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A Finale Explanation from a Supposed Bad Robot Employee UPDATE

By Koobie,

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This post first showed up on DarkUFO as someone claiming to be from Bad Robot. ย I don’t think that there is any credence to that claim, but his take how everything fits together is intriguing.

UPDATE: DarkUFO contacted ABC and found out that this person was indeed an intern at ABC, but he or she was released 3 years ago.

Good stuff on here! I can finally throw in my two cents! I’ve had to bite my tongue for far too long. Also, hopefully I can answer some of John’s questions about Dharma and the “pointless breadcrumbs” that really, weren’t so pointless …

First …
The Island:

It was real. Everything that happened on the island that we saw throughout the 6 seasons was real. Forget the final image of the plane crash, it was put in purposely to f*&k with people’s heads and show how far the show had come. They really crashed. They really survived. They really discovered Dharma and the Others. The Island keeps the balance of good and evil in the world. It always has and always will perform that role. And the Island will always need a “Protector”. Jacob wasn’t the first, Hurley won’t be the last. However, Jacob had to deal with a malevolent force (MIB) that his mother, nor Hurley had to deal with. He created the devil and had to find a way to kill him — even though the rules prevented him from actually doing so.

Thus began Jacob’s plan to bring candidates to the Island to do the one thing he couldn’t do. Kill the MIB. He had a huge list of candidates that spanned generations. Yet everytime he brought people there, the MIB corrupted them and caused them to kill one another. That was until Richard came along and helped Jacob understand that if he didn’t take a more active role, then his plan would never work.

Enter Dharma — which I’m not sure why John is having such a hard time grasping. Dharma, like the countless scores of people that were brought to the island before, were brought there by Jacob as part of his plan to kill the MIB. However, the MIB was aware of this plan and interferred by “corrupting” Ben. Making Ben believe he was doing the work of Jacob when in reality he was doing the work of the MIB. This carried over into all of Ben’s “off-island” activities. He was the leader. He spoke for Jacob as far as they were concerned. So the “Others” killed Dharma and later were actively trying to kill Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley and all the candidates because that’s what the MIB wanted. And what he couldn’t do for himself.

Dharma was originally brought in to be good. But was turned bad by MIB’s corruption and eventually destroyed by his pawn Ben. Now, was Dharma only brought there to help Jack and the other Canditates on their overall quest to kill Smokey? Or did Jacob have another list of Canidates from the Dharma group that we were never aware of? That’s a question that is purposley not answered because whatever answer the writers came up with would be worse than the one you come up with for yourself. Still … Dharma’s purpose is not “pointless” or even vague. Hell, it’s pretty blantent.

Still, despite his grand plan, Jacob wanted to give his “candidates” (our Lostaways) the one thing he, nor his brother, were ever afforded: free will. Hence him bringing a host of “candidates” through the decades and letting them “choose” which one would actually do the job in the end. Maybe he knew Jack would be the one to kill Flocke and that Hurley would be the protector in the end. Maybe he didn’t. But that was always the key question of the show: Fate vs Free-will. Science vs Faith. Personally I think Jacob knew from the beginning what was going to happen and that everyone played a part over 6 seasons in helping Jack get to the point where he needed to be to kill Smokey and make Hurley the protector — I know that’s how a lot of the writers viewed it. But again, they won’t answer that (nor should they) because that ruins the fun.

In the end, Jack got to do what he always wanted to do from the very first episode of the show: Save his fellow Lostaways. He got Kate and Sawyer off the island and he gave Hurley the purpose in life he’d always been missing. And, in Sideways world (which we’ll get to next) he in fact saved everyone by helping them all move on …


Sideways World:

Sideways world is where it gets really cool in terms of theology and metaphysical discussion (for me at least — because I love history/religion theories and loved all the talks in the writer’s room about it). Basically what the show is proposing is that we’re all linked to certain people during our lives. Call them soulmates (though it’s not exactly the best word). But these people we’re linked to are with us duing “the most important moments of our lives” as Christian said. These are the people we move through the universe with from lifetime to lifetime. It’s loosely based in Hinduisim with large doses of western religion thrown into the mix.

The conceit that the writers created, basing it off these religious philosophies, was that as a group, the Lostaways subconsciously created this “sideways” world where they exist in purgatory until they are “awakened” and find one another. Once they all find one another, they can then move on and move forward. In essence, this is the show’s concept of the afterlife. According to the show, everyone creates their own “Sideways” purgatory with their “soulmates” throughout their lives and exist there until they all move on together. That’s a beautiful notion. Even if you aren’t religious or even spirtual, the idea that we live AND die together is deeply profound and moving.

It’s a really cool and spirtual concept that fits the whole tone and subtext the show has had from the beginning. These people were SUPPOSED to be together on that plane. They were supposed to live through these events — not JUST because of Jacob. But because that’s what the universe or God (depending on how religious you wish to get) wanted to happen. The show was always about science vs faith — and it ultimately came down on the side of faith. It answered THE core question of the series. The one question that has been at the root of every island mystery, every character backstory, every plot twist. That, by itself, is quite an accomplishment.

How much you want to extrapolate from that is up to you as the viewer. Think about season 1 when we first found the Hatch. Everyone thought that’s THE answer! Whatever is down there is the answer! Then, as we discovered it was just one station of many. One link in a very long chain that kept revealing more, and more of a larger mosiac.

But the writer’s took it even further this season by contrasting this Sideways “purgatory” with the Island itself. Remember when Michael appeared to Hurley, he said he was not allowed to leave the Island. Just like the MIB. He wasn’t allowed into this sideways world and thus, was not afforded the opportunity to move on. Why? Because he had proven himself to be unworthy with his actions on the Island. He failed the test. The others, passed. They made it into Sideways world when they died — some before Jack, some years later. In Hurley’s case, maybe centuries later. They exist in this sideways world until they are “awakened” and they can only move on TOGETHER because they are linked. They are destined to be together for eternity. That was their destiny.

They were NOT linked to Anna Lucia, Daniel, Roussou, Alex, Miles, Lupidis, (and all the rest who weren’t in the chuch — basically everyone who wasn’t in season 1). Yet those people exist in Sideways world. Why? Well again, here’s where they leave it up to you to decide. The way I like to think about it, is that those people who were left behind in Sideways world have to find their own soulmates before they can wake up. It’s possible that those links aren’t people from the island but from their other life (Anna’s parnter, the guy she shot — Roussou’s husband, etc etc).

A lot of people have been talking about Ben and why he didn’t go into the Church. And if you think of Sideways world in this way, then it gives you the answer to that very question. Ben can’t move on yet because he hasn’t connected with the people he needs to. It’s going to be his job to awaken Roussou, Alex, Anna Lucia (maybe), Ethan, Goodspeed, his father and the rest. He has to attone for his sins more than he did by being Hurley’s number two. He has to do what Hurley and Desmond did for our Lostaways with his own people. He has to help them connect. And he can only move on when all the links in his chain are ready to. Same can be said for Faraday, Charlotte, Whidmore, Hawkins etc. It’s really a neat, and cool concept. At least to me.

