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Terry’s Oquinn Interview about Locke

By lyly ford,

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Viewers of ABC’s “Lost” saw the body of a dead John Locke in the show’s Season 5 finale Wednesday night. However, a very alive Terry O’Quinn, who plays Locke, was in Spartanburg on Thursday to play in the BMW Charity Pro-Am at Carolina Country Club.

Between holes, O’Quinn was happy to talk to fans about golf, the finale and the fate of his character in the show’s final season, beginning in 2010.

O’Quinn called himself an OK golfer, saying he would be happy with an 85 or under.

“I played well on the front. A little bit rough on the back,” he said as his group neared hole 17.

O’Quinn said he hasn’t seen the finale and didn’t know how the story was edited.

“Don’t tell me,” he joked. “I want to be surprised.”

In the season cliffhanger, a bomb, which could prevent Flight 815 from ever crashing on the mysterious island, was detonated.

As for his character, O’Quinn says he’s really gone. Locke’s dead body was rolled out of a metal box toward the end of the two-hour episode, baffling islanders who had been following a Locke imposter. Exactly who is now occupying Locke’s body wasn’t revealed. O’Quinn said it would be “a good guess” to assume it’s a man seen with the infamous Jacob in the beginning of the episode.

“I think, unfortunately, I think it’s ended for Locke. But I’m still there, as far as I know,” O’Quinn said. “I don’t know how it’s going to end for this other guy. I’m sad. I miss John Locke, poor guy. He was a pawn.”

O’Quinn is gearing up to play a new character when the sixth season begins next year. As for the rest of the story line, he swears he has no idea.

“Your guess is honestly as good as mine is,” he said. “There’s going to be some confrontation that will somehow, I’m guessing, have to do with Jack or Locke or something like that. I think these guys are just setting up good and evil. It’s the way Locke said in the very beginning of the show: One is light and one is dark. Two sides. I think that’s what we’ve got.”

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  • Aaron

    It would really, really suck if Locke was gone for good.

    • yes 🙁 i’m so sad right now, when i read it, i thought but terry don’t know, at least i hope, locke is my favourite character with sawyer :'(

      • lockeheart

        im startin to think locke is really dead. how sad. although im thinkin the losties are transported to the 316 crash after the bomb goes off. Meaning dead locke could talk to hurley and give him instructions and guidance about how to deal with evil locke.

  • mwinters

    Locke is really dead. Deal with it.

    • never -_-

    • Iwantmykidneyback

      can’t wait to see how wrong you are!!! don’t tell me what I can’t do!!!

    • Zeouterlimits

      In before “Don’t tell …..”.

      Oh. {This does make his ‘death’ more dramatic, but Locke. It’s friggen’ Locke}

      • Mack

        Anti-climatic is more like it

  • its sad, O’Quinn is right. All Locke ever was, was a pawn. His whole life was dictated by the man i call “Loophole Locke”, aka the man in black talking to Jacob. Then all the suffering his father caused. 🙁 He never was “special”, hes just a regular guy.

    Now I wanna know how Jack is going to react to finding out Locke has been wrong about everything? It could cause a major setback for him

    • JimmyJon

      If anything I’d think Jack would only be angered by this, because while removing the two warring guys who use the characters as pawns, John was still right.

      The island is a wondrous place where miracles happen, and Jack was shown the truth about that after he left the island and John died.

      Remember, Jack never found out John was “alive” after Ajira 316. And their argument in essence was a battle between science and faith.

      If you liked this seasons Jack as much as I did, with his Locke doctrine in tow, I think Locke served his purpose. Jack is arguably a thousand times more of a leader Locke was, but he needed his own Locke-factor, which, after four seasons, he finally got, and look what it’s given him. He had patience when dealing with Sawyer as a leader, I don’t think he ever got vindictive and he didn’t ever really act insane like he has in the past.

      Overall I’m glad Locke is dead, but only as long as his death served a purpose, which was to help Jack along the way.

      • Wintermute

        “I don’t think he ever got vindictive and he didn’t ever really act insane like he has in the past.”

        Let me get this straight…Jack suddenly deciding to detonate a nuclear bomb on an inhabited island because somehow that helps his issues with kate is not acting insane? That’s pretty insane, I’d have to say, compared to who he was before leaving the island.

