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A Word About Forum Recruiting Do’s and Don’ts

By docarzt,

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I’ve been hearing some flap about people private messaging folks on other forums requesting them to come here.  Personally, I see no problem in letting your friends know where you are, but please be aware that other forums may take offense to this.  I don’t claim to understand why.  I mean, let’s face it… the Lost community is vast, and fans should be free to talk wherever they want, on however many boards or blogs as they want.  Apparently, one other board in particular is taking a particularly possessive stance with it’s membership and actually banning people for inviting members to come chat with us.  I think that is wrong.  If you believe in free choice and free speech, definitely continue to invite whoever you feel like inviting.  All are welcome here regardless of where else they are posting. 

In the coming weeks I will be mating the forums with the comments system for the front page, so now would be an excellent time to set up.  I also have an immersive live chat-room design I’ll be kicking up in there.  So if you want to join in the discussions, click here to sign up.  But be careful about how you invite your friends, because some boards may take offense.

  • hlyons

    I agree that it is wrong as well. That ‘others’ site is not being fair. But I feel people should go where they want. I am where I want to be!
    If you feel the need to recruit people, see if they have an IM and do it from there.

    I have a feeling they are monitoring people’s pms now to see if someone breaks their ‘Rule”

  • dharmalchemist

    Yeah, that’s pretty messed up. I can’t believe Lost fans are taking sides like it’s the others vs. the 815ers…..

    This is not a life or death battle! This is sharing common interests and information with people who are seeking information about a show we all love.

    Some people just take things too seriously.

  • Gary

    Perhaps I’m a bit out of the loop, but what’s the “Other” site? There’s only three that I know of (but i’m sure there’s tons more). This one, the one Doc used to be affiliated with, and the one who’s name references an alien ship.

    Is it one of those?

  • Josh from N.Y.

    Im sure if you Google Lost a plethora of sites will show up. I also think we should all take sides, arm ourselves, and use sensless violence in order to get everyone to come to this site. It’s Doc Artz…….OR DIE!

  • jojo323

    Jack said it best “If we can’t all live together, we’re going to die alone.”

  • DarthVibbert

    I also agree that if someone wants to be a part of multiple forums what’s the big deal with that, the”other” sit should get over themselves and just let their members enjoy and talk about the show where ever they want.

  • hlyons

    It does suck yes. People should just get along and not threaten people for banning if they want their friends to go and share somewhere.
    No one is holding guns to people’s heads forcing them to go where they want them to go.

    I just find it stupid. But like I said if you want your friends to come here, do it over IM.

  • sk8rpro

    With all due respect, and I echo Gary, what are these other sites?
    I comment mostly on the Fuselage, but I come here for the good stuff. I hope the Fuselage is not like this.

    Could you confirm or deny this, Doc? Or do you have them unnamed for a reason?

  • KeepingAwake

    Bummer! I think most Lost fans check several sites for news and information about the show. I know that we are careful here to cite the sources for our material when we use material from other sites. Personally, I think that lets fans know what else might be of interest to them and drives traffic here and at those sites. Unfortunate that not all sites see it that way, apparently.

  • KeepingAwake

    sk8pro-It’s NOT The Fuselage. Doc posts there occasionally about scoops and interviews that he has made, and they don’t have any issue with it. So have I (I have the same username there as I do here) without any issues. So no worries about the ‘Lage.

    I think what we should be mindful about are sites that may feel that Doc is in direct competition (perhaps because he had some prior association with them?) could be sensitive about what they perceive as advertising this site on their site.

    We truly appreciate your visits and comments, but it would not be cool to openly bash any other fan-site, even in the comments. So if you’ve got some guesses about who might be banning members if they recommend this site, it would be most appropriate to discuss that privately. 😉 We can all agree to rise above any pettiness, right? We’re Lost fans! We’re smart, clever, and articulate. We can make a point without having to trash anyone. Visit wherever and whenever you like, and you make your point, right? Your visits and participation here let Doc know that you are behind him. And you know he sees all that every day. Trust me–it’s enough! 😀

  • hlyons

    It is not the fuselage. I can say that much but it you really think about it, you can figure it out. I was banned from that site for telling people about this one. Funny part is people joined this site so it worked.
    The site does forbid people advertising other sites on theirs. Oddly enough they tell the moderators to advertise the contests they hold on other sites. I strongly believe they monitor people’s pm’s as well. So just watch out over there.

  • Anyone willing to give a name up on that site? Or maybe privately? (email me?)