But, from a more “behind the scenes” note: the reason Ben’s not in the church, and the reason no one is in the church but for Season 1 people is because they wrote the ending to the show after writing the pilot. And never changed it. The writers always said (and many didn’t believe them) that they knew their ending from the very first episode. I applaud them for that. It’s pretty fantastic. Originally Ben was supposed to have a 3 episode arc and be done. But he became a big part of the show. They could have easily changed their ending and put him in the church — but instead they problem solved it. Gave him a BRILLIANT moment with Locke outside the church … and then that was it. I loved that. For those that wonder — the original ending started the moment Jack walked into the church and touches the casket to Jack closing his eyes as the other plane flies away. That was always JJ’s ending. And they kept it.

For me the ending of this show means a lot. Not only because I worked on it, but because as a writer it inspired me in a way the medium had never done before. I’ve been inspired to write by great films. Maybe too many to count. And there have been amazing TV shows that I’ve loved (X-Files, 24, Sopranos, countless 1/2 hour shows). But none did what LOST did for me. None showed me that you could take huge risks (writing a show about faith for network TV) and stick to your creative guns and STILL please the audience. I learned a lot from the show as a writer. I learned even more from being around the incredible writers, producers, PAs, interns and everyone else who slaved on the show for 6 years.

In the end, for me, LOST was a touchstone show that dealt with faith, the afterlife, and all these big, spirtual questions that most shows don’t touch. And to me, they never once waivered from their core story — even with all the sci-fi elements they mixed in. To walk that long and daunting of a creative tightrope and survive is simply astounding.

  • Bulut

    Real writer or not, it’s a nice read. I really like his take on how Dharma fits in with the whole thing.

    • MeriJ

      I joined the chat room where this Bad Robot post was originally made. Regarding the spelling and such, you have to understand that this was a very small group of guys who had been talking about Lost for many years via a Buffalo Bills fansite. None of them had any idea that their post would be seen outside their circle. He might have typed it on a Blackberry, for all we know.

      Several of the guys there confirmed to me that he did work at Bad Robot starting a couple of years ago, although not as a writer on Lost (which he never claimed, btw). He does appear to be an aspiring scriptwriter, however. But he was a small fish at Bad Robot — and probably is even smaller now after getting in hot water over this post. Which is sad, since until after the finale it appears that he had been exceedingly careful not to reveal insider info.

      Finally, you have to bear in mind that those comments represent his memory of conversations he heard in the writersโ€™ room and his subjective take on them.

      A number of long-time Lost fans at the site where I hung out were expressing doubts about Darlton and Lost, so I was strongly drawn to his post as vindication of my own faith. It also coincided perfectly with my take on the show.

      Sadly I have lost my faith since then. But, really, this guy did Darlton a huge favor by confirming their claims that they knew where they were going all along. I no longer believe it, but I did for a long time after reading his post.

      • MeriJ

        I should clarify: I do believe the final scenes (from the church on) were written during the JJ era. I just don’t believe Darlton knew where they were going with the larger story arc during the later seasons. It feels to me more like they decided to finish with the original ending because it would be cool to say they had and then built a contrived sixth season to get there.

        But, as I said, I used to be a man of faith. So consider me fickle. And I still love the characters, the acting and the dialogue. I just don’t think they ended up being the brilliant story tellers that I had previously thought them to be. Especially in terms of the character development.

  • rick

    When the creators talked about knowing the ending of lost for years, I thought they were talking about the final shot of Jack closing his eye. Desmond was in the church, and wasn’t a main character of the show until season 3.

    • JimD

      Desmond started in Season 2.

      • The Mantis

        Did you miss the part about Ben? Just because it was the original ending doesn’t mean they couldn’t tweak it slightly. It’s not like Desmond was a major part of the final scene, he was simply there. Because he played a HUGE part in their lives after meeting them. Ya know, like making them all aware of it?

        • The Mantis

          Also, when they introduced the hatch in season 1, I’m guessing they planned on Desmond being inside. When you come up with an underground hatch on an island you usually account for what’s in it ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • I don’t think having more characters in the church is something the requires any kind of re-write. I figure it probably just said they’re all there.

      • Chris

        Also, as you may recall, Desmond was the cause of the plane crash (failing to timely enter the numbers and push the button) so I think it would follow he should be there.

    • WHM

      Juliet was in the Church and she didn’t appear until Season 3. Still not sure why Sayid was with Shannon and not Nadia.

      • claudia

        Nadia wasn’t on the island, she had nothing to do with the others she was only Sayids greatest love. but yeah i understand you, it would be better if Nadia was with Sayid.

  • RodimusBen

    If I had to place a bet on it, I would say this is fake. But, it is a really profound interpretation of the finale either way.

  • that_girl

    This seems really plausible and to fit really well, but s/he spelled a lot of names wrong there — Lapidus, Rousseau, Ana Lucia … bad speller or not really Bad Robot?

  • Huckelberry

    Doesn’t really matter if it’s a writer or not, this describes probably what many viewers already are thinking.

    As so many people these days, I have also read alot on religion and theism, and I am and have always been an atheist. But that doesn’t take away the same feelings and awe that religious people experience from time to time.

    LOST really created some deep feelings in me, and that is why it is so much greater than any other show. I actually have serious doubts that there will ever be a show as good as LOST. It is kind of depressing, but that is life.

    I would just comment one thing. Science did not loose in LOST, because it didn’t fail in its goals. It lost in the narrative, yes, but not in principle. Science can never – and shouldn’t try to – take the place of religion.

    • Glue your eyelids

      Thank you for saying this; it’s true that science wasn’t in the foreground in the finale (or the whole sixth season for that matter) but nothing of what we’ve seen negates the scientific references that had been made before. Like, even if no one in the show says it out loud, it’s pretty clear that what some call “the light” are EM pockets to others… We’ve just seen different takes on essentially the same matter.

    • Muffin

      Check out BREAKING BAD if you want a show that’s truly fantastic. It really sucks that more people simply aren’t aware of this shows existence. If you want a show that has amazing cliffhangers, amazing writing AND knows EXACTLY where it’s going and what it’s doing at all times– Breaking Bad is for you.

  • LaFleur Me

    Wow -for a writer -he sure doesn’t know how to use spellcheck. I like most of his ideas but it falls apart at the end when he says only season 1 characters are in the church. Desmond, Penny and Juliet are in the church and didn’t show up until seasons 2 and 3. Perhaps they were always written in -who knows. He also fell apart with the Dharma purge -this was ordered by Richard -and we now know Richard DID speak for Jacob. Richard is also the one who changed Ben into an “Other” at the Temple and the 1st other Ben ever talked to. I believe Dharma was wiped out by Jacob because -like the other “visitors” before them -they tried to exploit the Island for their own purposes. They went off the territory they were given and tried to drill into the “heart” of the Island. They caused an incident and had to go.

    I’ve thought about some other unanswered mysteries -like if the bomb went off and I now believe it did -and it always had. Eloise knew this -just as she knew she would kill Daniel. When the Losties “woke up ” after the bomb went off the area was destroyed and a hatch then had to be built again to release the pressure every 108 minutes.

