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A Glimpse At The End of LOST!

By docarzt,

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DocArzt & Friends Contributor Nato64 snapped what is the first of many LOST Season 6 promos.  As you can tell, this promo was on the side of a bus.  Nato64 took the picture in downtown LA.  Sort of chilling to see the words “The Final Season,” no?  Of course there is nothing substantial with regards to the season 6 plot revealed here – but still, it is interesting that ABC has already begun marketing LOST’s swan song so far in advance.

  • Hipster Doofus

    why are they advertising this before the 5th season is even over?

    But yes, the thought of Life after Lost is extremely terrifying and depressing.

  • dolce

    Maybe they are trying to bring it home with a large-scale promo blitz to bring back in fans that fell away from the show. I also think we are going to see a surge in people who strayed or never watched playing catch-up, and this may be an attempt at putting urgency out there to do just that. I think season 6 is going to see some of the higher numbers it enjoyed during season 1.

    • there’s totally going to be a surge of people coming back…once the word gets out that it’s final season AND every episode is online (hd…), how can one resist the temptation?

  • rick

    Maybe it’s getting canceled, and this IS the last season!

    • congested

      Ha. Then season 6 was the zombie season all along!!!

  • i just had an awful thought!
    what if they fooled us and season 5 is indeed the final season? wouldn’t that be cruel.
    still, weird to see this, indeed while the s5 finale isn’t even shot yet. why already try to motivate people to watch a season of a show that isn’t gonna air till january 2010?

    • elijahmoon

      sales. people. its all about sales. Salespeople are always tryin to create a sense of urgency. Ever seen that furniture store thats been going out of business for the last 6 years w/ GOING OUT OF BUSINESS signs everywhere. And yet they remain in business and seem to be doing VERY well…In a down economy people are so afraid they wanna squeeze every dime they can get out of thier product… NOW. Just an old sales tactic here people that even our beloved friends at ABC are resorting to it. Where were you guys at when I was sellin cars? Your the people I always made the BIG LICKS off of.
      On the same note if they are refering to this season[being the last] and this is theyre way of revealing it to the faithful then somebody needs to [expletive] slap the dog [expletive] out of them. The faithful dont need to be tricked into watching any season. First or Last or whatever. This would be like a dear John letter to end a 25 year marriage. Its how people get themselves killed lol [just kidding] or spit on if I see them in starbucks. [seriously]

      • RandomZombie

        There was a furniture store in my hometown that had a going out of business sale for about fifteen years straight. I’m sure they’ll go out of business one day…

        Considering that six seasons was a compromise between the producers, who wanted to make an ending, and the network, who wanted to run the series for as long as possible, to think that they would trick us into thinking there was a sixth season is a little ludicrous.

        As crazy as things are now, I can only imagine how insane the final season will be.

      • penny

        jejeje if this is true, that s5 is the final season, i`ll take the first flight to LA and join you for a coffee in starbucks…

        • elijahmoon


    • Actually, could there be a gain of truth to this idea?

      Maybe that’s how the rumor about Kate’s leaving to started. The show quickly shot down the rumor – but maybe it’s just an effort to hide the truth.

      I’ve felt the last few episodes have gone by much too fast, leaving out a lot of details: This may be why some characters are acting so…well…out of character!

      The rushed feeling of these episodes may indicate the end is truly nigh!

  • congested

    The end is nigh!

  • penny

    i don`t know what i´m going to do after lost ends next year.
    in fact, i became friends with someone exclusivelly because of Lost. i figure we will have to find something else to talk about right…

    suddenly i`m feeling low.

  • Havelock

    Or maybe is just preparation for an April Fools Joke…? April is near, guys.

  • If ABC is singing the Swan song, that would be the song Desmond was listening to in the season 2 premiere: “Make Your Own Kind of Music”
    “But you’ve gotta make your own kind of music
    Sing your own special song
    Make your own kind of music
    Even if nobody else sings along
    You’re gonna be knowing
    The loneliest kind of lonely
    It may be rough going
    Just to do your thing’s the hardest thing to do”

    Fitting, huh?

  • Thanks for posting doc.

    I just can’t bear the thought of LOST being gone, just too depressing. I’ll be so lost without LOST.

    If only there could be a spinoff show – I’ll take LOST anyway I can get it.

    Lostie Steph aka LOSTeph

  • The bus was actually a prop on a set for another ABC pilot. So, if you think about it, the pilot would air next fall… when they would start advertising Season 6 of LOST.

    • dolce

      what pilot?

      • my own worst enemy 2?

        • dolce

          That’s f***ing hilarious!

      • The security guard said something with “Splash” in the title. I have tons of pics from the set but don’t know where to post them… lol.

  • clueless1der


  • rob

    this makes me think that 5 will be the end of it, regardless of what anyone has said. look, theyre back on the island 1/2 way through the season. if i remember correctly, i thought 5 was them getting back to the island (done), and the final season was what happens once they get back. am i crazy here? dont see them screwing around for the rest of 5 and then resolving issues all of season 6? i would think with half the season left, the writers could probably wrap this thing up. hope im wrong here. i guess, if im right, we wont have another dreadful 9 months of waiting for Lost to start again. yikes.

    • dolce

      You are wrong.

    • RandomZombie

      I don’t think that anyone should get too worked up over an advertisement on a bus. ONE bus.

      Season five being the last doesn’t make sense. For one, the network would want to advertise the final season as the final season starting before the season premier. There’s much more potential to draw in more viewers if they know that it’s the last season. Making people think that there’s a sixth when there isn’t accomplishes nothing.
      Also, if this were the last season, I don’t think that it would be revealed by something as vague and non-informative as the side of a bus. Maybe a press release? An announcement by the producers?

      Besides, a “Hey, surprise, this is the last season! We fooled you!” wouldn’t do anything but make a LOT of people very, very angry. “Thanks for being loyal viewers, now we’re screwing you out of seventeen episodes.” I don’t think so.

      Being a Lost fan means looking for hidden meanings in most everything related to the show, but I this isn’t anything more than what it is: a bus with “Lost” and “the final season” on its side.

      • agreed…what’s the upside if this is a big swindle? who wins?

      • dolce


  • rob

    hee hee. just read natos comment. this damn show is messing with my mind. shed a tear at the thought of no lost.

  • Its probably for those woh want to see it but dont because they think its a gilligan island kind of never ending story and if they see that there is an ending they’ll watch.

    All im saying is if the harlem globetrottes show up on the island ill lose it lol
    Lets see how many people will get that last line

    • dolce

      The Island becomes visible to the outside world, everybody is rescued, then they convert the Island into a supernatural resort for the rich and famous. Where are they going to find the glowing rocks I wonder?

      How’s that MsDee?

      • dolce

        Oh yeah, I almost forgot. The losties are in danger of losing island to a rich guy (widmore?) and the only way to keep it? Globetrotters vs. Robots for ownership.

  • on gilligans island…the harlem globetrotters made a cameo appearance lol

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