        • JimmyJon

          He put a gun to Locke’s face and pulled the trigger in season 4. Throughout all the seasons got in pointless arguments with Kate about contents of briefcases, what to do, etc etc that did nothing but make her run to Sawyer.

          Arguing for a whole episode about whether or not to push a damn button with John Locke back at the beginning of season 2 and arguing about carrying dynamite with Kate stick out in my mind about insane just because he’s so stubborn and doesn’t want to do something or someone else to do something no matter how much it pisses them off.

          As far as the nuke, let’s put that into context and why everyone eventually supported him:
          First, they TRAVELED BACK IN TIME, something that is not very normal, so there’s a realm of crazy already. Second, Faraday, someone who knew about time travel and experimented with it, explains that he thinks he can change the future, and the details are all in the notebook to change the future. As a man who thinks the past three years sucked compared to whatever else he would have done, Jack naturally chose to do this. Not to mention everyone who died on the island, deaths he felt responsible for being a leader and such, those people would be alive, it’s not just his Kate issues, although they are prominent. Finally third, He dropped the nuke core down a big hole. And with the bomb, we don’t know the blast would be huge or destructive, all we know is that it might negate the energy, which could mean they cancel each other out and and absorb one another or it could destroy the island.

          I would disagree the island was destroyed by the bomb because, as we know, the island is still around in the present. Which only makes me think that whatever happened, happened. The nuke did go off, but that was “the incident.”

          And Jack was completely sane, he wasn’t running through the jungle missing a few quarts of blood, he wasn’t angry throughout any of it, he was in control.

      • AlwaysInWaltsHead

        I’ll go a step further. How do we even know that was really Locke that got up at the crash site in the pilot episode? Maybe the toe wiggling shot was the guy in the black shirt streching out his new Locke body suit for the first time.

    • how can you say he was just a regular guy. his abilty to wield those knifes, finding and catching bores for the survivours. The thing im not so sure about is was it the island that healed him or jacob or black shirted man?

  • Henry Holland

    How nice to find out that after 5 seasons of caring about the character that Mr. O’Quinn put so much effort in to creating, that it was all pointless, that John was just a plot device (see also: Ben). So, they keep telling us “It’s the characters! It’s the characters, not the plot that matters!” and they end up treating the two best characters on the show (John and Ben) almost as if they were nothing more than redshirts. And I’m supposed to care about giant statues and Jacob and his Propsero-like nonsense why exactly?

    • Gripp

      What, exactly, did you expect to be Locke’s eventual fate on this show? Did you think at the end of the show he would be given a prize, or presented with the key to the island or something? Lost is a tragedy and Locke has always been it’s most tragic character. I for one was amazed that all of Locke’s backstory actually paid off and worked in establishing him as the world’s patsy, and I can’t wait to see what they do with this new UnLocke as the show comes to a close. Also, who is to say that Locke WASN’T resurrected, and THEN possessed by the man in black or whoever it was that took over Rousseau’s crew?

      • Mack

        No one expects him to get a prize. Don’t be condescending and silly.
        What fans of Locke want is a satisfying resolution and that doesn’t necessarily imply that his ending will be good. I think it is only human to want a character who has suffered so much to gain a little closure.

        • Sarah

          He died believing he’d succeeded, or started to – Ben told him he’d convinced Jack to buy a ticket etc etc… He was filled with purpose again. Maybe a good time to go?
          I’m just sayin’…

  • RichM

    If you care enough to seek out and post on a Lost-related message board, you don’t need a reason to keep watching.

    • Henry Holland

      If your post was in response to mine, then I sure as hell DO need a reason to keep watching. I didn’t sign a binding contract to watch the series to the bitter end and as disenchanted as I am about season 5 and the general direction the plot is taking –again, I don’t give a damn about all the Egyptian related stuff and gods and mind-numbingly boring debates about fate v. free will– I can certainly see myself joining the millions of other people who got off the LOST bus over the years.

      • Gripp


    • Mack

      So are you a skater or a jatker? Seem about your speed.

      • Henry Holland

        What the hell is a jatker?