    But so many mysteries left -so much to play with -can’t wait to read what all the other crazy people like me think. Soooo glad Doc is continuing in a new forum. I cannot “let go” yet -maybe I never will.

    • Huckelberry

      so it’s an established fact now that the losties didn’t cause the incident?

      • Leachpunk

        I think he just said that the losties did in fact cause the incident…

        “Iโ€™ve thought about some other unanswered mysteries -like if the bomb went off and I now believe it did -and it always had. Eloise knew this -just as she knew she would kill Daniel. When the Losties โ€œwoke up โ€ after the bomb went off the area was destroyed and a hatch then had to be built again to release the pressure every 108 minutes. ”

        I think that pretty clearly wraps that up. And Honestly, the OP quoted mess, while a nice theory, heavily flawed. And @LaFleurMe definitely caught him on it.

      • Stephan

        The Losties did create the Incident to create an alternate universe which never happened. So basically Season 5 was just a tale of time travel and Dharma that really amounted to nothing.

        • Are you serious on the alternate universe thing? Did you even pay attention to the show? Wow.

        • Latocrates

          Stephen, there WAS no alternate universe. That was the whole point of the finale.

        • bruinonfire

          Well, Season Five was about a lot more than just time travel.

          I’ll ignore the character development there for the sake of this post, though not because it’s important. I suspect that Stephan would like to be able to think that there were some crucial story developments in Season Five, and that the work they did–detonating the bomb, at the cost of Juliet’s life–wasn’t for naught.

          I’d argue that the events in the ’77 timeline were crucial. Remember, even after John Locke turned the frozen donkey wheel and stopped the ’07 crew from skipping through time like a warped record, Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, et al were STILL stuck in ’77. While both Faraday and Jack were wrong about using Jughead as a reset button, detonating the nuclear device in the EM pocket at the Swan Station seems to be what was needed to catapault our characters back into the same timeline. Without THAT, none of the work of Season Six–most notably, killing MiB andsaving the island–would have been possible.

          • amy

            I think another important aspect of the time travels was to effects Ben life. I think Jacob used Ben in his long con to have MIB killed. I think Jacob knew that Ben would kill him, and wanted him to, otherwise a replacement could not take Jacobs place.

            I do think that everything thrown into these six seasons had a point, people need to get past their anger that the series ended on a sappy happily ever after note and start digging deeper. It has taken me some time, but I am seeing the beauty in the ending and I am going back and answering all those questions myself. Who cares if my answer to a question is not what the writers intended….I kinda like that I don’t have to worry about them coming out with a definitive answer that is different from mine. At first it did feel like a cop-out but really when you think about how much trust they have in their viewers to evaluate the show and come up with their own answers…isn’t that why most of us were drawn to this series in the first place.

            I, for one, will continue to delve into the world of LOST, I am glad they have left me with a reason to do so…

          • katieb817

            Amy, I agree with you. I like the leaked explanation, and at first I was upset that they didn’t give us a definitive answer for everything in the finale, but the fact that this show urges us to come up with our own answers is why most people are drawn to this theory. And it’s for damn sure I do a double check of everyone while taking my seat on a plane, specifically looking for my Sawyer!

        • Greg

          The Losties created the incident, which caused the DI to repurpose Swan to vent the electromagnetic energy, which brought down Flight 815, which led to the hatch exploding, which made Desmond “special.”

          Faraday was wrong — or misdirecting Jack because he knew that he had to maintain the timeline even if it meant being shot by his own mother. (Faraday’s experiments on moving his consciousness through time may have clued him into that.)

          • Correction: Desmond was already “special”. The hatch exploding simply made him skip through time until he found Penny. At least, that’s what I gathered.

    • Dharma Chameleon

      Lets consider Eloise and here gift of knowing. Perhaps she is like Ben, akin to him waiting outside the church. She has experienced her awakening but isn’t ready to move on (needs to find her group, possibly).

      This might also explain why she asks Desmond if he is taking Daniel. She is hoping that Daniel is on a later flight (so to speak) and wants some quality time with him.


      It is intriquing that the world with the smoke monster, magical light, talking dead people etc. was in fact reality and the seemly every day normal realm was in fact the afterlife/purgatory.

      Perhaps we are all in purgatory right now! Cheque please.

      • Stephan

        Very interesting Chameleon.

    • Beena

      Couldn’t agree with you more about Dharma. There is no way they were candidates, and they came to the island with an agenda that grew progressively more impure.

    • Rousseau

      Don’t bann me – I have a post-LOST chat room for those who can’t ‘let go’
      I’d post a link but scared to – it’s in buzzen chat under the entertaintment section. You’ll know which room, it’s called
      The LampPost (what else?)


    • Al

      The Dharma Initiative was killed for the same reason the Man in Black’s group died — they were getting too close to the Source of light on the Island.

      • Greg

        Interesting point. I like it.

  • Buzzkiller

    A very good read, real or not.

  • Stephan

    The Dharma explaination makes absolutely no sense. So Jacob brought Dharma to the Island and ALLOWED the MIB to corrupt Ben? Why did he allow this to take place? Was he on vacation or something? This is an absolute joke. Point is Dharma was built up to be this important group and in the end they amounted to nothing. Supposedly their main purpose was altering the Valenzetti Equation. You remember…the all important Numbers that were constantly featured throughout LOST. Oh yeah, the Numbers were just there because Jacob had a thing for numbers. LOL

    • I take that as referencing the pool in the temple. I think showing us what happened to Sayid was almost an explanation of what happened to Ben, without overtly saying it. Both awakened after being submerged in the pool with the same words, “What happened?” Richard was Jacob’s intermediary, and he had to make a snap decision without consulting Jacob. It isn’t so much that Jacob allowed it, he just wasn’t in the loop when the Ben-dunking happened.

      I saw Dharma as just another iteration of the people the MiB was working with in “Across the Sea” – Smart people who are curious about things. They were never made out to be all important, they were just the group that came to the Island that got the closest to finding out the Source. And they were massacred (just like MiB’s people were in “AtS”)

      And the Numbers were from the dial in the Lighthouse, not because Jacob liked numbers. It’s just like assigning numbers to a player on a team – it’s a point of reference. The numbers were important because they WERE our characters. I don’t see how that isn’t enough for people.

      Arguments like this are frustrating because it’s so obvious you either weren’t paying attention, or have no imagination.

      • Stephan

        What’s frustrating is that your explainations have no validity and are just pure speculation.

        • Greg

          Gosh, an art form being open to interpretation. Who woulda thunk it?

        • Actually Stephan, I think it has a lot of validity. It’s not speculation, it’s inference. They’re two completely different things. I’m using things presented to us by the writers to come up with what I said. My post below veers more towards speculation, and I think I made that pretty clear.

          The show was never about providing all the answers, and because of that we got one of the greatest finales in TV history.

          • johr77

            The show was never about providing all the answers, and because of that we got one of the greatest finales in TV history.


            everyone dies and finds there way into the light?

            i would have liked to see them live a few more years and see what was happening to them then.

