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Answers Vs. Questions who won the battle of *(The Substitute)

By nomaD,

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Thanks to our friends over at TheSanatorium for this awesome battle Lost style!

Even with all the satisfying answers we got, we still have what makes the show great, awesome questions, many answers are new questions themselves, the tally clocks in at

Answers: 19 Total with 6 Juicy ones…….

Questions: 20 Total with 12 Juicy ones….

THE WINNER IS QUESTIONS —— Look below at the judges table JUICY ONES IN RED

Check back every week for the Q. v. A. challenge


  • Smocke is definitely the smoke monster
  • Randy is still an A-Hole!
  • Helen didn’t leave Locke before his attempted walkabout (in the ALT time line)
  • Helen and Locke are getting married
  • Richard says he (Smocke) wants everyone dead and he wants to…
  • Rose also works for Hugo in the Temp Agency in the ALT time line
  • Rose Still has cancer in the ALT timeline
  • Smocke is from before 1937 which is when John Steinbeck wrote Of Mice And Men
  • Smocke is trapped (on the island, by Jacob presumably)
  • Smocke was a man before he was trapped by Jacob
  • Smocke is “stuck” this way (looking like LOCKE) He can no longer change form according to Ilana
  • Locke lied to Boone on the plane about going on the walkabout.
  • Not attending the walkabout was the final straw in Lockes loss of faith, without reviving his walking ability on the island all of Locke’s faith has been diminished.
  • So the oceanic six are seemingly the last 6 names unscratched on the inside of the cave walls. There seem to be numbers next to other names that are numbered past 100, However 4- John Locke and 15- James Ford, were not members of O6- And Kate wasn’t on the wall.
  • Jacob wrote all the names on the Cave
  • Ben work’s at a grade school and teaches European history (he seems to have never became the EVIL Ben we know)
  • Jacob had a thing for numbers
  • Jacob’s encounters with our Losties were to steer them toward the Island because they were all candidates
  • (According to Smocke, The Candidates were to take over as protector of the island) but would the candidates be a replacement for Jacob? For now this will be categorized as answered unless we find out Smocke is lying.


  • Helen didn’t leave Locke before his attempted walkabout, what has changed in their back-story from what we have seen? (It seems they changed a whole series of events stemming from 1977 not ONLY the events after the crash did/didn’t happen.
  • Helen mention’s Lockes DAD attending the wedding. but he is in a wheelchair, did his dad not throw him out of a window in this line? (How far back does this go? did this stop Locke’s dad from ever being a conman in the first place and thusly never conning sawyers parents?
  • Richard: “What do you want?” Smocke: “What ive always wanted, for you to come with me”
  • Why did Jacob never tell Richard about what was really going on?
  • is Smocke telling the truth to Richard?
  • Richard: “I’m not going anywhere with you” WHO IS YOU EXACTLY
  • Who is this little boy in the visions that Smocke sees?
  • Illana say’s Smocke is recruiting, is he recruiting for a replacement for himself as Jacob was?
  • Why can Sawyer see the child apparition
  • Child apparition: “You know the rules, you cant kill him” what rules, who cant he kill?
  • VERY INTERESTING, why would Smocke say “Don’t tell me what i can’ do”?
  • When Sawyer ask’s about the “kid” in the apparitions Smocke acts like he doesn’t remember the kid, this is right after we heard Smocke act an awful lot like the real John Locke
  • Why are there numbered names etched on the inside of the cave some scratched out
  • Was Ben Ever on the island?
  • Is teacher Ben the Good guy he was meant to become by never being resurrected in the temple?
  • Why did Jacob write all the names on the cave wall? (was he looking for a replacement for himself? or is Smocke lying)(perhaps a replacement is the way out?)
  • Kwon is 42- which Qwon is it? Sun, or Jin?
  • Does the Island really need to be protected for some reason?
  • why would Smocke need Sawyer to get off the island if not only to secure his name as erased from the candidates?…
  • How Does Richard fit into all this?
  • Kate’s name was not etched on the wall, why? And neither Locke or Ford were part of the o6

The Cave wall names…… Not the o6 because James and Locke were not apart of them, nor is Kate’s name etched on the wall corresponding with a number.

4- John Locke
8- Hugo reyes
16- Jarrah
23-Jack Shepherd
42- Kwon

Please support us over at TheSanatorium we have tons of great content there and Libby and Hurley are always playing connect 4.