        Oops, I forgot! Nobody can EVER be unhappy with the show/an episode/a character because if you are, you’re just a silly person who only watches for the most superficial, soap-opera reasons. I’ll certainly test my knowledge against you or anyone else here, that doesn’t mean I have to pretend that the shitty storytelling in season 5, the way they jacked around characters just to fit the plot, the continued horrible writing for women characters and so on didn’t happen or that after 5 seasons being told “Nothing that you’ve seen really matters because it’s just plot contrivances” doesn’t suck.

        • AlwaysInWaltsHead

          I agree with a lot of points you make. I think what got me annoyed most, is one of the producers saying that the show has always been character driven and not so much about the environment they’re in. Going on to say that we won’t get all the answers about the island that we may want but the character storylines will be completed by the end of season six. How can they throw so much info at us over the whole series, build these huge arcing storylines centered around all the islands strange and somtimes wacky occurances, and then not explain ALL of them before the series end? I’m a fan but it seems like they are setting us up for disappointment. There might have been some good creative ideas floating around the writing in the begining but that is long gone by this point.

          • Henry Holland

            As far as the mysteries goes, well, what’s a mystery? There’s still people out there who don’t know why there were polar bears on a tropical island, and if you look at lists of mysteries, there’s a good percentage of them that are continuity errors! Sure, I’d love to know why everyone mixed up Scott and Steve, but I’ve resigned myself to that not being answered. 🙂

            What does bug me is that if you think of the last 48 episodes (seasons 4-6) in terms of how the show was run in the first three seasons, that’s two seasons of 24 episodes. So, roughly a third of the way in to the final season, they introduce two characters that are seemingly what the show is REALLY about?

            I mean, I keep going back to the thought that almost everything we’ve seen for 5 seasons is pointless, all the drama, tension, deaths, tears and occasional yucks along the way were irrelevant because of stupid plot contrivances like time loops and the boring fate v. free-will debate. If “this” always happens, why am I’m supposed to be all bought in to what happens to these characters? Because of a few more plot contrivances, a handful of them are going to change something? So what!

            I can see why Terry O’Quinn seems less than enthusiastic about the turn the show has taken.

  • ErasedSlate

    Maybe it is only a fool’s hope at this point, but I can’t count out Locke yet. there is a purpose as to why the majors players (Kate, Sawyer, Jin, Sun, Jack, Hurley, Sayid and Locke) were touched by Jacob. Locke was even brought back to life once by Jacob (while lying flat on his back). Maybe there is enough of Jacob infused in the final 8 through his touch that his spirit cannot be killed.

    • JimmyJon

      We don’t really know Locke was dead when he hit the ground. He probably just lost consciousness. After all, Jacob has never brought anyone back to life, and dead is dead…

      • Gripp

        We also know that UnLocke was corporeal, so perhaps he’s just inhabited? Either way, he’s the bomb!

  • RandomZombie

    I don’t quite believe that Locke is gone for good, but if he is I won’t be sad, I’ll be pissed off.
    We’ve been told for five years that Locke is special. We’ve watched as he struggled to do what’s right for the island. After four years in a wheelchair he walked again, was the first to provide food for the survivors, and was supposedly chosen to lead the mysterious Others.
    He walked forward to his own death in order to save the island.

    And those of us who love the character of John Locke were rewarded with his amazing resurrection. We saw the Locke that we were waiting to see: the hunter, the take-charge Locke, communing with the island and heading toward his destiny.
    Then we got a giant F you by learning that the resurrected John Locke was just an impostor.

    Walt was a huge mystery that culminated into a boy going to school in New York.
    Daniel Faraday had the resources to explain some of the island’s secrets, and he walked alone, gun-drawn, into a camp full of armed hostiles.
    And now the miraculously resurrected, destiny-driven John Locke is the equivalent of a guy in a mask.

    It’s very insulting.

    • JimmyJon

      We don’t know if its the end of Walt, but really, he’s just a special boy with some abilities, he’s never been that important to the overall story. sure I’m more interested in him then say, I don’t know, KATE, but if I saw anymore Walt I’d probably be bored with him once he got an episode.

      Faraday was stupid, much to confident and didn’t think he could die.

