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108 “Lost” Characters You Need to Know

By DarthVibbert,

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The season 5 premiere is finally here, our old friends at TheTailSection posted this tonight:

“But before you watch, make sure you’re 100 percent ready and up-to-date.  Over at BuddyTV, I just wrote a massive slideshow with 108 Lost characters you need to know.  It’s as complete a list as you’ll find about every major and minor character with some quick summaries to refresh your memory about what’s going on.

From Jack to Jacob, from Mr. Friendly to Frogurt, from Horace Goodspeed to Thomas Mittelwerk, remind yourself of all the players who have led us to here, some of whom just may pop up tonight.”


Check Out 108 Lost Characters You Need To Know>>

  • Matze

    That’s a really good list, but it seems like everybody and their moms are forgetting about Ji Yeon

  • LV

    This was really helpful – thanks!

  • Dom Cruise

    Good read, although Sawyer did not kill Mr. Friendly by running him over with the dharma van and Eko said nothing for 40 days, not 50 days. ah. im just being picky.