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A Percespective On Ratings

By docarzt,

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A lot is being made of LOST’s ratings slump, but if you look at the big picture it is not the only show suffering in the ratings.  In fact, the problems seem to be industry wide.   Why have people suddenly stopped watching TV?  They haven’t.

According to an article making the rounds from Reuters, DVR usage is up nine points over last season.  Since DVR influenced ratings are classed differently than live viewer ratings, those viewers are sort of living behind the veil of what the networks consider important.  You can’t reliably sell advertising to DVR viewers.

The result is, a lot of words like ‘woes’ and ‘slump’ are making it into the press with regards to how the nets are feeling about things but the concentration of those worries is in the sense of networks abilities to sell advertising, and for how much.

The good news is, despite being down from season to season, LOST continues to dominate the top tier of the key ratings demo:  viewers between the age of 18-49.  The pickup in the DVR numbers helps bolster the on-air popularity of the show, and the success as a brand in general with DVD sales and merchandise really makes an indelible case for continuing to label the show a ‘phenom’.