dying was part of a series of moves that Jacob is playing off of, this by no means is the end of the game or Jacobs advancement within it. Flocke tells Ben that Lockes last thought was “I DONT UNDERSTAND” and it really is the saddest thing ive ever heard. The character of Locke was a tragedy and we love him enough for it to truly matter to us.

And then Flocke tells us he wants TO GO HOME!! WOAH…… So was Jacob keeping MIB or Smokie or MIB/Smokie on the island??? Why is he apparently bound by so many things, the ash ring, the ability to go home, the ability to kill Jacob without a LOOPHOLE?

At LAX when Locke and Jack talk about their respective missing cargo it is interesting to see the reversal of roles in the ALT time-line the man of faith is Jack telling Locke that nothing is irreversible. Wow how they have met under quite different circumstances this time around.

The look on Richard’s face is awesome when he see’s Flocke walking towards him, and the reason is vague but what we do know is that Ricardos was apparently in Chains at some point, perhaps enslaved by MIB or Smokie and obviously liberated by Jacob. The backstory to the dynamic between Richard and Jacob and MIB is going to be quite interesting.

And we close off the premier with Sayid waking up from the dead, bewildered asking “What Happened?” There has already been much speculation about this. Is Sayid possibly Jacob incarnate? After last years finale my theory was that Jacob now needed a body to fill and thats why Lockes corpse was brought the the SHADOW of the statue… I thought we would have 2 Lockes one dark one light… However even in Sayid’s body the idea that Jacob needs a vessel is strong. It was Jacob who told Hurley to get Sayid to the temple after all….. Some have speculated that it may be MIB in Sayid’s body but there is no evidence i can find that is more plausible than the previously stated….

In all the Premier has revealed a ton of answers but still leaves us with a feeling of being completely LOST. I have a feeling we will be held largely in the shade until the Finale!

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  • Michael

    “Flocke says to Ben that “he was confused when you killed him” and Ben replies “I seriously doubt Jacob was ever confused””

    I interpreted it to be him talking about Locke’s death the whole time, not Jacob’s

    • Flocke was referring to Locke’s death but Ben misunderstands. However from a literary standpoint nothing is said without intent and while the intent was partially to show Ben’s misunderstanding I think it also shows us that even when Jacob was killed he was aware and accepting of what was happening as it was supposed to happen…

  • GeigerCounter

    “Lost fans have waited a long time for a glimpse of this oft talked about place. And lo and behold, it’s a pyramid. The Egyptian ties are not subtle…”
    Actually I think that structure was more in the style of Central and South American Natives, not Egyptian.

    • I agree it did not look like an Egyptian pyramid, however this is still a parallel to the overwhelming Egyptian reference in the show.. If anything the Egyptians and others who built pyramids were all interconnected by some kind of fascination with this shape… Its significance in real life is as mysterious as in LOST…

      • frank

        Exactly. I think it just goes back to connections to ALL organized religions – a Mespotamian temple with Egyptian hieroglyphics may be indicative of various religious influences on the island over centuries. It seems pieces of each may have ‘stuck’ to form the island’s religious tapestry.

    • grasspike

      Actually the Temple is a classic Mesopotamian Ziggurat which served as Temples. Mesopotamia is often refered to as the cradle of civilazation and is modern day Iraq and Iran. The oldest stories in the Bible happened here “The Garden of Eden”, “Job”, Abraham, and Noah.

      One interesting story in the Bible is the Tower of Babel, where they built a large tower (probably was a Ziggurat as the Old Hebrew word used by Moses in Genesis is unknown and gets translated into English as Tower) to reach heaven. God did not like this and scattered the people of Babel thoughout the earth, because he confused the language. Anyway many cultures in the Middle East region borrowed heavily from ancient Mesopotamia as they all have a common history.

      Two interesting thoughts/ideas that would relate to a classic Mesopotamian Ziggurat.

      1.)In the Tower of Babel Story in the Bible God confused the languages so the people dispursed over the Earth. Laguage played a big part in the Temple Scene last night, and has through the entire story in Lost. Could the Island be bringing back people to build a new Tower?

