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5 Questions With: Jorge Garcia

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Jorge Garcia was recently interviewed by AOL, the questions are very light on spoilers, but be careful if you don’t want to be spoiled none-the-less.


1. Has being off the island on the show made shooting the show a lot different? It seems like your scenes are so separate now.

Well in many ways, almost every season started with us separated — from the guys who were on the boat and those of us who stayed back, then there were the guys who got captured and those of us were still back at the campsite. So every year, we start out with two separate shows going on it feels like. This one might’ve been even more so — it’s even more secluded and we didn’t even have the same base camps or the same sets – but that’s kind of what the show has been. The tribe splits up and then reunites … and then trouble happens again. [Laughs]

2. I’ve always believed that Hurley is the key to everything — he knew the numbers, he’s the only one to connect with all the other Oceanic 6 since they’ve been back. Did you know from the start that Hurley would play such a huge role in the story?
I had no idea. In fact, I remember my backstory was one of the last ones to be fleshed out and written. There was a long time where I was just like, ‘What’s it gonna be? When am I gonna get mine?’ And then they were like, ‘OK, you’re a lottery winner, you’re actually a millionaire.’ And I was like, ‘OK cool, but what’s the weird, ‘Twilight Zone’ aspect of my history?’ So when I finally got the script and saw the part where you see the numbers on the outside of the hatch, that’s when I knew. I liked that there was some kind of strong connection to the island. I had no idea it was gonna be anything like that, but we have some good writers that came up with some pretty cool things.

3. If this season is all about the Oceanic 6 getting back to the island, what’s the logical theme for the season 6, the final season?
The final season … well, I definitely feel the focus is on that whole fight between Ben and Widmore: who gets to claim the island for their own. That’s gonna have to come to a head somehow, and it will probably – hopefully – be decided once and for all at the end of it all. There’s maybe even a third party that enters into that fight as well. I feel like now we all come back, and then we’ve all gotta team up and fight who we feel is the bad guy.

4. What do you think would be the perfect way to wrap it all up?
Oof … I have no idea. That’s a tough one because our fans are pretty die-hard and they’ll never be able to please everybody. But I’m pretty sure battle royale would be a nice piece of it for sure. But for me, you’ve gotta figure out like the smoke monster and the four-toed statue, and then a big fight at the end. We’ve got to know about those things and then have an actual ending. You can’t end with a last scene like Jack waking up in the bamboo again and it’s all on a loop, like, “Aw, here we go again!” Or the island disappears in the last moment but we’re all on it now. [Laughs] It kind of leaves you hanging. It’s like, “Oh! Oh …”

5. You guys are all such pranksters — what’s been the funniest thing that’s happened shooting this season?
That’s a tough question to answer without revealing the story … um, there’s a certain piece of wardrobe that we’ve started incorporating into the show. And certain aspects of this kind of wardrobe we’ve been discussing. And benefits and detriments of these particular things and how people wear certain things. It’s mostly been about “How do you wear yours?” You know, “Do you go commando when you wear this?” [Laughs] There are certain things that’ve been revealed, but I’m not gonna add to that information. Some are different than others, because some don’t have pockets, and some have button closures when others don’t. We’re going, “What? Why is yours like that? That’s weird.” Things like that have been the main subject of discussion. That and Foxy (Matthew Fox) and I discussing that Saturday Night Live “J*** In My Pants” video [laughs] … that was a big thing around the set when that came out.

Source: AOL