          • Buy the DVDs then ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Latocrates

      Keep in mind the “altering the Valenzetti equation” thing isn’t from the show–it’s from the online game, which the creators have many times said they weren’t beholden to.

      • Stephan

        So what you are saying that Dharma had absolutely no purpose. They were just a bunch of scientists that were brought on the Island and allowed to do pretty much what they wanted. Good story. They really had an important purpose.

        • Greg

          There are two points you’re missing. One is, that the whole conflict was a series of competing “long cons” between Jacob and MiB. The second is that Dharma was a part of the history of the island, a group of scientists trying to study the odd features of the place with some sort of hippy ethic thrown in. Their purpose intersected the Jacob/MiB conflict in numerous ways, but they weren’t the point of the show. They don’t need to be explained any more than the builders of the temple or the dealer who sold Dharma the VW buses.

          • Stephan

            Are you even paying attention to this comment section? We are discussing the validity of the questionable Bad Robot employee and his comments about Dharma. He stated that Dharma was brought to the Island by Jacob to kill the MIB. The MIB supposedly corrupted Ben into killing the Dharma Initiative. It makes for a good story but where was Jacob during this time?

          • Greg

            I can’t seem to reply to Stephan at 9:53, so I’ll do it here.

            I get that we’re talking about the Dharma theory. During all this time, Jacob was doing what Jacob was doing: recruiting possible candidates, observing and intervening when necessary (visiting 815 survivors in person even); all for the purpose of setting his “con” in motion. He needed MiB to kill him (i.e.) Jacob in order to kill MiB. Jacob wanted to correct his big mistake: creating the smoke monster, thereby endangering the island, the world and/or the souls of humanity.

            MiB took Jacob as the simple “good guy” he appeared and assumed he was getting the better of Jacob by corrupting the people Jacob gathered. I’m not saying that every Dharma guy was personally selected by Jacob, but he may have instigated the whole thing the same way he brought the Black Rock to the island, letting it all play out from there.

            In that sense, yes Dharma was brought there to help him end the MiB. The Dharma Initiative thought they were there to change the Valenzetti equation, which is nice, but not really important.

          • Stephan

            Ok I understand what you are saying but where was Jacob when MIB was corrupting Dharma. Plus Richard was Jacobs advisor who ultimately recruited Ben. So how did Richard manage to take instructions from the MIB?

          • Greg

            I think Jacob gave Richard a long leash. It was pretty clear at the end that Richard was clueless as to Jacob’s plans.

            Considering that Jacob planned to use MiB’s plans against MiB, I can see that he was fairly hands-off to how the Others operated. He specifically said to Richard that he didn’t want to have to tell people what was right or wrong, that they should choose it.

            Richard wasn’t the leader of the Others, but chief consigliere to the Others.

          • Stephan

            So basically MIB corrupted Dharma and the Others and Jacob did nothing about it?

          • Greg

            I don’t think ALL of Dharma was corrupted, per se. Ben certainly was, maybe others. I think MiB helped set up the situation in which Ben and the Others purged Dharma.

          • Alex

            “He needed MiB to kill him (i.e.) Jacob in order to kill MiB.”

            No he didn’t. MiB was killed when the cork was taken out of the source thing and then MiB could be killed by Kate and Jack like a normal person. Jacob didn’t need to die for MiB to be killed. He just needed the cork to be taken out and then have someone kill MiB. That didn’t require his own death.

          • Greg

            I didn’t say it required his own death…just that it was how Jacob was going to plan for it go down, his “con” so to speak.

            The classic confidence game tricks the mark into thinking he’s calling all the shots. MiB thought he was conning Jacob by using Jacob’s people (Others or otherwise) against him. Jacob, however, allowed it all to happen so that he could use the candidates and Desmond to finish MiB.

            Jacob used his own death (what did he care, he’d been around for two millennia doing a job he never really wanted) to let MiB think he’d gained the upper hand. All the while, Jacob (through Hurley and a previous arrangement with Widmore, if you can believe Widmore), guided the remaining candidates and Desmond into place.


      jakey said he had hoped he was wrong about ben and in case u wernt watching the same show stephan jacob liked to let ppl play out their decisions(free will)
      *i reckon when jacob relised mother wasnt paying him 4 hiz chorez, he soughta done it half assed….

  • This is basically my take on the finale (which I thought was amazing) as well, so if this person does work for BR, it’s pretty cool (although I think it’s more likely he/she doesn’t).

    I’ve been thinking a lot about what we’ve seen, and I wonder if I have some other “answers” people wanted, but we never got. (caveat – these are MY interpretations using what we’ve seen, and are by no means representative of what the writers thought).

    – I think Walt’s special powers were a little like what Jacob could do – summon things. We saw Walt summon the bird in “Special.” I also noticed in the pilot that Walt is reading the comic with the polar bear IMMEDIATELY before Kate, Sawyer and Co. encounter the bear.

    – The donkey wheel worked by using the water and the light, as stated by the MiB. I think it might have in some way moved the “cork” and created a “shockwave” of sorts the effected space time.

    • Alex

      The problem with Walt being “special” was never really what his powers were. It was *why* is Walt special as opposed to anyone else. And why could Hurley see dead people, and Miles read the last thoughts of the dead? If the answer to that is just “some people happen to have special powers”, then I don’t like that. That’s the type of explanation Heroes or X-men gives.

      • DeSelby

        I disagree. It’s impossible to explain why Hurley sees dead people or Miles hears them. Are you expecting them to lay out which DNA strands hold the gene for medium-hood? The point is it was relevant to the story–but further, Miles was searched out for his ability, so if anyone did have that gift he or she would have been found to serve out that job on the freighter expedition. For Hurley, he was crazy, or had been, and it’s often used as a device in literature (Valis for example, Orwell mentions something on the topic) that insane doesn’t mean wrong, it just means people perceive things differently–maybe even better.

        The problem with Walt was there was no point, or if there was he had to leave the show before it could be made. Miles’ and Hurley’s abilities advanced the plot and were well defined. Walt’s were kind of all over the place and didn’t end up having the significance that was implied.

        • Dharma Shark

          Are you suggesting Hurley has had ghost-whispering power all along? I like that. It explains why he was really in the mental hospital and his imaginary friend Dave from S2. Makes it part of his character and not just a random plot device imparted for no particular reason.

  • jamesepowell

    Okay, we get that the numbers were from the lighthouse, but that raises a number of questions. How was it that the lighthouse settings allowed Jacob to observe the candidates throughout their lives? Why were the numbers broadcast on the radio? How was it that those exact same numbers came to be on the hatch? How was it that those numbers caused Hurley, who “was” one of the numbers, to win the lottery? Did Jacob cause that, too?

    • – How did the Lighthouse work?

      Who knows? Do you want midicholrians?

      – Why were the numbers broadcast on the radio?

      Valenzetti equation, Dharma believed they were saving the world by changing it, and the numbers broadcast would let anyone know if they did. Of course Dharma was duped into this by whomever, much in the way Locke was duped.

      – How did the numbers get on the hatch?

      Dharma stamped them there as a serial number. Why? Because someone thought it was a good serial number, probably through the power of Island suggestion.