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  • Daver

    Biggest question you didn’t ask….

    Why isn’t Kate (Austin) written on the wall?

    • I know Smocke didn’t mention it when naming the names but did he mention all the other 5 numbers? ill have to look it up and add it if it wasnt mentioned, thanks for the insight!!

      • Kim

        List of all the candidates – notice they are all guys.

        • jackuh

          All of the non-crossed out names are presumably male (assuming Kwon is Jin and not Sun) but plenty of the crossed out name are female. Some could refer to either males or females with the same surname, but some (ie. Shannon Rutherford and Alex Rousseau or Danielle Rousseau) are almost assuredly female. I also thought Kate wasn’t listed because only males could be candidates until I saw the Lostpedia list.

  • MT

    “So the oceanic six are seemingly the last 6 names unscratched on the inside of the cave walls. There seem to be numbers next to other names that are numbered past 100, so our oceanic 6 coincide with the numbers next to their names which just happen to be 4-8-15-16-23-42.”

    Neither Locke, nor Sawyer were members of the Oceanic 6. Aaron, who is a member, is either crossed out or not included.

    • 4- John Locke
      8- Hugo reyes
      16- Jarrah
      23-Jack Shepherd
      42- Kwon

      you are right, Kate is not on the list of numbers, but needed to come back to the Island, perhaps her purpose IS to always help create the mess… And Locke and James were not part of the o6, however these are definitely the 6 important ones more important than the o6 it seems.

    • Kim

      “Littleton” was on the wall crossed out – 313. Notice that all the names are male- maybe candidates HAVE to be guys? Which would explain why Kate isn’t on there and answer that Jin is a candidate.

      • jackuh

        Kim, a lot of the names on the list you linked and refer to are female. Now, maybe they were crossed out because they are not male, but if Jacob knows the last names of the candidates and how to get them to the island, wouldn’t he know prior to them arriving on the island they are female. Especially if he had to touch all of them, like he did the Losties?

  • Clawgrabber

    Awesome list, but Sawyer isn’t one of the Oceanic Six. Meanwhile, Kate was one of the Oceanic Six and doesn’t seem to be listed on the cave ceiling.

    • this was adressed in the post- you are correct

  • MORE questions than answers in this episode! If Locke’s dad didn’t push him out of the window then how is he in a wheelchair? The alt 2004 is weird, like that “tangent 1985” from ‘Back to the Future’.

    The writers and creators are sitting back rubbing their hands together thinking of what they can do next to make our minds go wild with questions, questions, and more questions!

    But that is why I LOVE it!

    and Sawyer looked HOT in the jungle!

    • Jack’s Sidekick

      Back To The Future 2 has been running through my mind too when seeing this alternate time line.

  • RandomZombie

    I don’t believe that anything that the Man in Black says should be counted as answers, but only as more questions. He is in no way a reliable source.

    • tinaw

      I agree. Anything that MiB/FLocke/Smokey said, such as “It’s just an island” and “Jacob has a thing for numbers” is up for debate. It sounds like he’s being purposefully ambiguous. It only seems like he’s giving answers, but the fact is he’s being as manipulative as he claims Jacob is. Are we sure Jacob came to that cave? I think it’s perfectly reasonable that MiB got access to those names (probably over Jacob’s shoulder), marked up that cave and then crossed the names out as he encountered each, if they died or were permanently claimed by Jacob.

  • Maciel

    “Was Ben Ever on the island?”

    I think he has never been on the island. If the bomb somehow made the losties never crash on the island, than Faraday never went to the island, they never traveled back to 1954 and the H-Bomb was never buried. It could have detonated somewhere between the dharma initiative foundation and the arrival of Ben on the island, because it was exposed and leaking.

    So, the changes begin on 1954 and not on 1977.

    • spinflip

      I think the bomb going off has straightened out the whole timeline. The pocket of energy was presumably removed from it, it never existed (not sure about the bomb). If so, the island was a much less attractive target for Dharma, so they had different recruiting plans. Hence Roger and Ben Linus never came to the island, as well as Horace Goodspeed, probably.

      • HandsomeSmitty

        Who are you people? Do you watch this show!?!

        IF the bigbadbaboom happened (it did) then the alt-timeline began in ’77 a when Ben and daddy were on the Island! Ben disappeared into the temple and daddy shot Sayid.