      2.)We assume that Richard was a Slave on the Blackrock. Interestingly enough the Hebrews have a very deep history with both Mesopotamia and Egypt. Could Richard have been a Hebrew Slave in Egypt? Since he does not age it could be very possible

      • naultz

        don’t forget the old bible story of “Jacob and Esau”

        • LV

          Can you please explain this story for those of us who are Bible-illiterate? 🙂

          • naultz

            you can get the full story at wikipedia, but the quick version is that Jacob and Esau were both fighting to gain their fathers inheritance. Jacob impersonates Esau to trick his father into giving him his blessing and later the inheritance. later jacob becomes the leader of Gods chosen people.

          • grasspike

            Jacob was Abraham’s Grandson. Abraham was born in Mesopotamia but moved to what is today Israel as a man. as Naultz says Jacob tricks Esau into getting his brothers rightful inheritence.

            Jacob’s name was later changed to Israel by an Angel and he had 12 sons which fathered the 12 tribes of Israel.

            Jacob/Israel had a favorite son named Joseph his other sons hated Joseph for it and as a young man had him sold him into slavery into Egypt. Through a series of events Joseph became Pharaoh’s main advisor or right hand man. During this time a very bad famine hit the land and Joseph moved his family from Israel to Egypt where they were treated very well for a while.

            As time moved on the Israelites or Jews became slaves to the Egyptians. Which later on Moses returned them to Israel.

            This story blends the Mesopotamian Culture with the Egyptian one. Being only a few generations removed from Mesopotamia Jospeh would have been very well versed in it. Then as Pharaoh’s right hand man he would have been very well versed in Egyptian Culture. These actions also led to the enslavement of the Jews.

            Do not be surprised when Richard turns out to be a slave from Egypt not the Blackrock

          • LV

            Got it. Thanks to you both!

  • TheKaneda

    No mention of Charlie, so just throwing something out here…

    One thing I thought immediately when Charlie said “I was supposed to die” was that he *knows* about both realities. Much as Jack seems to have a deja vu kind of thing on the plane. And Juliet “saying” “It worked”.

    And that this is a potential half-answer to Charlie’s line in season 4 “I AM dead. But I’m also here”. I.e., the Charlie (and Ana-Lucia) that Hurley saw in season 4 might be Charlie (and Ana-Lucia) from the no-crash reality.

    Might be that somehow (haven’t thought this through), people who died on the Island, in this “new reality” have awareness of that other reality where they (eventually) died? I guess we might know more about that when/if we meet Shannon, Eko, Libby etc. And possibly when we hear more from Claire.

    • “And that this is a potential half-answer to Charlie’s line in season 4 “I AM dead. But I’m also here”. I.e., the Charlie (and Ana-Lucia) that Hurley saw in season 4 might be Charlie (and Ana-Lucia) from the no-crash reality.”


      • Um, nope. Charlie in the new reality is still just a junkie. What he said resonates with what we already know, but we still have a lot to learn about the afterlife on this show.

        • jon

          a) they aren’t corporeal (that is they disappear)
          b) alternate reality Charlie & Anna-Lucia would have no idea who Hurley is

      • There is only one consciousness. This singular consciousness extends into each alt world. Every Alt-world is separate from each other spatially and consciously.

        The island is a blending of all of these alt worlds. Contradictions can exist on the island because of this. The Cabin exists and doesn’t exist because it was simultaneously built and not built thus explaining why it seemed to appear and disappear.

        Hurley is like a mini-island and is capable of seeing a dead person because that singular consciousness is never destroyed, only changed.

        • By a singular consciousness I mean; there is only one of every individual consciousness. Each individual exists simultaneously in the multiple alt worlds. I did not mean there is only one single consciousness that is everyone.

          • LV

            Then why do some characters (Jack, perhaps Charlie) seem aware of this while others (the rest on the plane) don’t?

          • Hurley is a min-island? Too much ranch dressing?

      • Jack’s Sidekick

        ive been saying that forever….Charlie’s flashy clothes when he visits Hurley, Ana Lucia’s a cop again….

  • Gripp

    The kids weren’t slaves, they were being taught the Other way.

    Richard was obviously a slave on the Black Rock however.

    Also, you should edit this for grammar and spelling. If I wrote something that thousands of people were going to possibly read, I wouldn’t want it to read like a middle school book report.

    • Funback Joe

      Gripp, lay off the grammar. Someone ALWAYS comments on grammar, and it doesn’t change a thing.