      – How did the numbers cause Hurley to win the lottery?

      Just another manipulation to get Hurley to the Island. Again, midichlorians (and probably caused by Jacob, yes.)

  • shea

    dharma were as important as the nigerian drug dealers or the black rock or the carcas of flight 815 to anyone who comes after. there signs that life took place on the island.

    like the theory but agree that juliett trow’s a spanner in it but apart from that yeah i’d go for it. my hobby horse i’ve been saying to any one is they were always connected before they got on the island with the flash blacks, even ben if you take season five into it, going back in time and shooting him, maybe made him the man he became, setting of the bomb set a chaper of desmonds life in motion which in turn brought down the plane, so all around they were connected, minus julliet anyway(fine character) would accept this ending was pre concieved.

    • Stephan

      What you are all not understanding is that the only thing that was preconceived was the part of Jack dying and closing his eyes. That’s it. Everything that happened in between was made up on the fly.

      • Greg

        No, I think people get it. We just fail to see your point. Who cares? The writers didn’t need to map out every moment.

        It is actually how most fiction writing gets done, you have a premise, characters and a general goal, and you see how it folds out along the way. What if they had a strict 6 year plan and got canceled after the second season? What if, say, an actor dies or, as happened, his parents die and has to leave the show.

        The producers had a general concept and, once they were able to set a finale date, could flesh it out until their hearts’ content. They created a lush, interesting, multifaceted world in which to tell their story. It is fairly remarkable that they were able to end it on their own terms in a way they found fulfilling. OK, so you won’t get every little detail explained away, but you’ll have to convince me that they needed explaining.

        The answers they felt that you needed to understand the show were resolved. The rest were just mysteries, and most of those can be resolved through a little creative reasoning on the part of the viewer. You’re not going to find out why Radzinsky, presumably, put those numbers on the hatch or exactly why he plastered his brains to the ceiling. But who cares? Its like saying you need to know who owned the Millennium Falcon before Lando in order to enjoy Empire Strikes Back!

        • bruinonfire

          Wait, is that a typo, or am I just as much of a lazy Star Wars fan as I suspect myself to be?

          Did Lando own the Millennium Falcon before Han?

          As for Lost and junk, yeah. I’d place my bets as follows:

          1.) OP certainly doesn’t work for Bad Robot, at least as a writer. See OP’s writing as evidence.

          2.) The closed eye image–absolutely something I could see Darlton as having penned way back in Season One.

          3.) I’d lay a little money on them having some vague sense that the lead-in to the closed eye would be some kind of gathering of souls, but I doubt that scene was WRITTEN-written more than a few months ago.

          Regardless, I think that OP gives a thorough reading of the finale/series that is in many ways consistent with mine, even if I disagree on some points (esp. his thoughts on Dharma, Ben, and Richard). Regardless, it was fun to read and check against my own thoughts.

          Spirited debate and respectful disagreement CAN be used to refine ideas, rather than ridicule them.

          Just saying.

          • Stephan

            Thank you. I am just bringing up inconsistencies with the story and am getting accused of not paying attention or not watching the show. LOL I agree it was a good read but there is no way this person is on the inside of LOST information.

          • Greg

            Yeah, Han won it from Lando in a card game (sabaac, sabacc, something like that).

            And, yeah, I pretty much agree with all three of those points, however, I think they had a better understanding of the whole jacob/MiB thing when they set the end date around 2007/Season 3. I would even suspect sooner, in some fashion, given that “con games” (which I think is what essentially went on here between Jacob and MiB) have been a theme of the show since its inception, which makes Sawyer a little more interesting.

          • Stephan

            What would’ve been interesting is better storytelling and explaining in Season 6. How about the fact that Sawyer was the only person alive at the end not the leave the Island (which was brought up to me by my friend) and was deemed unimportant. I thought for sure that it happened for a reason just like everything else on LOST. Guess I was wrong.

          • Naultz

            Han won the millennium Falcon from Lando in a Card game. I think Hurley owned it before Lando ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Stephan

          The answers they felt that you needed to understand the show were resolved? LMAO

          This is what I think is disturbing. Why can’t you admit that they writers didn’t bring complete closure to the series. Guess Darlton can do no wrong in your eyes. I am as big a LOST fan as you’ll meet and for me to be making these comments you better believe there is something wrong. The show is 50% characters and 50% mystery and they onlt brought closure to the character side of the story.

          So I have a bunch of questions that were important to the story that weren’t answered. Should I list them all for you or what? How about we start off with what the whole show was about…what was the Island?

          PS The Millenium Falcon was a ship.

          • Greg

            Of course the Falcon was a ship. It had owners.

            What was the island? I don’t know, but on the island was something that was responsible for “life, death and rebirth” as the Mother explained.

            Did the producers solve every little detail? Of course not (WALT!), but enough to answer the major conflicts of the show. You seemed to be hung up on the notion that all mysteries were important.

          • Stephan

            The Island mystery as far as what it was should’ve been tied up. We know that it had a light and was the source of life, death, and rebirth but we really don’t know anything about it. The fact that MIB became a smoke momster went he went into the light and Jack didn’t makes no sense whatsoever. What about the fact that Jack was transported out of the light and landed inthe same spot MIB did and was alive. Does that make any sense? Plus they introduced even more mysteries by showing us man made structures and skeletons by the light in the SERIES FINALE!

          • Greg

            Were those things important, if so, how so? To me they were how the vague “rules” work. Maybe malevolence had something to do with it. One of the themes this season was that even Jacob wasn’t entirely sure what the island was, only that he fucked something up, creating smoke monsters out of dead twin brothers.

            The take home message is that Jack was able to reboot the island (like the candy machine!). My personal interpretation is that Jack made the sideways universe possible by sacrificing himself to replug the island, thereby restarting the karmic wheel.

            At the risk of leaving you hanging, g’night!

          • Chip

            Stephan, there is no scientific explanation for the Island — intentionally so on Darlton’s part. They only said that a zillion times in interviews after season 5 ended, and maybe before. That’s not bad writing; it’s a case of choosing not to explain mysteries that touch upon faith. (As I said on a previous thread, jump over to USA Today and watch an interview with Darlton where they say that the Island was a way for them to explore ideas about God.)

            It makes perfect sense that MIB became the Smoke Monster and Jack did not by the setup the series gave us. MIB had much anger in his heart; in Dogen’s terms, the black outweighed the white. Jack, on the other hand, was the opposite. If you grew up watching Spielberg’s films, the tip of the hat to Raiders of the Lost Ark is obvious. The light on the Island is handled similarly to the ark of the covenant in Raiders. If you go to it and evil is predominant in you, you’re toast. If you’re good, you’ll be OK. (While I’m no great defender of “Across the Sea,” as I didn’t hate it but it’ll never make my list of best LOST episodes, I’m surprised that the obvious homages to Spielberg and Raiders weren’t discussed more.)Of course Jack landed in the same spot as MIB and was unharmed! He was “judged worthy,” to allude to the third Indiana Jones film.