      I would also like to say with confidence that all this “special” talk about John Locke was simply the man who has taken on his form manipulating. Yeah, he regained the ability to walk, but we saw that happen to Ben as well as Rose getting cancer cured, along with fast healing wounds and broken bones, not to mention Jin’s magically multiplied swimmers. John’s “specialness” was nothing more then being selected as one of the lucky few to go to the island, but he was the only one who realized it aside from Rose.

      • Gripp

        I’d say that Locke has done some pretty special shit so far guys. The weakest part of this whole deal for me was the way that Faraday went bananas and the manner in which he died. That was all a bit contrived feeling to me.

      • johr77

        “but really, he’s just a special boy with some abilities”

        Were gonna have to take the boy…….. ummmmm why?,

        he’s just a special boy with some abilities, and thats it?

        • JimmyJon

          well apparently since we haven’t seen him all that much since his kidnapping. Writers have apparently written him off, besides any appearances from him now would seem forced, especially with his dad being dead, he serves no purpose to the story.

          • Henry Holland

            If Walt serves no purpose to the story now, then that’s really REALLY shitty writing, inexcusable. He’s presented as being possessed of paranormal abilities, he’s appeared in tents talking backwards, then they disappear him for a whole season because they need a reason for the character to have grown up because they either a) didn’t care or b) didn’t plan that the actor was going to go through freakin’ puberty and that’s it?!?

            And you have it backwards, Michael was the one who written so horribly after the first part of season 1 that he served no purpose, an interesting character (artist, builder, knew how to design an aqueduct etc.) turned in to a guy screaming “WAAAAALLLLTTTTT [sob] My boy! WAAAAALLLLTTTTT”. I was relieved when Christian said “You can go now”, the writers had killed Michael off years before.

    • mpl

      I loved this ending to the Locke story line. All along he’d been told he was special; we’d been told he was special. But at the end both he and we were doubting it. His suicide/murder was spectacular. We knew we’d be seeing him again…but when we did, I didn’t like him. It felt wrong to me. I didn’t like seeing Ben lick his boots. He seemed unsympathetic in ways that I can’t put my finger on. Smug, maybe? I didn’t like him as the leader. And then he asks Ben to do his dirty work for him. The reveal that it was John in the coffin, that he WAS dead, that he was NEVER really special – that hit me right in the chest. I was fond of John and I am sorry for him now. As far as I’m concerned the writers handled this brilliantly. RIP, John Locke. We’ll miss you — we really will.

    • Henry Holland

      Walt was a huge mystery that culminated into a boy going to school in New York.
      Daniel Faraday had the resources to explain some of the island’s secrets, and he walked alone, gun-drawn, into a camp full of armed hostiles.
      And now the miraculously resurrected, destiny-driven John Locke is the equivalent of a guy in a mask.

      It’s very insulting

      I agree with that completely and you could have easily listed 10 more items. This show has always had it’s share of eye-rolling plot contrivances (people about to reveal something getting cut off by someone running in to breathlessly announce “Jack [or Kate or whoever] is back!” is my “favorite”) but they just piled that crap on in season 5.

      As soon as Daniel separated himself from Kate and Jack, I knew he was going to get shot by Eloise, I just knew it, it was that predictable. As soon as he got shot, I knew he was going to reveal he was her son and the screen would *boom* LOST.

      When John’s body tumbled out of the container, I didn’t go “Holy crap! Didn’t see that one coming!” I went “You bastards! John has meant nothing the past 5 seasons”, it could have been Hugo’s co-worker Johnny’s body that Esau inhabited for all it mattered.

      And if they try the “But! But! a tiny speck of John’s consciousness is still in Esau and will grow in strength until it battles Esau for control of the 50-something bald man’s body and soul!!11!!!” trick, I’ll never watch this show again.

  • TDV


  • JackFromLost

    Christian in So It Begins (Missing Pieces): “I need you to go find my son”

    Christian in This Place is Death: “Say hello to my son.”

    Luke in Return of the Jedi: “Search your feelings, father. You can’t do this. I feel the conflict within you. Let go of your hate.”

    Don’t worry about John Locke 🙂

    • Gripp

      See if Jack from Lost isn’t counting him out, you shouldn’t either. Seriously, though. Jack said that to Richard in the finale but he was really saying that to the audience. You’ll see.

