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Another Series Falls In LOST’s Wake

By docarzt,

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113711_d_0757_preLife On Mars is the latest series to fall victim to the post-LOST curse.  Although, the series was probably a bit too sophisticated for the police-procedural crowd that stumbled into it anyways – and not sci-fi enough for anybody else.  ABC has axed the import.  A pity, but word has it the series will get a conclusive ending out of the deal.  So what do you guys think, does following LOST spell doom for any television show?

  • dolce

    DAMMIT! I liked that show!

    • I hear ya. I started watching it a bit late, but I was starting to really get into it.

  • AstroJones

    I’m going with Yes. No show has done well in this timespot and I still say its the time slot of death. Everyone is either calling their friends to explain what happened, Explaining to their friends what happened, or blogging about it all.

  • Not a slot of death, but you have to look at the competition as well as the lead-in.

    I watched about five minutes of one episode of Mars.

    I was there during the ’70s. Watergate. War. Inflation. OPEC. Carter. Didn’t start out well, ended worse. Not the best of times to revisit!

    If you ask me.

  • Beena

    ABC (though I adore them) seems to have gained some notoriety for axing any show that isn’t as huge as LOST or Gray’s Anatomy. Which is really too bad, because there are a lot of other days of the week besides Wednesday and Thursday where they could throw in precisely some of the types of shows they’ve axed. I was pretty cheesed when they axed October Road. It used to be a nice treat at 10 p.m. on a Monday night. What was so much greater that they chose to put in its place to air at that particularly odd time? I don’t even know. Two seasons back, there were several other “new” shows that premiered, only to get canned as well before their second seasons. So I have become skeptical about watching any new shows introduced on ABC, not wanting to invest in something that in all likelihood won’t last. Seems like they just want to tout they have something new. And that’s okay. Just don’t get too invested in it. Wonder how that new “Castle” show with Nathan Fillion will do…but I’m afraid to watch.

  • CelticFan96

    Do you think shows after Lost struggle because half of Lost’s viewers spend the moments after each episode talking about it?

    Whether it be those of us who are either online during or after each episodes, or those who talk about the show with their friends and family or whoever is next to them at 10 p.m.?

  • KeepingAwake

    I try to watch Damages after Lost, but it’s difficult because I have too many Lost questions and ideas swirling around my brain.

    If ABC’s thought was that Lost fans would hang around for Life On Mars, then they clearly don’ understand the Lost fanbase. 😉

  • Adam

    Definitely upset the show was cancelled. I thought the cast was terrific, fun show with some good laughs, yet still had no idea what in gods name was really going on. It’s unfortunate. I was also a big fan of Eli Stone, definitely not happy with ABC right now…

  • Amberlina42

    That show was great! why did they have to go and do a stupid thing like that and cancell it!?!? ABC is run by a bunch of idiots with no creativity, imagination, or insight! Seriously. Morons.

  • congested

    I hope it ends better than Day Break did. Though it shouldn’t be hard to give this one a “conclusive” ending… the original series in the UK sort of has one and it was only 20 episodes or so (two seasons there).

    • docarzt

      Yeah. I wonder if they will go with the UK ending. I’m guessing they won’t.

  • the_professor

    I was a fan of Life on Mars and I’m sad to see it cancelled. Awesome, awesome cast. But that said, I wonder if the plot just wasn’t moving along quickly enough for some people. Seemed like every week there was some “message from the future” or explanation coming, but then it would get explained away. It’s tough premise to carry off. But I agree that ABC has been too quick to axe some of these shows.

  • I watched the british original while it was on BBC and was looking forward to see the remake…
    Michael Imperioli, Harvey Keitel and all.
    Lost has the monday night 10:15 spot in germany, this weeks all new ep was “Meet Kevin Johnson”.
    The Station, Pro7, starts monday night with 2 eps The Simpsons, followed by Sarah Connnor Chronicles.
    They called Sarah Connor TERMINATOR SCC, because there is a german starlet called Sarah Connor, and germans
    are easily confused.

    Now they cancelled Sarah Connor after a couple of eps in the first season, without any comment.
    The monday night lineup now as follows:

    Simpsons reruns from 8:00 to 10:15, followed by LOST all new season 4


  • Jayman

    First Journeyman, now this show gets the axe too? AARRRGGHHHH!!!!

    I love time travel shows, and yet it seems LOST is the only one that is around long enough to tell a good story. This angers me quite a bit.

    • imfromthepast

      Journeyman was awesome. So was Firefly. Television studio executives are the worst kind of dumb. Th in charge kind.

  • Darbi

    Saddened but not surprised that ABC axed this show. Pity, I really enjoyed it. I’m still fuming from the ‘Pushing Daisies’ cancellation. I guess if every show doesn’t get Grey or Desperate Housewives numbers, it goes the way of the gun. Why not just put ‘Lost’ back in the 9pm/10pm slot…and run re-runs from the previous week the hour before…minus those stupid pop-ups. Man, those are annoying.

  • Thinking about it, the only ABC shows I watch are Lost and Grey’s.

    Says more about ABC’s programming overall than just what follows Lost.

    Too Disney for its own good.

  • milo

    I don’t get why they keep insisting on putting a rerun before LOST. Shows do best when they have good lead ins, and they are giving the show zero help by not putting anything on before it.

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