            Yes, there were more skeletons down by the light. Of course there were! People went down there to harness the light’s power with impure motives. They suffered. There were skeletons in the pit of snakes in Raiders, too. What happened to them is obvious, and what happened to the people by the light is obvious from watching “Across the Sea.” That’s a mystery?

          • Insulted


            I understand exactly what you are saying.

            The Lost writers stank. They didn’t write a decent finale. Not really. Not one deserving of the totality of the series that had spanned six seasons.

            You wanted answers, and you deserved them. You were promised them by the show’s creator’s.

            Now you have people on here, and you are sadly in the minority — who are bullying you and making you feel like an idiot because you want those answers and because you feel like you did not get the ending you wanted.

            I was fine with the spiritual side of the ending, but I wanted MORE. I needed more, because Lost was had been so much MORE over the course of six seasons.

            But sadly, we learned that the Lost writers simply weren’t up to the task. The staff couldn’t write their way out of a paper bag. That became very clear in the finale.

            Most people are giving them passes, writing the ending for them, coming up with their own answers, saying things like “but really when you think about how much trust they have in their viewers to evaluate the show and come up with their own answers” … no. Really gutsy writers don’t leave it to the viewers to come up with their own answers. Especially when they have promised their viewers that the answers will be revealed.

            So Stephan, you and many others like you are also wishing that Lost had ended on a different note.

            For me, it changed the way I felt about the entire series. Because the ending DID change the entire series. As it did render so many things clearly pointless, because they were not addressed at all, and other things went in another unexpected direction.

            So for me, Lost became much less of a show than I thought it was. It went from a great show to just an okay show.

      • Leon

        Yeah everything was made up. Happy? Will you leave the site now? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Desi’s Brother

    I find the treatment of Michael really sad. Michael made mistakes on the island, but was tormented by grief and guilt. He lost everything —including his son. He never got any credit for saving the LOSTies on the freighter from the bomb…

    Yet he is damned for eternity to live as a ghost on the island. How is that fair?

    Why can Sayid and Ben — who have killed tons of people — make it into this sideways-purgatory? Why do they get redemption but not Michael?

    This purgatory world is pure CON job. There is no reason for it to have been set in 2004 exclusively other than to fool the audience for an entire season into thinking it was an alternate universe. There is no reason that purgatory would look like LA 2004 and take place in the space of a week. It could have been anything. It could have been neat to see them at different ages, or an adult Walt for instance.

    The fatal mistake LOST made was deciding to end the conflict between science/reason vs faith/mysticism by deciding on one over the other. It has deeply offended many fans including myself when they could have just left it ambiguous. They gave the science aspect nothing this entire season. Ending it all in a church for me was the ultimate betrayal of the concept of the show. Why not have them leave via a Hatch? That would have been far more poetic maintained the ambiguity instead of the hit you over the head evangelical ending.

    • CH

      I completely agree with you. Further, this ending was a total disappointment, and left FAR too many holes to have been conceived/written from the very beginning.

    • Greg

      I think Michael is stuck on the island because he hasn’t forgiven himself for shooting Ana Lucia and Libby.

    • shea

      yeah micheals story is really sad. he was the reason i started watching lost. thaught he was a brillient actor, and his story. but think the difference between him and ben/syid is that when he betrayed the losties he know what he was doing was wrong. you could see the sence of guilt on him. when he came back as kevin johnson it was still there his conversation with hurley, i don’t think he forgave himself for it. thats my reading of it any way

  • Eural Joiner

    Since you guys are debating points about the plotline/inconsistencies, I’ve got one that I’m trying to wrap my head around. I realize that what counts as a mystery that needs answering varies from viewer to viewer and I’m pretty good with most of the unresolved points – but this one is bugging me more and more. If anyone can help me out, I’d appreciate it!

    So MIB’s main issue is he is trapped on the island and wants to leave. He also claims to have impersonated Jack’s father to manipulate him on the island. Yet, twice we clearly saw Christian Shepherd/MIB off island: with Michael on the freighter (having crossed water, another no no according to later dialogue) and in Jack’s hospital/office late at night. When the MIB first made the Christian claim I thought it was a manipulative ruse to further lead Jack on…yet by the finale it was not broached again leaving me to think that was the final answer from the writers. Which is really really inconsistant with what had been previously established as the motivating conflict for the MIB. I don’t get it.:(

    • Chip

      It puzzled me that we never saw a lot of discussion about the fact that MIB *only* said that he was Christian on the occasion when Jack chased him through the jungle, three days after the crash. I found it significant that he never claimed to always be Christian, although most people seemed to jump to that conclusion. We are left hanging on that issue, but my assumption is that sometimes we saw MIB as Christian, while other times we did not.

      • Desi’s Brother

        Oh god, so then Christian was someone else at other points? Or the real Christian as a ghost —-and also in limbo-land? huh?

        • Chip

          We saw the ghost of Isabella when she was both the MIB (in the Black Rock) and when she was not (when Hurley facilitated the meeting between her and Richard). Not every appearance of dead people over the course of the series seems to be the work of MIB. That makes all of the Christian appearances open to speculation. As I said, this is an issue on which we were left hanging.

          • Greg

            Christian’s appearance on the Freighter still puzzles me. On one hand, Michael’s inability to commit suicide seems like a side effect of candidacy. On the other, MiB certainly wanted to set events in motion to get Locke to turn the wheel (so that he could die and return to “lead” the Others).

    • Desi’s Brother

      Yip, it makes no sense at all.

      Just like Charlie and Ana-Lucia appearing to Hugo in season 4, and Libby to Michael —- as ghosts off the island —- also makes no sense if they died and went to limbo-land. Do they exist as ghosts –AND —in limbo-land? huh?

      Unless they were just Hurley going crazy.

      We can certainly decide that many of the apparitions on the island were MIB–like Yemi, Ana-Lucia, Horace.

      But why do people not on the island appear like Ben’s mother and Isabella? Is Isabella stuck for iternity on the island? Why?


      • amy

        In my opinion, and at this piont that is all we have..our own opinions…I think the point was that we are all connected. Time, space, death, none of that matters, it is all just an illusion. When our characters see ‘ghost’ it was usually at a time when they needed some assistance to get to the place the needed to go.

        We get that the sideways world was an illusion and we think we got that everything else was “real”…but what does “real” really mean. I think each world we saw was at a different level but they are all “real” and an illusion at the same time. Too many things on island world are illusion like….kate’s horse?

        This needs more thought on my part….

      • naultz

        as the series progressed i had come up with different reasons for the inconsistancies surrounding these off island sightings, the stangest of which is christian’s apperances. at first I thought that maybe being in contact with the island , left an “imprint” on the losties minds that allowed some bleed over, or hallucinations(ie. jack seeing christian at work). during sixth season, I thought maybe christian represented the island force itself, and finally after MIB’s admission at being christian shepard I gave up. I have tried all different angles of reasoning and unfortunatley the only two plausable answers. one answer is ghosts can be anytime, anywhere( copout answer) or the writers ignored this inconsistancy to continue the overall bigger picture. the latter is probably true.

  • minnie swirl

    I like it. It makes sense to me.