      • I agree with Gripp. Proper spelling and grammar are important if we want our language to grow and thrive.
        But, I disagree that Richard was OBVIOUSLY a slave on the Black Rock. It’s highly implied and perhaps too obvious.
        Flocke could have just as easily been talking about the chains of servitude to Jacob. Just as he tell the shadow-of-the-statue mercenaries that they are now free.
        Having said that…it’s quite likely that Richard was in literal chains and on the Black Rock, but not necessarily at the same time.
        I’ve long postulated that Richard was the captain of the Black Rock, and Jacob punished him for that crime (of enslaving others)by making him a servant for eternity.
        I wonder, with Jacob gone, if Richard will start to age.

      • Gripp

        I was just trying to help. If I were into blogging or whatever, I would gratefully accept any constructive feedback offered.

        And yes, Richard was Obviously on the Black Rock. It’s a little late in the game to be throwing around red herrings as inane as that.

        • I wouldn’t want it to read like a high-school book report…. This is not constructive criticism, chat about the post content, if the writing doesn’t suit you don’t read it…

          • frank

            It doesn’t need to read like a book report to have accurate spelling, punctuation, and word usage. There are some valid thoughts that would be made stronger through some technical improvements.

            Further, I would think someone who would take the time to write this would be passionate enough about the craft of writing to care about the technical details (and about receiving feedback to help improve their craft).

          • naultz

            what’s the deal guys? are we in the midst of highschool English teachers. Dont forget to check speling and you’re reserch projecks r do buy friday 🙂

          • Kevin James John

            I’m an editor myself, and it gets rather annoying when I find posts on the Internet that have not been proofread. People just carelessly press the reply button.
            Grammar and punctuation are both going the way of the dodo …

    • Richard wasn’t obviously a slave from The Black Rock. He was clearly once enslaved, but I say he was on the island long before The Black Rock. There are too many Egyptian allusions for him to be anything less than ancient.

      • frank

        Funny. You say he obviously wasn’t a slave from the black rock, then you say he was clearly enslaved. We have seen NOTHING to support either of these.

        Based on FLocke’s comment, I think the suggestion is that he was, in fact, a slave on the Black Rock. Further, he did previously say that Jacob had “made [him] this way”, which would point to him being a ‘regular guy’ before arriving on the island.

        Anything special about Ricardos is as a result of Jacob.

    • numbersarebad

      For Jacob’s sake, does it need to be in MLA format? Do we need an annotated bibliography while we’re at it? This nonsense about grammar is distracting from the points being made. Is this blog so sacred that everything somebody says should be perfect? I didn’t know it was supposed to be exclusively for the elite group who would rather waste time perfecting their comments than to have a conversation about a TV show. The last time I checked blogs were meant for discussing things and sharing ideas. People of different ages and backgrounds post these comments. So what if it sounds like a middle school book report? What if there are middle schoolers who post here? Can’t we all show each other at least enough respect not to criticize each other?

  • Funback Joe

    I would also suggest that Richard has been enslaved by Jacob all this time, and perhaps Flocke was making reference to the removal of metaphorical chains, which have kept Richard’s actions tied to a debt with Jacob. Perhaps Richard was what we call in sixth grade Social Studies an ‘indentured servant’, and just like Flocke claims to have freed Bram and his cronies from their responsibilities, he also believes he has now freed Richard.

    I am starting to believe that Jacob has had many people under his thumb for quite some time, up to and including our Losties. Flocke is trying his best to free every one of them, including himself, so they can all ‘go home’.

    • Crimson

      I agree with the idea of Richard possibly being like an indentured servant and the release of metaphorical chains. It really fits with how the writers tend to have more than one meaning behind most of the dialogue of the show.

      • Oops, I should have read this before posting above!

  • Newbie

    If the spring is a pseudo “fountain of youth” — its a possible way that Richard stays young — and this spring also brings Sayid back to life (Lazarus)??? K – but what’s the water color go to do with it? maybe an indication of how healthy the island is – or how strong the power of the island is.

    As for inhabiting a body theory — I don’t think MIB or Jacob really ever take over a body but merely take that person’s likeness — the body is obviously still there i.e. Locke in a box ——– interesting theory

    I totally thought that Richard was Black rock material — but I’m still having problems with the Egyptian motifs as to how that all fits — and yes before anyone gets excited I do understand the correlation between Africa+Egypt+Ship+Slavery — But I have to get Funback’s back on this –there is a strong argument for Metaphorical Chains of slavery to Jacob . . . perhaps why MIB could not kill Jacob is because he was a slave to him as well and could not disobey hence the need for a loophole . . . . and MIB’s disappointment centers around everyone’s willingness to follow Jacob blindly and be used as a pawn in his game . . .

