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ABC Press Conference Reveals (minor spoilers)

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elizabeth-mitchelljpgEOnline were reporting live  from the ABC press conference regarding the Fall schedule.

Read on for information on Lost air time and also some minor spoilers about the season:

jengod:  Good morning TV fans! We’re about to get started on all the ABC headlines. To start, an ABC rep tells us: “Elizabeth Mitchell will not be a regular on Lost next season…but she will be able to appear.”

jengod:  McPherson says Lost has been “a phenomenal show and a phenomenon…this season has stronger than it has ever been…no more infinite middle…because it has an end date.

jengod:  Lost has no confirmed time slot for season six.

jengod:  NOTE: FYI, don’t panic about that Lost time slot thing. It will be on, for sure, they just don’t know yet if it’s Wed at 9 or Tuesday at 10 or whatevs.

jengod:  McPherson re Elizabeth Mitchell: “Fantastic actress and thrilled to be able to have her do both…You’ll see her on Lost, but V is her next piece.”

Source : EOnline