  • cap10tripps

    Simple answer to why Jack survived and MIB did not= Jack was lowered into the source. MIB was knocked unconscious by Jacob and fell to his death. MIB was both evil and special. By dying in the source his energy was released as the diabolical smoke monster.

    Btw, the explanation of the others being corrupted by Ben who was corrupted by Smokey is the best explanation of the mystery that is Walt. Walt was special and seen as a possible threat to MIB’s plans, so he was allowed to leave after Michael did some of the corrupteds’ dirty work. Well that… and puberty.

    • otis elevator

      This post contains my biggest disagreement with many interpretations of the finale–and of the series in general: that MIB was somehow inherently evil. What evidence are we basing this on? The fact that Jacob said so? If there is one thing that “Across the Sea” established for me, it’s that, immortal or not, Jacob didn’t necessarily have any better grasp on the inner workings of the island than anyone else.

      The fact that he killed some people? Almost everyone in Lost killed some people, even Hurley (S3 finale).

      I think that at worst, MIB was self-serving–willing to sacrifice others to his goal of getting off the island. But even Jack, the star of our show, was willing to let his friends Sawyer, Sayid, and Bernard die in order to achieve the exact same goal when he wanted off the island.

      Is it because he manipulated people? Jacob did that too.

      Because he’s black and the other guy’s white? Now that’s just racist.

      Finally, I never got the impression that the others (or Ben) were ever really “corrupted” by Smokey in the same way that Sayid and the French people were. I think instead that Ben was manipulated psychologically by MIB rather than actually being controlled. Also, I got the Temple dunk tank was a force of life until Jacob died, at which point its powers became up for grabs, leading to Sayid’s being “claimed.”

      But anyway, if anyone can provide me with better evidence that MIB is in fact evil, I’d love to hear it.

      • cap10tripps

        I was basing my assessments off the supposed Bad Robot employee’s description. Now if you’re asking my opinion (which is fairly close to said description), I would say that Ben was “claimed” differently than Sayid but claimed nonetheless.

        As far as Smokey being evil, I completely agree that there is a purposeful gray area considering mommy wasn’t really mommy, and MIB never really had much in the way of choices. Hell, if they would’ve just let him leave, this whole mess may have never transpired. However, I could argue that protecting the heart of the island sometimes causes a decission made for the greater good. Though I also believe certain acts (mama smoke killing the twins’ mother) represents a gray area as well. Jacob specifically did not have the heart of a cold blooded killer though. He ran things a bit differently than their “crazy mother.”

        Imo, mother was a smoke monster as well. It was certainly hinted at. Her task had obviously consumed much of her light, and she seemed to know that a fate “worse than death” could await those who went into the source. MIB was just obsessed with a specific goal (leaving) that ate away at him until the dark outweighed the light. While there’s plenty of gray areas, I believe the story clearly showed that Smokey represented a darkness that could absolutely never leave the island. After all if he achieved his goal, we would all simply “cease to exist.”

      • Buzzkiller

        I got the impression the Smoke monster and MIB were different things. Smoke monster was absolute evil, and was just posing as MIB, just as it posed as Mother, and just as it would later pose as Locke.

  • Steven

    Listen, I haven’t read through the comments on this, so perhaps it’s already been stated. But this IS the explanation of the show. There’s nothing else. When I watched the finale, without contemplating or having to overanalyze, that’s exactly what I thought of…it just makes sense. In fact, I think Christian’s monologue was actually a bit too wordy in terms of giving us “answers”. I would have preferred he didn’t go into as much as he did, but this show tended at times to overexplain things to those who didn’t pick up quickly (thinking of Locke having to find the Mary statue in season 5 after we’d already seen the plane or having to show a flashback of Adam and Eve for us to get that’s what Jacob’s mom and brother were).

  • According to DarkUFO on Twitter, this person from Bad Robot was indeed an intern for a period of time at the beginning of the show. Obviously, he was not with the show at the end, which means that his comments are just as speculatory as ours (with a bit more weight behind them considering his previous position).

    Overall, there’s not much wrong with his ideas — I share many of them. There are a couple points where he gets the facts wrong, but it’s still a pretty sound take on the series as a whole.

    For me, I think the key of the whole show is the “Light.” Jack had to extinguish it to vanquish the MiB, but had to reignite it to save the Island AND make it possible for the souls of he and his friends to go into it. This connects the ending events, and establishes the relevance of the Sideways World to the LOST mythology.

  • dama

    First of all… i don’t believe that Dharma people wore good. I think they ware corrupted by Flocke. Reasons… many of them. First they ware digging holes in ground as Flocke did time a go, they recruited all kind of people to come to the island, opposite what Jackob did, recruited only “damaged” once that didn’t have good life. After Dharma people dogged out pocket of energy that was hatch, who stopped them? Jack did, by telling that H-bomb will bring them back to future, and by that killed all Dharma people as i recall and stopped Flocke.
    Than there’s temple that others ware living in. Flocke couldn’t get in. Others didn’t kill any of survivors of Oceanic flight, they ware just suspicious of them being corrupted by Flocke. They tested Sayid in the temple to see if he heave come to Flocke side, and kidnapped one bye one to there’s side.

  • dama

    Reason why Flocke was bad and Jackob was good is that Jackob was protecting “The Light” source of life on planet, and Flocke wonted to destroy it so he can leave.

  • cap10tripps

    I’ve stood by this theory and believe it holds true even more so now. That is that the incident always happened as seen in the season 5 finale. We all know now that it did not create an alt timeline as was heavily speculated, so then how did it work? It worked, because it created a failsafe for Desmond to put into use to save us all…

  • DeSelby

    The claim that the church scene, in some form, was actually known from the beginning actually kind of rings true to me. It makes sense with Christian missing from his coffin and walking around. It makes sense with Locke trying desperately to get into that hatch, failing, but seeing a bright white light inside.
    It makes me think that was I was just saying yesterday might be true: the Island was purgatory, or was meant to be, until the show got extended to more seasons and people starting guessing too early on the it was purgatory. If Lost had been planned to end after only one or two seasons, I can definitely see the Jack/Christian conversation taking place on Island, maybe even down in the hatch where everyone was supposed to gather together when the Others were coming. Honestly, I’m pretty convinced of that now.

    • cap10tripps

      Great points. I completely agree that with Christian’s body being missing that the original plan was that the island was purgatory, and they had that final scene somewhat planned…

    • Leon

      – The purgatory theory was debunked by J.J. Abrams in a Zap2it interview published in March 14, 2005, “though he claimed to like the idea.”

      That’s pretty early on. Before season 2 was even over. So no, they never intended it to be purgatory. I don’t get why people are so interested in what the producers originally intended. The end is what matters and it was revealed that the island was NOT purgatory and there have been hits throughout the series so we know they planned this early enough.

      I never liked the idea and I simply don’t like the though of it ever being what was planned, and there’s no reason to think it was.

      • cap10tripps

        Plenty of reasons to think it was. I didn’t start watching until season two was almost over, but I remember getting interested because of people theorizing over a tv show. The overwhelming theory was purgatory. I started watching season 1 dvd’s and completely understood why.