    Question – why did Richard seem to be the only one who knew what the fireworks meant — why weren’t the other “others” just as surprised??

    On the Pyramid — speculation abound –but I thought it looked Mesoamerican — like Aztec or Mayan . . . I can buy Grasspikes Hebrew correlation — But what of the levels?

    When Ben descends to have the conversation with the smoke monster (MIB) as his daughter — we see hyeroglyphics but that is below the temple complex — because it is Ben who fell through the hole in the floor they(jack and jin) dodged in the corridor of the temple. It like new civilizations have been coming to the island perhaps built over older ruins . . .

    BUT then again the first attempt at a pyramid was actually a step pyramid????

    On a side note the ash ring – obviously to keep evil out — a little Voodoo thrown in with all of the other mysticism and religions presented

  • AC

    I’m not sure we can draw a parallel between Locke and Sayid in terms of reincarnation/posession.
    Locke is dead, Smokey has chosen to take on his form not possess his body. This would be more in line with Alex (Ben’s daughter)Emmy (Echo’s brother) and possibly (but I’m not sold on this one) Christian Sheppard. None of these people went to the temple for healing.
    Sayid, however, is more like young Ben. Kate and Sawyer took Ben to Richard (who consequently took him to the temple and said he would be different after the experience) as he was dying of a gunshot wound to the stomach (shot by SAYID). We can only assume Ben went through the same process as we saw last night.
    Now Sayid (suffering from the same type of wound – shot by Ben’s dad) is saved…and I would assume Richard’s warning coupled with the warning from Head temple samarai….means Sayid is indeed now different.
    Ben seemed to have lost his innocence from this experience. Sayid???? (I’m guessing regained it).

    Question:Jacobs tapestry he weaves includes the Eye of Horus. The story of Horus has many parallels to Christ. I think this is is significant in that it both further puts Jacob on the side of good and opens up the possibility that he may rise from the dead (or have a son who does…Locke?).

    • Flocko

      Yemi, not Emmy. He’s African, not an award. 🙂

  • Crimson

    One thing in the episode that I am very curious about is why Richard told the ‘other’ Others not to shoot Flocke. He knew it wasn’t really Locke and knew who it was. So if he knew it was probably smokey/mib why would he not want him shot? What repurcussions would shooting him have if the bullets seemed to bouce off of him in the statue? Would trying to kill Flocke make things even worse by some unexpected turn of events or was it simply a case of ‘you’re going to piss him off and he’ll kill you for trying’? Thoughts anyone?

    • Yep, I definitely think it’s a case of “if you try to kill him you will fail and he’ll retaliate.”

    • Given what happened to the last people who tried to shoot him, I think Richard was being cautious. Besides, assuming Richard was indeed on the Black Rock, who knows what he’s witnessed Smoky do when angered. Heck the Black Rock ended up in the middle of the jungle somehow. Maybe Smoky threw it there.

    • Ed Holden

      I think we saw from the events in Jacob’s chamber that shooting him doesn’t improve the situation. Bram and those other two Other-Others didn’t get very far with that.

      Speaking of which, I loved Bram’s attempt to keep Smokey at bay. Lost is the only program that can, out of nowhere, show us a man making a circle around himself with ashes and cause us all to say, “Oh, now I get it!” … when we still aren’t anywhere close to getting it. 🙂

    • jon

      They presumably have hundreds of years of history together that we know noting about, yet. Presumably some of this will be dealt with in the next little bit.

  • teeth63a

    Samurai cuts his hand and puts it in the water to see if his hand heals, not as an offering. It didn’t heal, therefore, putting Sayid in to cure him (presumably like young Ben) would “have its risks”.

  • Mgz

    MIB said the he wants to go home, the Other-Others expect him to attack(?) the temple and Smokey emerges from the temple. What if Jacob has trapped MIB’s body at the temple and when he says that he wants to go home he means that he wants to return to his body? I believe that Locke’s reference to Jack that they Lost his fathers body and not his father maybe has something to do with this.

  • Dan Berry

    I believe the black smoke used Claire to disrupt the sand/powder around the cabin, which was meant to keep it out.

    Sayid is alive. And is actually Sayid. And Jack is a miracle worker. He fixed his wife’s back, brought Charlie back to life after he apparently died in Season One, which is why the course correction was after him the whole time. And Jack will fix Locke in the Alt timeline.