        The ’07 timeline is still ongoing because Sun and Aaron and Des and possibly Sun’s baby were not there in ’77 when the bomb blew.

        • meems

          How do you think Temple-cured Little Ben got off the island after the Jughead blew so that he could become a European History teacher?

          • The Alt has nothing to do with Jughead. Mark my words.

    • Vlad

      the changes could go back as far as ancient history, when the island crew was time-travelling (and saw the full statue). who knows what they changed back then? if they never went back in time then so many things could have changed (giving the writers quite a bit of freedom…. conveeeenient 🙂

  • Lebowski Achiever

    The season of answers has so far left us with many more questions. That’s why we love this show though.

    I just responded to your post because I looked at and appreciated your pictures.

  • Andrew

    This article is very sloppy. There are a LOT of typos, and there are several factual errors–the Oceanic Six do NOT correspond to the Numbers. More proofing was needed.

    • Brian

      Yeah, someone “need’s” to learn how to use “apostrophe’s.”

      And, people, it’s AUSTEN, not Austin.

  • nato64

    Smocke said “What kid?” in response to Sawyer’s “I wasn’t talking to anyone.” It was a I-won’t-tell-if-you-won’t-tell exchange. That’s what I took away from it at least.

    • GeigerCounter

      you are correct
      no mystery there

      • meems

        Agreed. It was more of a power play.

  • Josh

    I think that both Jacob and Smocke (nice name by the way) are recruiting. It would be cool if it ended with Jack as the new Jacob and Sawyer as the new Man In black, doubt it will happen tho.

    I think when they boy says “You can’t kill him” he is refering to Sawyer as he is on the list, which is why he saved his life I’m guessing. If this is true then it mean Kate can be killed, and others such as Eko where never on the list. Maybe Keamy was on the list afterall he did survive an attack from good old smokey in season 4.

  • angjen0816

    I would say Sun is out. Her last name is Paik.

    • heythereyourself

      I think Kwon has to be Jin. All the people on the list have had life struggles before they got to the island, and according to Smocke or whatever he is being called today, everyones life was manipulated by Jacob to ensure they end up on the Island or Oceanic 815. Sun however was living the life of riley before she married Jin. It’s possible that these struggles are some sort of test for the candidates. Also I don’t trust anything that Flocke says, and the main reason is that everytime this show has someone you think will give you answers they always turn out to be master manipulators that can never be trusted all driven by personal agendas. That being said I don’t think Flocke wants off the island. I think he is just playing the “game.” Whatever that may mean.

    • fritz

      i think that KWON is going to be Ji Yeon why else would jacob have needed to touch both of them?

  • Nemesise1977

    I don’t think sawyer is siding with Smocke . He is a con man, one key rule is never con a con man. He knew very quickly that Smocke was not locke. I would guess that he saw through the lies of “what kid?” and the Rescue on the cliff, and the con job that Smocke was trying to lay out. I would hazard a guess that Sawyer will let the con play out some to learn more of what is going on.

    There are other possibilities as to why Austin is not listed. Back when Kate, Ford, Hurley and Jack were kidnapped by the others one of the guys complained that Jack “shepard” was not on Jacobs list. So in the future Kate could be Kate Ford making the ford on the list either Kate or Sawyer or she could Become Kate Sheapard which would then explain why Kate was on Jacobs list but not Jack because she would be the Shepard on the list. Also explains the tatoo “he walks among you but is not one of you(or was it us)”

    food for thought.

  • Casey

    How is Sawyer going to get out of that cave if the ladder fell while they were climbing down?

  • jon locke

    I think That this is not Jacobs list but Smocke’s list. In the season premieres comercial “on the final season of lost” it shows a scene where Jack is in a building with sand in the background “why is my name written down here?!” maybe Jacob has a seperate list. smocke hasnt exactly led himself to seem a very honest nice guy here so far…..

  • awas1980

    I’m wondering why Hurley only goes by his birth name Hugo in the flash sideways story, do we know why or how Hurley got his nickname. Not really a ground breaking mystery or anything, but I found it interesting. Sorry if someone else metioned this, I must admit to not reading all of the comments.

  • kaptan36

    Oh man, I love the show, but you could write a whole book about all the continuity errors and errors from dropped plotlines and such. Someone should put up a post of the top 20 mistakes/errors in Lost continuity history. The whole Michael off island stuff and Ethan’s timeline would def have to be at the top of the list.

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