        I’m willing to bet (not too much $ however) that purgatory or a purgatory-like place was prominent in JJ and Darlton’s thoughts before the show became such a phnomenon. Of course I could be completely wrong, but that final scene and Christian’s missing body are compelling enough evidence to at least suggest the point…

  • Good read, makes sense that Ben stayed behind to “awaken” others in his group and so on.

    Eloise Hawking always knew what was going on in the real world and even in the sideways flash, wish they would have elaborated on that more.

  • arrow

    Please explain! Was the smoke monster an evil energy pretending to be Jacobs brother like he pretended to be all the other dead people? Or was he really the brother trapped in the evil energy?

  • burtbrucener

    This guy is a fake, don’t ask me how I know.. but I know. In Deuteronomy there is a scripture that tells you how to spot a false prophet. That’s if his prophecies come true. This false prophet prophesizes NOTHING. And it’s an easy thing to proclaim you’re a WRITER on LOST. HEY I’m a writer for LOST too. Look at me everybody. I can’t help but think this guy is living in moms basement with no job and no significant other to give his attention, so he makes up some self aggrandizing B.S. Good for him. But, I’m not buying the Bull shwa… So to say. Some of his stuff is ALMOST, almost believable. I believe Lindelof and Cuse have the final say. And J J ABRAMS. And they will spill what they want you to know when they want you to know it. Don’t believe the FALSE PROPHETS. You have been warned. GOOD SHOW, NICE ENDING… would I have ended it differently, YES, I would, but this ending abides. This ending abides.

    • jessea

      Like I said–first clue that this person could NOT have been a writer on Lost (or anywhere) is the poor spelling…if they worked for Lost they would have known how to spell Widmore, not to mention “candidates.”

  • burtbrucener

    NOW TO THE PLOT HOLES: I’m sorry, I’m gonna ‘go there’ :
    Number One. What exactly did happen to everybody if the atomic bomb really did work. I mean we know that Juliet died heroically in Sawyer/Fords arms. However where I live, if you are at ground zero and a nuclear bomb is detonated, you’re a scorch mark in the memory of the ashes that are left behind. You don’t magically go on and continue to have a life on an island.
    Ok so let’s say you get to go to some ‘purgatory’ ‘afterlife’ where you get a do over… You’re still showing the gang on an island that should be bereft (absent ) of life. Sorry but you can’t explode an ‘h bomb’ (I think that was what it was) and still go about your magical business in fairy land.
    Plot hole: So Jacob has a ‘brother’ who remains unnamed. He and the Brother are best of friends til brother unnamed decides to leave because his real undead mom tells him to go back with his people. And Jacob serves his adopted mom (Oh Janney you tall vixen) and continues to protect the island energy. Then brother is confronted by adoptive twisted mom and he goes nuts. Then Jacob kills nameless brother by throwing him into the light/hole. Smoke monster is born. Okay, I semi sort of get this, however, why does the smoker monster have to assume LOCKES shape for the duration of the ending. His skeleton of his original form (ADAM AND EVE skeletons) is still in the cave. Why can’t he be the Titus Welliver face? I guess TERRY O QUINN still needed work after Ben Linus strangled his out of work butt.
    HOWEVER, I still say that the TITUS WELLIVER incarnation should have played the smoke monster through the duration of the finale.
    And to really play with your mind, after killing False Locke, I would have had the body revert to Titus Welliver’s face.
    I don’t buy that the energy rich waters turned Titus Welliver into a smoke/wraith that kill with impunity.
    Plot Hole another: WHAT ABOUT PAOLO and the chick who stole the diamonds from the television producer? They couldn’t have found an explanation for those two losers.
    Same with MR EKO, nice plot but no real reason for the guy to have gotten as much of a story as he got. YEMI, I would have liked to have seen YEMI in the church also. Why not? Right? He’s a priest. Let em in!
    PLOT HOLE: Ben Linus. Can’t come in the church cause he’s still working some things out. Well in that case I imagine that SAYID JARRAH as a torturing killing Iranian Republic guard member must be working some things out also. And Jarrah was in love with NADIA, and then goes back to MAGGIE GRACE/ SHANNON? WHAT THE BLOODY HELL PLOT HOLE
    PLOT HOLE: Where is WALT and why did they experiment on him and then just let that whole plot line drift away, yeah sure he grew to be six feet five but still, GET ANOTHER KID TO PLAY THE PART.
    PLOT HOLE: ANA LUCIA, she doesn’t get a redemptive moment? AT ALL? She is a bad cop who needs $125,000 to let Jarrah And Austin escape? What the bloody hell?
    PLOT HOLE: MR FRIENDLY? He’s a great character, you run him over with a VW MICRO BUS and leave him at that? He could have played a role in the purgatory/sideways universe, Of course M C GAINEY is busy on JUSTIFIED and the feckless HAPPY TOWN… He can’t be everywhere and everything I reckon. BUT MR. FRIENDLY YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN, you gay ‘mo.
    PLOT HOLE: BEN LINUS’s DAD… WORK THAT OUT FOR ME, where is he and why no final ‘good bye dad’ and kiss my … something or other.
    PLOT HOLE: RICHARD ALPERT, ok he can die now, but did he get a shot at some true love… guys like born in the 1850’s or something, give him some denouement.
    PLOT HOLE: LAPIDUS, where did he end up? He flies them to safety, where was his lesson learned, he’s just a bloody way to fly the rest to safety. I’m not liking that at all. He’s only necessary if you need a pilot???? Bull crap.
    PLOT HOLE: Where are JACOB AND (i call him) ESAU? Why wouldn’t they give them a nice redemptive moment where they can realize that one cannot exist without the other. Something!!! I mean come on.
    PLOT HOLE: Remember way back when, Ben Finally Takes Locke to the old Spooky cabin. Locke hears a voice say HELP ME… and we see some old crazy eyeball of something or someone that looks like an old testament prophet. Pause it and do a slow motion thing, you will see. WHO THE F was THAT GUY and what happened to him??? I mean come on, he clearly was not either JACOB OR ESAU… WHO WAS IT.

    and finally
    I would have given the island a human face and let it talk with Jack quietly (we wouldn’t be privy to too much of the conversation mind you) but the island personified in human form telling Jack that it all really did mean something and thanking him for his service. And that human form should be… wait for it… PETER GABRIEL… no wait… ALANIS MORRISETTE… no…
    the most wonderful beloved human on earth… whoever that might be… Someone big… someone that you just look at and say that is the kindest human being on earth. Maybe Bono.
    But somebody… the island explains itself to Jack… and to Desmond. See you in another life … brothah.


  • janet

    The long con for Jacob to kill MIB sounds interesting and plausible…BUT!!!!!! Why didn’t Jack then turn into a smoke monster when he let the water/light back in and he was in it? He landed in the same spot as MIB did and i thought even in the same position?

  • jessea

    I enjoyed this and am, to a certain extent, sort of relieved by some of it…however, as I read I wondered how this person could have been a writer on any show if they would post something without checking for spelling and grammar first…
    I’m just sayin’…

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