    I believe that everyone will possibly die on the island or become Others and guard it for the rest of their lives. Jack will become the new Jacob. And they will also be able to move on with their lives off the island.

    It’s funny how everyone is offered redemption on the island, redemption they are unable to accept and are endlessly trying to escape. And when they finally land in LAX, those who were in need of judgment are quick to be judged. Charlie is arrested. As well as Jin. Yet Kate still escapes, just like when she saw that black horse, the same horse in the jungle; a symbol of her need to run.

    What will happen, i don’t know. I am just going to watch it now.

    • frank

      Dan – I agree wholeheartedly with your first 2 paragraphs. I’m not sure about the outcome, as I think their lives on/off the island will ‘reconnect’.

  • Mark G.

    Is it possible that during “dead is dead” Flocke “infected” the water pool in the temple? Hence it is no longer clear? Was this perhaps a way of “planning a few moves ahead” i.e flocke knows jacob will try to inhabit a body after his death, by having someone “healed” in the temple pool. However, the water – and subsequently the “healed” person – in this case sayid – are both contaminated by the MIB? Any thoughts?

    • I’m thinking that Jacob’s death caused the water to become cloudy and unrestorative.

  • ghanima

    What is up with the customs woman calling Sun Miss Paik? Are she and Jin not married?

    • Interesting catch!

      • frank

        Good call. Possible that she just never updated her passport 🙂

        • frank

          Rewatched it. I didn’t see wedding rings…

    • numbersarebad

      I think she put that money there too. Maybe while Jin is taken away she will run away.

  • sc

    I remember when Ben pulled the plug out of the basin to summon smokie to kill the merc’s. Does this mean Ben is in cahoots with the MIB/smokie under the impression that it is jacob?

    • frank

      I don’t think Ben made any connection between Jacob and the Smoke Monster. He’s never seen Jacob, which he admitted; he has seen the smoke monster. The Smoke Monster was also referred to as “the security system”, so it’s possible they didn’t fully understand it at all.

      • Newbie

        Good Call Frank on “the security System” — Ben has no idea MIB is smokie!!

        I think MIB/smokie is a slave to Jacob HE IS NOT AUTONOMOUS AT THAT POINT IN THE STORY LINE — he can do his own thing but he still has to answer to Jacob or do his bidding and serve Jacobs people (others) — Why else help Ben when he(smokie) is called?? — unless he was bound to or required!! But now that Jacob is out of the way he is no longer bound.

        • Uncle Beaver

          I was WONDERING about that. Makes a lot more sense now, but what about the ash ring around the cabin?

  • The Samurai slices his hand in offering? I don’t think so. To me it looked as though he was testing the healing power of the water.

  • Jack’s Sidekick

    I’m curious on who all is on this new list from Hurley’s guitar case. It’s obvious that Jack, Sayid, Hurley, Jin and Kate are. But are Sawyer and Locke? Sun? If you remember, they said that if Sayid dies, they are all in big trouble. I’m guessing that this is the ultimate list; the one which tells who are all meant to find their destinies there. Sayid must have to do something important and if he died then he wouldn’t be able to, as with everyone else on the list. So if Locke is dead then why was he chosen by Jacob to begin with? Wouldn’t everyone on the list be the ones we saw Jacob touch in the last finale? If you saw the previews, then you also know that Mr. Loopy as Locke comes and guides Sawyer on a journey. Anyone else get the feeling that he’s going to use Sawyer’s hatred to get him to do something for him as he did Ben? Like tell Sawyer he has to kill Jack? I still thing that Jack will end up the next leader.

    • frank

      Yes. Absolutely. If there’s a pawn to be played, it’s the emotionally-damaged Sawyer. I think that’s precisely what we’re in store for!

    • jon

      Same list as the list Ben had before?

  • panos13

    i think one of the most interesting theories is that white “Jacob” is not actually “Jacob” but his evil twin, who has tricked the others in believing that he is their leader, while MIB is Jacob (thus hei very disappointed in all of them). That also explains why MIB does not have a proper name until now. Richard is possibly an other that helped white “Jacob” in this, or even better a “Ben”-like mortal that he used to kill MIB in first place, before he became “smokey”. That really matches the true Jacob and Esau story and would have been an amazing clue!

    • grasspike

      Jacob in the Bible was stuck in Egpyt but always wanted to go home to Israel. Years later after his death his decendents brought his bones from Egypt to be buried in Israel.

