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All is as it Should Be…the Podcast is Back!

By imfromthepast,

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Imfromthepast_avi1.gifIf you are like me, then you enjoy the weekly podcasts featuring the dynamic duo of Carlton and Damon.

Well, now that the Strike is over, the guys are back and so is the Podcast!

Head over to to listen or use iTunes. I would love to explain further, but I am off to listen, so TTYL!



PODCAST Spoliers follow:

Interesting Points:

  • They are Clocks in the Rocket and on the Beacon
  • It was infact Mikhail’s cow that Frank saw. (Season 6 will deal exclusivly with this cow’s story)
  • The Orchid video sheds some light on how a polar bear ends up in the desert
  • Sometimes fans delve too deep.

It was great to have those to guys back. They are so funny. 🙂

  • themachine

    Where is it at? I looked all over, and i cannot find it… and i dont use itunes? any help????

  • roomforhuman

    Here’s a direct link:

    You’ll have to copy and paste it into your address bar.

  • Faraday

    for those who cant run the abc site audio dark has it on his site

    hope it is ok to post links here doc

  • themachine

    Thanks, the link worked straight from the page

  • ErasedSlate

    Another point that stood out was the allusions to books like, Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland and Chronicles of Narnia. Each of these works feature portals or connections to the other side… to another world. These works were contrasted to Star Wars which is fantasy in the somewhere out there with no connection to Earth.

  • themachine

    I loved there answer to the polar bear question,…

  • roomforhuman

    I’m looking forward to learning more about Libby this season. I think it will be very interesting.

  • lostfanboy18

    I’m so glad the podcast is back.


    Points of interest:

    -Damon has “deep, unyielding feelings” for Carlton. He got Carlton “Sayid shaped chocolates” for VD-ay. Also, as an aside, I believe they share intense homosexual lovetimes together during their “hot coffee” breaks.

    -Carlton “sees” Damon out in public, like Hurley “sees” Charlie. This happened at Costco once.

    -Seriously, they talk about Sayid chocolates and the filling involved is disturbing. Very, disturbing.

    -Hurley, Jack, Sayid and Kate are all official O6. The remaining two will be “tricky” and won’t be who we expect.

    -Being one of the Oceanic Six has lent Sayid a bit of “notoriety”, which lent to his ability to take on a “Jason Bourne-type” role.

    -We will get the names of the remaining O6 “soon”, in flash-forward(s).

    -“Time-shift” and “time fluctuation” are terms used when discussing Faraday’s rocket experiment. this is “very important” and future episodes will be about this specific topic.

    -Damon would choose Locke over Jack because of Charlie’s message. Carlton would go with Jack. Because Carlton has a “crush” on Rose because she’s “got it all happening”. Damon “claims” that Rose is “fictional” and mentions Sayid-chocolates again.

    -Future podcasts may be weekly for a bit, then may take longer to produce because of Lost going back into production.

    -Something about a parrot and Ebay.

    – Hurley’s DPEs (Dudes Per Episode) are being tallied now, with 73 in season 1, 44 times in season 2, 72 times in season 3. Jorge Garcia has only allowed for 80 “Dude”s per season per the terms of his contract, and a bonus is given if this limit is exceeded. This season they aim to hit 200 dudes, which will take up most of Hurley’s dialogue.

    -When asked a viewer question about Hurley’s history of destruction with regard to wooden house improvements/additions, Darlton revealed that season 5 will only be about this part of Hurley’s backstory and that it’s official title is “Lost Season Five Colon Deck Collapse Exclamation Point”.

    -Libby. Rhymes with “flibby”. Just FYI. Also, she’ll be back this season. but we may not find out about her history with Hurley and the crazy house until a later season or episode.

    -Damon talks a lot about Vishnu and Hinduism and the Smoke Monster is not a Hindu god.

    – Q: “How does a polar bear with a DHARMA collar get in the middle of the desert?”
    A) He got on a boat to Tunisia.
    A2) There are, and this is MUY IMPORTANTE, properties of the island that are capable of transporting things that are on the island off of the island. The explanation behind the polar bear in Tunisia is said to be related to the Orchid Station orientation film, and that this is one of the few things integral to the show that they haven’t actually shown on TV. They will “get to it later in the year” on TV.

    – Damon almost slips and says “polar coaster” but catches himself. Is DHARMAland or The DHARMA Kingdom” in the works? Is the island an amusement pork?

    – Darlton confirm LWMG as a factual theory, and sing it’s praises long into the night. Actually, there is a CS Lewis reference and a lion IS mentioned. Narnia is another reference like Oz or Wonderland. these are “places on the other side of Earth” as Damon puts it and compares the structure of these fantasies directly to Lost island.

    – A viewer complained about listing stars and guest stars in the opening credits and mentioned that Jeff Fahey (FrankThePilot) is listed as a guest star during “Confirmed Dead” and postulates that this spells FrankThePilot’s d-e-m-i-s-e. Carlton responds with some rhetoric about Communist era Russia and divining clues to the USSR power structure by looking at who is standing where in official party photos. Then he answers the question for real. It’s a contractual obligation that the actors names show at the start of the show and just because someone is listed as a guest star doesn’t mean they’re in any more danger than anyone else.

    – The cow that FrankThePilot sees is in fact Patchy’s cow. Season six will be about this cow and will be titled “The Adventures of Svetlana”. The cow may also hold power is Russia.

    – Eggtown has a “killer” ending.

    – Darlton laughs like schoolgirl.

  • Thom

    A cow is a female bovine. The “cow” Frank saw had extremely large testicles. It’s a bull. I know it doesn’t matter but it’s nice to occasionally catch something that non-rural Lost fans do not.

  • imfromthepast

    It is equaly nice to know that I pay so little attention to animal testicles.

  • unLockeLost

    In Thom’s defence, it’s kinda necessary when you own a COW and have to milk it that you ain’t pulling the wrong bell!

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