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Alternate or Parallel? UPDATED!

By WAxelFoley,

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UPDATE! Heath Solo and I recorded a podcast commenting on this post, the replies and other timeline related theories.

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After the first episode this season it seemed to be common parlance to refer to the timeline in which 815 landed as an “alternate” timeline, but Darlton has emphatically stated that these timelines (815 and The Island) are parallel – meaning they are both of equal weight.

At first I accepted this. Subjectively speaking, the characters are experiencing these timelines as if they are the ONLY timeline they have ever lived in.

Then these “deja vu” incidents kept popping up in LA X and in What Kate Does.

My question is this – if the timelines are parallel and equal in weight, then why are these deja vu’s NOT happening on the Island? Save for Juliet communicating, through Miles, that “it worked”, there seem to be no other examples of the 815 timeline bleeding over to the Island timeline.

Futhermore, the events happening in the 815 timeline seem to be occuring before they did in the Island timeline. Most notably Claire and Ethan have their medical adventures on day one instead of later, like on the Island; it is as if the past events of the Island timeline are affecting the future of the 815 timeline.

This leads me to believe that Darlton is misleading us again and the 815 timeline is in fact an “alternate” to the real, established Island timeline.

This may seem like a frivolous examination of the words alternate and parallel, but I think in the over-all arc it has some importance. But I am not sure why. I have some theories but I’d like to hear what the fans out there have to say.

UPDATE! Heath Solo and I recorded a podcast commenting on this post, the replies and other timeline related theories.


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