      • theSwan

        I ABSOLUTELY AGREE with Gripp! Jack was talking to the audience! The same way Locke was speaking to the audience when he selected “VALIS”, written by famed science fiction author Philip K. Dick for Ben to read while waiting in captivity. Though Ben complained that he’d already read it, Locke instructed him to read it again, because he “might catch something you missed the second time around”.

        • Jack&LockeYummyEachOther

          I agree. I see Locke chasing Jack through the jungle. After seeing how fast he is, Locke says, “The Island is strong in this one,” and right as he’s about to destroy Jack, Hans Sawyer emerges and punches him clear to the other island. of course before this, Locke will destroy Princess Benmai because of his allegiance with Ricardo Juan Kenomi….great job!

  • Bo

    Here is a quote from Carlton and even though it is from last finale and may have been to throw us off the trail of “Not Locke in a Box” I choose to still hold it as truth since Locke wasn’t really ressurected.

    “Don’t give on Locke just because he’s dead that doesn’t mean his story is over there is a famous guy named Jesus Christ that got resurrected” – Carlton Cuse

    • JimmyJon

      That’s something I’ve been thinking too and now thank you bringing that forward. After all, they have his body, who’s to say he can’t be brought back.

      I’m confident it could happen, especially considering Terry O’Quinn is still on the cast, although he may be the villain for the season, he could very well be resurrected at the temple or something.

      • theSwan

        I think they knew who Locke was (the savior) when they found his body and are protecting it to try and resurrect him.

        • jon

          I think you missed the part where they dumped his body on the beach like a sack of potatoes.

  • Jalocke

    Here’s the thing in my mind. It all goes back to the discussion about Kirk, that Locke had with Boone in season 1. Locke gets people killed. He got Boone killed, and ultimately made himself feel better about it because “its what the island wanted.” No John… its what you wanted. He killed Naomi in cold blood, for really no reason at all other than mystical boy Walt wanted him too. In Season 4 he brought some survivors to Othertown where 50% or more of them were killed. As Locke said about Kirk when told that all the red shirts died, “Must not have been a very good leader.” Everyone says, “But he was right! they did want to kill everyone!” Also false. None of Jack’s people were killed except by the Others. Locke ended up serving as protector for Ben, who despite how interesting of a character he is, committed mass murder against a large group of people.

    But Locke was the leader! He was self concocted leader. He was only “special” because he traveled through time… which would be pretty special if it hadn’t happened to all the Oceanic survivors. Now I loved the character of Locke. He was so tragic, always wanting to be the leader, but he was ultimately not a very good person. His own self-concocted destiny was ultimately nothing but a series of lies. I for one think this is a perfect end for John Locke. He was one of the more tragic characters I’ve ever been faced with.

    Jack, while sometimes being an idiot, has always led his people. Sawyer only cared for himself and Juliet, Locke only cared about himself, Ben only cared about himself, in the end its always been Jack. In fact Jack’s problem is he cares too much. He tries to fix everything because thats who he was raised to be. While we think he might be wrong about detonating the bomb, he is ultimately listening to the world’s most knowledgeable man on time travel. And what he is doing is rather noble. After all, many, many people have died. Will it work? Probably not, but at least Jack didn’t just accept it, he tried to change his destiny and the destiny of some of our favorite characters, Charlie, Boone, Shannon, Libby… etc…

    I’m just saying, that I think it’s time that we acknowledge that the John Locke we knew was just a conceited man who thought he was more important than he was. He lied, manipulated, murdered, got people killed, and made bad decision after bad decision.

    And I don’t want people to think I hate Locke. I love Locke, and I love Ben but let’s understand that the reason we love them is because of how flawed and human they are. They are interesting. I’ve always been a Jack fan and I am glad to see that he is being set up as the leader, but I’m also glad that characters such as Ben and Locke are experiencing the tragedy that makes their characters so interesting.

    • cpjon446

      Very well written counter-argument, I fully agree with you.

      Chris in Fort Worth

  • Rooky

    If Locke doesn’t come back to life. So the only otherr way I think us fans would be happy is if Locke came back to Hurley. Maybe Jacob could come back to Hurley as well.