      Could this be why he told Locke all I want to do is go home?

    • frank

      Evil twin = garbage. I doubt they’d go with a ‘soap-opera’ evil twin angle.

      Grasspike has a great point about the bones. Perhaps MIB has bones (or something) in a place they should not be, and wants his remains to be buried (or burned, or adrift at sea – whatever would be appropriate)

      • panos13

        what i mean with evil twin is not a different character. I just say that MIB is actually the good guy and white “Jacob” the bad one, who has used everyone for his own purposes. Also I still believe that there is a reason that MIB does not have a proper name until now, and I consider that twist really interesting. Also we have to accept that we only know that Flocke is smokey. We have a big hint, but not proof that he is also MIB.
        There is another point I want to talk about. What if the detonation of the bomb brought the heroes in a superposition (quantum mechanics) between the two alternative time lines? That would probably mean that they will coexist in both timelines until they will have to be defined by a external observator (Schroedinger cat’s problem). Or even better, they could actually choose the timeline they prefer. That would be scientifically acceptable (in theory), but not so difficult to understand by most people. So, for example, Sawyer prefers 2004-new 815 in order to find Juliet, while Jack and Kate prefer 2007-dead Jacob and become Adam and Eve skeletons(bittersweet enough)

  • Dharma77

    I’m not going to post a theory, I’m just here to gush about Terry O’Quinn’s phenomenal performance in the premiere, Part 2 in particular. His “I want to go home” speech to Ben is the kind of clip you see when an actors name is mentioned as a nominee for an award, he played oh so well describing John Locke in third person (if you get what I mean!). Also, his little conversation with Jack in the Alt timeline was fantastic, gave me goosebumps watching those two interact so differently in a whole new environment. It was such a joy to watch him play John Locke and now he is doing a fantastic job playing Flocke, whenever he is on screen, its just so intense. Ben, Sun, Richard, etc. are just left with him, theres no telling what is going to happen. Fantastic premiere and 100% met my expectations.

    • Wow, yeah. I agree. Terry O’Quinn has been knocking it out of the park since the beginning, and he’s better than ever, now!

  • The Magician

    Couple of things….

    -“home” is likely to be somewhere on the island (maybe somewhere in the temple). We know the monster can leave the island because it has done numerous times (appearing to michael on the freighter, appearing to Jack in the hospital).

    -I took the chains comment to be metaphorical (perhaps a bit of a red herring). After all, Jacob was in servitude to Jacob and Jacob had just been killed. That, said, I am sure Richard was on the black rock, but perhaps as a captain (the sort of person you would want working for you – I doubt Jacob would’ve headhunted a random slave).

    -It seems increasingly likely to me that Jacob hasn’t told the others the full story of imprisoning MIB.

    • Chad Geri

      Good point, but we don’t really know that was the monster. Perhaps Jack was merely hallucinating, or maybe those were the actual spirits of the dead.

    • Chad Geri

      Also, Flocke contrasts the fact that Locke wanted to stay on the island with the fact that he wants to go home, so to me the strong implication was that “home” was off-island. What if “home” is actually another world?

  • Chad Geri

    I find fascinating the fact that the pyramid seems to have a Mayan influence. So either the island was some kind of cradle of civilization from which our various cultures originated, or people of various cultures have been brought to the island and each brought their own influence. The fact that the Others seem to come from various cultures possibly supports the second idea.

  • grasspike

    Just watched the pilot episode again and noticed something pretty cool. I have written above how the Temple looks to be Mesopotamian not Mayan.

    Anyway in the Pilot Episode we have the famous Backgammon Scene with Locke and Walt.

    Locke tells Walt

    “Backgammon is the oldest game in the world….they have found sets in Ancient Mesopotamia that were 5,000 years old”

    Interesting that back then they were talking about Mesopotamia. Also interesting is that Walt asks Locke “did they have dice and stuff?” to which Locke responds “yes but they were made of bone not plastic….two players, two sides one is dark the other is light”

    It has long been talked about online abouot the two players, yet I have never seen anyone talk about the Mesopotamian Connection or how the playing pieces were made of bone. Bones are things that were once alive and are now dead that wre used to play the game.

    Locke was dead and was used to play the game. Christian was dead and was used to play the game etc

    • naultz

      If you participated in Lost University in the ancient history class, they focused on Egyptian/mesopatamian cultures and civilizations. I would think that is because the show will focus on the backgrounds of those two cultures. Most of the classes had some degree of connection with lost, including the Physics class which Quantum Mechanics were discussed in reference to alternate universes and time travel.

