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An Open Note On Spoiling/Spamming

By docarzt,

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Strangely, we get spammed alot here – as did TheTailsection, and as do sites from various fan-worlds.  Unfortunately for the spammers, I’m on fairly good terms with a lot of these people, or at least have access to several years of logs.  The notion seems to be that if you use something like Tor/Vidalia, that you can spam, harass, and post spoilers in the comments without getting caught.  Too bad these same individuals, in their misguided confidence, use a limited pool of ridiculous user names and fake e-mail addresses.  What is funny, they only seem to be spamming for one particular network of sites.  Interesting, right?  You’d expect better from people who claim they are “the best.”

So, having your crack team of spammers coming to this site to paste spoilers in my comment system – yeah, I can’t stop it 100% of the time.  Sooner or later, they’ll get through.  But at the end of the day, regardless of what site you run, aren’t we all part of the LOST fan-scene?  When you attack LOST fans on one site, aren’t you attacking them everywhere?  How long can you pretend to be going about your business on the ‘high ground’ when your months of antics can be graphically traced back to you?  Now would be a good time to stop.