  • Jacobs Lather

    If Locke is really dead, I think what’s upsetting most people (at least, it is me) is the fact that we weren’t given a big, 5-season-worthy goodbye. We only find out much, much later that he’s been dead all along. I feel kind of…cheated. Not because he’s dead, but because we didn’t know he was dead.

    But I think that’s exactly what the writers were going for. That’s kind of the point. It’s one of those things that takes your breath away and makes you re-evaluate everything you thought you knew. Unfortunately, the moment where we should’ve all been sad and going “Oh, woe is us! He’s really DEAD!” we were all thinking “Woah, that’s some other dude in his body!” It was a game-changing twist instead of a sentimental moment, which I think a lot of us would’ve preferred.

    However, if there’s one thing we’ve learned on this show it’s that dead is NOT dead. Boone, Charlie, Ana Lucia…all these characters may be dead but that doesn’t mean we won’t get to see them again, either as visions or in flashbacks. Locke’s body may be dead, but his character might not be. Have faith!

    • INawe

      “Locke’s body may be dead, but his character might not be. Have faith!”

      Faith? thats what got Locke super pawned.. give me a break..
      No more faith.. Jacob was a manipulator,and so was his Black Rival..(Loophole Locke).

      No faith.. . all …is …. L O S T

  • Ambivalentman

    What I love most about this show is that we can have discussions like this, even if we are in total disagreement.

    Personally, I don’t think the writers are done with John Locke. While right now he feels like a patsy who was just a cosmic pawn, Jack’s comment to Alpert about not counting John out is very telling. Besides, it took Jack five seasons to finally acknowledge Locke’s “specialness.” I don’t think this is coincidence or just merely a dramatic irony designed to make Jack look more like an idiot than he already does sometimes. I think Locke’s “death” will have an even greater significance during season six than, say, Charlie’s death.

    By the way, I understand why some might believe that this season’s story arc had our characters doing some things that seemed out of character. I would encourage you to go back and re-watch the first four seasons again. To me, I haven’t found anyone behaving uncharacteristically. Sure, they’ve changed — grown, even — but it has been a natural growth. Jack became a man of destiny, enabling him to eventually accept his final destiny. Kate has become a woman who will not run away. She tried to run from Jack’s decision to detonate the bomb, but finally realized she needed to stay the course instead of fleeing from her fear. Sawyer has become a stabilizing influence, a man at peace with himself who now considers the greater good, even when he doesn’t want to. Locke, despite being a manipulated pawn, finally accepted his fate. Sayid has been reduced to a shell of his former self, now ready for redemption. Hurley has gone from being the cursed lotto winner to a man capable of shining a light even in the darkest times. And Ben…he’s gone from manipulative worm to a man without purpose in a godless world.

    Sorry to go on so long, but this story is really about the characters. It’s just that characters in stories — especially those as complicated as LOST — can be frustrating, like the people we know can be frustrating at times, too.

  • LockesDad

    I’m always amazed when I read an actor interview and they claim they haven’t seen their show’s finale yet. Are they really that jaded? Do they really just punch their card in and punch out and that’s it? Wow, what a mercenary. In every interview I think Terry O’Quinn comes off as a bit of an a-hole. Maybe that’s why his character was killed off in such an inglorious manner.

    • icy_one

      Lost aired Wednesday night, and on Thursday he was in a golf pro-am – do you think he had time to watch it on Wednesday? Probably not. He even asked the reporter not to spoil it for him because he wanted to be surprised. Also I fail to see what killing his character has to do with any of this – if he didn’t care about the show as you claim, then what kind of punishment is killing off a character you say he doesn’t care for while keeping him on the show for the remaining season?

      The only person that comes off as a bit of an a-hole is you.

      • DarthBubba

        He is LockesDad. . . he has a rep to live up to. 😉

    • wnt2kno

      i’ve seen interviews that had surprising comments from him — and disagree though about the inglorious death. I think his characters (body at least) will be integral to the story in season 6 and i think it was great as an audience member to finally realize how Locke got his new found confidence (it wasnt him at all!).

      • wnt2kno

        Oh and i’m glad to see he has good taste in golf clubs! (just like mine).

  • Like to watch Stargate Atlantis episodes and also Lost. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.