  • Danielson

    What if a Sayid isn’t possessed by Jacob, but is possessed by Locke… Sayid wakes up and says “What Happened”, and in a different accent. Why would Jacob wake up and ask that. He always knows whats happening, whats going to happen, and what has happened. Jacob believed that Locke was special just like the rest of the Others believed. So what if Jacob wanted Hurley to bring Sayid to the Temple so that Locke had a way to come back…. That would be sweet to see Naveen Andrews portraying the John Locke character.

    • Jack’s Sidekick

      I’ve considered the same idea, though I still think back on Locke’s scene with Walt last season. Walt told him that in his dreams, Locke was in a suit and there were people all around him, wanting to hurt him. Now Flocke, or as I call him, Mr. Loopy is no longer wearing the suit (I get his body getting doubled but how the hell did his clothes and Jack’s dad’s shoes double too?)and is in classic Locke-island gear. i just can’t get the idea out of my head that if Locke did somehow come back then there would be confusion when everyone thinks that he is the double and everyone wants to hurt him. Sure I know he can’t but…(“Don’t tell me what I can’t do”) anything is possible on this show. It’s like our faith is being tested, hehe. There’s those who believe he is dead and others who feel he will walk again. But if he is dead then how I see it, his character is very much the essence of the final season. And if he wakes up in Sayid’s body, let’s just hope that Jack listens better this time around.

  • Nikita

    One thing I found puzzling…. Flocke says that “Locke was the only person who didn’t want to leave the island.” BUT that’s not true…..what about Rose and Bernard? Rose was healed from her cancer…..she never wanted to leave. In fact, last season we saw her and Bernard had built a home and were hiding from everyone and living a simple life….. anyone else notice that?

    • naultz

      i don’t think it was a choice for them to stay on the island but a choice to stay away from the drama of the losties. remember when they had the oppurtunity to “live”on the island at the barracks with locke they refuse because of lockes recent murders, but were still interested in leaving with jack. when that didn’t happen, they left the group to avoid the constant conflict. they just wanted to be left alone.

  • Nikita

    Anyone else wonder about Claire? She wasn’t seen on the plane. She’s in a taxi, but it wasn’t apparent that she was on flight 815. Also, wasn’t it weird that Jack is the only person to see or talk to Desmond? I didn’t see him in the airport either….. or did I miss something?

    • cap10tripps

      I’m fairly certain (the word fairly is important when discussing your thoughts on LOST) that Desmond has learned more control over his flashes, and we are seeing him in the midst of one. He can experience 2004 with the knowledge of the island in 2006 for example.

      • naultz

        Also, do we know if Claire is actually pregnant? I don’t recall seeing any shots of her waist, which means they could be hiding the fact for a later episode or maybe the ripples in time from 1977 causes the events leading to her pregnancy to not occur. If desmond has knowledge of past/future events why didn’t he recognize Jack?

        • JimmyFord

          Who’s to say he didn’t?

        • cap10tripps

          I believe he did recognize Jack, but didn’t want to get into the whole business of how he knows him from a parallel universe quite yet.

  • numbersarebad

    What if MIB’s body was burned at some point? There would be ashes left right? Maybe he can’t return to his original body (his home), but isn’t dead either. the ashes become alive in the form of the smoke monster.

    As for the ash that smokey can’t cross, I wonder what/who was burned to make it. Was it ash from some random tree or from certain people or things?
    Is this why the Other’s burn their dead?

    Another important question: when Locke was in the purge-pit and saw Walt, was that really Walt or MIB/smokey, or was he just high on that weird paste he made for Boone in season one?

    Was the Locke-ness Monster (Flocke/MIB) bulletproof before having Jacob killed?

    I wonder if the island being under water is the way to defeat the smoke monster.

  • cap10tripps

    I’m guessing we’re not through with the mysteries of Smokey quite yet. Jacob called him an old friend. Smokey imo had grown tired of his job (island/Jacob protector) and is looking for the Valenzetti equation to come to fruition (while Jacob’s trying to change the equation).

    As far as the ash goes (another guess), with all the traditions/symbolism of major religions seemingly coming together on the island it seems (if I’m not mistaken) that the ash implicates a voodoo protection ritual. Something I’ve always thought is that LOST is explaining in a very unique way why these traditions/religions exist.